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Multiple Sclerosis and Hope For the Future

Updated on August 28, 2011

Hope for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis symptoms can cause a wide range of many problems. Some problems are often in occurrence and others are more rare to happen. Each person who has MS is unique from others who have this disease. There are two ways that MS can progress, by a flare-up and the other is silent in progression. The flare-up is also called a relapse or attack. The MS may be advancing in the silent type, though no visible symptoms may be present.The damage to the central nervous system is done in both ways. The earliest treatment has begun, is vital to those who suffer from this illness. I would like to add that as a user of the drug Prednisone, it was prescribed to control immune systems(autoimmune diseases). Prednisone is one drug and a possible way to help control MS. It should be taken under a physician's directions and some people with MS do use this drug. It is a man made replica of cortisone. It does have the tendency to raise glucose, or sugar levels in blood. Although prednisone has the tendency to deplete bone mass and calcium rich supplements and Vitamin D should be taken with it.

Some of the common symptoms of MS are:Vision change, loss of muscle strength in legs and arms, loss of the sensation of touch, pain, loss of sexual functioning , bladder and bowel loss of control, loss of balance, fatigue, mood changes, and irritability. The nervous system system has large numbers of nerve fibers that control movement in the body, or motor control. The problems may range from loss of fingers dexterity to loss of movement in arms and legs due to interruption in the central nervous(Spine and Brain centers).The use of crutches, canes and wheel chairs may be used when necessary to aid in a person's mobility. The ability to feel cold, heat or pain sensations in the extremities is also noted in many cases of MS. The symptoms of fatigue can also be misleading due to so many other medical problems that this is associated with it and masks the real causes of health problems.

Multiple Sclerosis is a degeneration of the central nervous system(brain and spinal cord) Myelin provides the covering or layers of protection or insulation for nerves, improves conduction of nerve impulses, and is also important in maintaining the health of the nerves in MS sufferers. Inflammation causes the myelin to disappear causing the nerves that travel along the nerve pathways to decelerator become slower.The nerves can also be damaged.When more and more nerves becomes damaged, a person with MS has less control of the body and its functions. The vision,speech, touch,walking,writing, and memory may be effected. MS often strikes people between the ages of 20 ti 50 years of age.More than 300,000 people are known to have this debilitating illness.The disease is found in Caucasians more than other races.It has often been found in the elderly and very young. Females are two times more likely to have MS than men.

Disorders of the immune system and genetics are the two areas that have been focused upon in most research done today. In MS research the suspected foreign agents or viruses alter the body's immune system so that it falsely perceives the agent and destroys instead, the valuable Myelin needed to provide insulation of the nerves. It is trying to rid the body of the foreign agents and further weakens the defenses against the invasive organism.. MS is said to be a disease of Autoimmunity. Some of the Myelin may be required after the assault and scarring occurs which forms a plaque. Studies suspect an overactive immune system may lead to MS. A study recently lists 57 genes linked to MS.

Since 1956,the MS Society has invested more than 136 million dollars in the research. World class research is needed in helping find a cure for the disease. At the present time, no cure has been found for MS., but there are ways to manage it. Drug treatments for individual symptoms or relapses, diet, exercise with complementary and alternative therapies, have all been used right now in controlling MS.

Disease modifying treatments include drugs, though not a cure in themselves. They can be used in reducing the frequency and severity of relapses.Treatment can be very frustrating for those who have MS and treatments don't work for everyone. Patients with MS can manage their illness with diet, exercise, and lifestyle. CAMS or complimentary alternative medicines. can be used to help MS sufferers too, with a broad range of health-related therapies that might include: acupuncture, message, Aromatherapy,Osteotherapy, pilates, and meditation.The Alexander Technique, Chiropratic, Cannabis and its abstracts, dietary supplements, Herbal medicine, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Multi-modal therapy, Reflexology, Replacement of Mercury amalgam fillings, Reiki, Shiatau, St,. John's Wart,and T'ai chi.

Scientists are carrying out more research today in hopes that an effective control can be realized and a cure that will permanently stop MS in its tracks will be soon found. There are more clinical treatmesnts including: Alemtaazumab(campath 1-H), Daclizumab, Minocycline, Retuxinab, Stem Cell Therapy, and teriflunomide. On the MS help line (0808-800-8000) you will find support, how to get involved, learning more about MS, and what's new in treatments for MS, and these will be all provided for those who wish to help. Multiple Sclerosis and its cure is in great need of attention and a cure for this illness must be found soon. With all the people in this country and their love and spirit of human kindness. a cure will be found for MS. People have found cures for polio and many other dreaded diseases in the past. We are an intelligent race, and with the great number of gifted and devoted scientists and researchers, we will pool our resources and solve the mysteries that cause MS and many other diseases that have plagued the world for a long time. Our strength is limitless in this pursuit!


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I would like to add that a medicine called Methylprednisonolone is used in treating some acute cases of MS! Any ideas, however unusual, may some day prove of value. The complexities of research and the chemistry involved is beyond the comprehension of the average person.

    • profile image

      wisdom press 6 years ago

      Good stuff! I have a friend who has MS. Diet is important.