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Moving towards a better life!

Updated on January 14, 2012

You dont like it?Change it

It has been a long while since I have been here. I hope you are all doing great!I am blessed. 2011 was a very tough year for me but I have learned one thing; When you pray for something, be careful because you may get what you ask for. From my post regarding new year resolutions 2011, one is able to make out that I asked God to rejuvinate me. Well it did not come on a silver platter. From the beginning, I had a heavy heart-I tend to believe that I jinxed my year- but I do not regret it at all. I had to get to a point in which I was able to realize that God had a bigger plan. He wanted to rejuvinate me but he could not do it without taking me through the test. The constant feeling of hopelessness was unbearable. I would cry until I could not breath and everything did not make sense at all. I was struggling with my weight, I was struggling with my identity, I could not figure out my purpose on earth and my relationship with my family was shaky. Eventually I shut down, I did not want to live anymore and I became a total emotional wreck. Every time I tried to give up on God, I found myself crying out to him. He was the only one I could talk to even though I felt like he was absent in my life. Every time I felt so deparate for him I would cry out "God I need you, don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go, I need you so bad". I still pray that simple prayer because I have realized everything in this life is meaningless just as the Bible states in the New Testament. Realizing that everything is meaningless does not mean that we should give up on life. Realizing that everything is meaningless simply encourages us to pursue something greater beyond material wealth, something greater beyond earthly happiness and something greater beyond our daily struggles because life ends and we shall take nothing into the grave.

God is good. For that I have purposed to live for him this new year. I want to change my life because the power lies within me. It is not going to be easy but with Will Power and self control it is something that I can do. Learning to surrender myself, my needs and my desires to God has enabled me to see beyong myself. If I pray for change, I must be willing to embrace change and that takes so much courage. To this far, I have come to believe that only God can grant me enough courage to change my life. Through his grace I can do it, and so can you.

This is a new season in your life. It can be better or worse depending on how you choose to experience life. Let not the demons of yesterday dictate your today and your tomorrow. If you are still alive, God is not finished with you yet! Keep living. Keep breathing. Keep dreaming.You deserve the best version of yourself and because of that, you need to believe in yourself and your dreams until they all come true!

If you do not like it, change it!If you cannot change it, accept it.

As for me, I am on a transformation journey. For a long time I beat myself down. I felt unworthy and I allowed the devil to rejoice in my misery. Buy God is with me. I am not where I want to be and nowhere close to where God needs me to be, but I am taking one day at a time. For each day of this divine year, I choose to live for the moment. One of my greatest desires is to lose this weight that is tied to alot of my past. It will symbolize letting go and letting God. I am rejuvinated but I am not there yet. Everyday is a new opportunity to believe in myself and work on my short comings. This year, and in the coming years, I pray for life because I want to live the best life yet. I want to do the little things in life that will help me to find joy. I would like to go ontop of a mountain and scream, go horse riding and give an motivational speech infront of a crowd of people. I am ready to step out of my box,and my question to you is...Are you ready?

One thing is for sure;you can achieve if you believe! And because I believe, my job is to go out and try.If I fall I will get up again and again and again because I am ready to move to a better life!For those joining me in this journey, remember to put God first and everything else will follow!Cheers to an unstoppable year!

ps. I hope to hub much more this year.

Stay blessed friends!


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