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Multiple sclerosis spasticity or MS spasticity

Updated on September 22, 2011

What is multiple sclerosis spasticity?

Multiple sclerosis spasticity or MS spasticity is defined as uncontrollable muscle contractions or spasms which do not work in sync with the other muscles in the limb and causes resist or stiff movement. It not only cause stiffness but also the patient feels certain amount of pain. This disease can occur in any of the limbs of the patient but usually it is found in legs.

What are the main causes of MS spasticity?

Multiple sclerosis spasticity cause damage to the myelin sheath that is present around the spinal cord and brain. It has a direct connection from nerves to the brain and back again. In some cases these signals do not reach or slowly move to be effective and sometimes they get scrambles with other signals when they travel. With brain no longer being able to communicate properly to the certain muscles, the mixed messages received can cause muscles to get uncontrollable or spasm.

This can simply be caused as a result of some external stimulation or it can sometimes be caused due to being overly tired or stressed out. Sometimes very tight clothes are also a reason of it.

What aggravates multiple sclerosis spasticity?

It has been found that there are several factors which contributes to the high amount of spasticity like if you take more stress it will aggravate. So does temperature affects MS spasticity; the temperature can be both internal body temperature as well as external atmospheric temperature.

Is multiple sclerosis spasticity temporary or permanent?

Multiple sclerosis spasticity is totally depended on the amount of damaged caused. This can sometimes be temporary but it can also become a permanent part of the patients life.

Are there any treatments for MS spasticity?

You need to know that if you do not seek treatment for multiple sclerosis spasticity then you may end up in a very serious problem such as frozen joints permanently which can make you disable. So the best thing to do is to go to a physiotherapist as he would determine your severity of spasticity as each patient has a different condition. After the evaluation, he would recommend you various physical therapies as well as some medications. There are some stretching exercises to help you relieve the pain and keep it under control.

So with all these things in mind, you should be aware of multiple sclerosis spasticity and how to get it treated.


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