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Music Can Move Your World

Updated on May 27, 2017

You are what you listen to

Have you ever wondered about the impact music has on your mood? Maybe it's the fact that I'm starting on the last step before going over the hill, haha, but I think so many younger people today seem so angry and self absorbed. Did we act like that back in the day?

My theory is that much of the music they listen to is centered around violence, retaliation, putting others down and basically saying to heck with the world and what anyone thinks, just do what you want to do. Now don't get me wrong, I like pretty much all kinds of music, rock, pop, country, even some rap, ( but definitely not classical UGH!!) I'm a pretty big fan of some of Eminem's work. I think part of the problem is that most people do not listen to the words, they may say them and sing along, but they don't HEAR them. They don't understand the significance of what the artist is really trying to express.

When I listen to music, I do it for a variety of reasons. I have happy music that just makes me smile and feel better about life in general. I have emotional music that helps me process out my own feelings if I am struggling with a problem. My favorite music, is the music that makes me think and feel, the stuff that makes me want to make myself better. Hopeful music, music that helps me grow into a better me.

I look at some of the young people around me, some are family, some are strangers, some are neighbors, and I watch them. I think that is the sociologist side of me, lol. Many of them are struggling with many of the same issues we faced at their age, spreading our wings, wanting independence, wanting all the nice things we see advertised, yet still wanting to be care for and supported. They listen to angry, loud music, with foul language, that is anti-social and often times derogatory towards women, and or authority. Then they turn around and wonder why they can't have a good relationship, why they can't get a job, or why no one is giving them everything they want. They can't figure out why life stinks and nothing is going the way they wanted it to.

If I'm having a bad day, the last thing I need is to listen to angry or sad music!! It's like nursing the negative feelings. Instead I listen to music that has good meanings, is hopeful, and helps pick me up out of the slump I am in. Believe me though, it's not always easy to do, sometimes I feel like I want to cling to my negative junk, and wrap myself in it. But I know that if I do that I am just going to make things worse, or at the least prolong the misery.

You know, before I had to leave work because of medical reasons, I had a CD in my car that I completely wore out 2 of the tracks. The first song was "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are" by Tracy Lawrence, and the second was "She's Everything to Me" by Brad Pasley. I listened to them every single day, over and over on my way to work. Now you might think that's a little odd, and frankly, you're probably right, lol. However I worked at a very mentally demanding job with very hopeless clients, and I wanted to make sure I had a good mind set before I started my job each day.

I picked the first song, because it reminded me that we all have tough times, and we all need help sometimes. All of my clients were at the bottom of the barrel in most cases, they had little, they were homeless, and they all struggled with mental health issues and most often addiction. If I couldn't get my head into a place where I could be compassionate and non judgemental, I may as well have turned the car around and went back home.

I picked the second song, because I believe gratitude is the key to happiness This song reminded me of how grateful I was to have someone love me the way the song talked about. I was blessed to be loved that much, and it made me happy to think about it. so each day I went to work after my little brain washing session and was able to give the best I had to my job, and to do it joyfully.

I guess my point is, if you can find 2 or 3 songs that move you in a positive way, use them to your advantage. Listen to them to keep you up, to keep you going and to chase the negative from your life. Control what goes in your head..... choose to make it positive.

What do you think?

Do you think angry music makes you angry, and upbeat music cheers you up?

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    • Lifes 2nd Chances profile image

      Colleen Lyon 5 years ago from Kansas City, Missouri

      Thank you for reading, commenting and the up vote. Sometimes we are our own worse enemies. We need to learn to be our own best friend. :-)

    • ashish04joshi profile image

      Ashish Joshi 5 years ago from India

      You're right. It happens with everyone I guess, that the more you're sad, the more you go into your shell...I don't deny it happens with me too.

      But it is important to realize we're only prolonging our misery, as you quite rightly put it.

      Nice hub Ma'm...

      'Up' and 'interesting'...