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Muffin-Top Mama: The Real Hero

Updated on April 2, 2009

A Mother's Legacy

There is a phenomenon that a woman's body experiences after it has carried a child and given birth. Our internal organs have been pushed around, kicked, pinched, and sat on by another human being - and our outsides have been stretched like a balloon. The result is inevitable, and often not-so-lovingly referred to as, "The Muffin Top". Unless you enjoy a supercharged metabolic system, or a full staff of personal trainers and home chefs, you know what it is I'm referring to. It's the condition that occurs after we've put on our clothes for the day - when everything around our middle gets pushed upward and over the top of our pants or skirt. We are women with life-size silhouettes of a large, blueberry muffin from your local Starbucks.

The truth is, we think about our muffin tops every day. Our society programs us to believe that after popping out a few children, we should be able to snap like a rubber-band back to our pre-natal body type. I mean, after all - don't we see it on TV all the time? And what about our girlfriend or the mom at the park who eats goldfish, corn dogs and ice cream sundaes with her kids - yet her tummy is as flat as a pancake? It's not fair. So, we diet, and then we gain it back. We do a thousand sit-ups, and while we feel better - not much happens physically. We might even contemplate life-risking surgery that would cost as much as a kitchen remodel (tummy tucks, liposuction).

Oh, and we know how to hide it, girls, don't we! Thank goodness for a-line black dresses, baby-doll tops and oversize shirts. We know how to wear a tight pair of capris or even a miniskirt - so our legs look great, and cover it with a loose fitting blouse, secretly hoping no one brushes against us and feels the roll underneath. Or maybe we'll wear looser pants so we can breathe - and a teeny tiny t-shirt - with chunky jewelry on our necks and ears - hoping that the eyes will be drawn upward and not be peering at the perimeter of our pants. We love winter, what with its turtlenecks and bulky sweaters and dusters and blazers. Ah, but when the crocus first start popping up - the panic of potential swimsuits sets in. We'll try on a hundred suits searching for the perfect combination - one that hides everything and still looks sexy. If anyone ever finds one - let me know.

Beautiful Bellies

Pregnant Belly
Pregnant Belly
Bird Belly
Bird Belly
Tiger Belly
Tiger Belly
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer

Ladies, Embrace the Pastry in You!

Today, moms, I challenge you to embrace this new feature and love it for what it is - your legacy of a great accomplishment! Be proud! You worked hard to earn that muffin-top! Almost 10 months, for most of us - of headaches, nausea, back pain, heartburn, sore breasts, sore feet, excessive weight gain, lack of sleep, mood swings, insensitive family members, you name it. And then the labor, shall I remind you? Excruciating pain, more nausea, loss of voluntary control, exhaustion... and for a large percentage of us having had C-sections, what about the months of recovery for major surgery? I'm sure I need not go into the details of after-birth body happenings.

You are still working on your legacy, every day. You are feeding, nurturing, teaching, cleaning up after, molding, shaping, and no doubt metaphorically beating yourself up for what you've done wrong. You are doing a very important job. While it's important to take care of yourself, a flat tummy is not going to provide for your children. Give yourself a break if there's a little excess in your middle - or for that matter, even a little extra junk in the trunk. It is proof of your hard work.  After all, there is beauty in that belly.  What about belly dancers? They celebrate their curvaceous bellies and look fabulous.

As for the men reading this article - let me take this opportunity to remind you of the miracle the woman in your life has performed. Today - do something that will be more important than you can imagine. Compliment the mother of your child today. Tell her how beautiful she looks, and how you love her just the way she is. You are truly lucky to have her.


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    • Alli Rose profile image

      Alli Rose Smith 3 years ago from Washington, DC

      That is a very sweet hub.

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 7 years ago

      This is a beautiful hub. It's been over 30 years now since our last baby was born and my "muffin top mama" still tells me becoming a mama ruined her body. I love every inch of her beautiful belly. Mama's rock more than babies! Thanks for giving us this great hub!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      So true, once we have a baby the belly is out there. I love the way you handeled the subject.

    • profile image

      amanda 8 years ago

      thank you. i have no kids yet but I've been on a lot of meds that made me gain weight, and up till now I've felt fat,ugly,worthless, and not sexy at all. but reading this story really does change how i'm going to see myself. thanks again

      if any one has any other advice for me please write me, at thank you.

    • profile image

      anj 9 years ago

      So funny...I just got into a conversation about this in the checkout line today with a lady behind me and the cashier. ha They seem to be of the opinion that super models are the only ones who don't get them after childbirth and that they must get them airbrushed off. ha

      Ok, I proud, but I'm still gonna be working on cutting off some crumbs before swimsuit season. ha Can I be put on the mailing list when someone finds that perfect suit too? =D

    • profile image

      maria 9 years ago

      Amen sister!