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Music's Healing Energy

Updated on September 29, 2015


Music | Source

Sweet Music

Music’s Healing Energy

Our brain with its electrical magnificence is the conductor of an orchestra of neurons and protons to reach the different parts of the body in an instance. The brain and mind also orchestrate and engage our throats and our voices to sing in melodies that move and stir up our souls and emotions.

Since our body is made up of billions of molecules it is a central electromagnetic field of sounds where it resonates and amplifies sounds and moves with rhythms and sounds. It actually relieves the body of stress and sends the needed elements like Oxygen to relieve ailments that are stress or pain related.

The body is an electromagnetic sphere in flesh that resonates other substances, atoms, cellular responses, and reactions when it occupies the instructions from the brain and our hearing mechanisms.

Sounds and melodies in there rhythmic and wonderful nature have influenced our body responses and reactions for centuries. Did it start with the rhythm of the drum beats that were used by almost every culture and heritage on earth? When ancient cultures engaged drums to communicate over great distances? What sounds influenced medical marvels in the ancient world and new world? Yes, it has been established that music can heal and relieve pain and it has had influence in the old and new world. It is historical and factual that drums were used to communicate over distances by tribal factions in Africa, Central America, North America, South America, and the Australia. It is also factual that music is engaged in medicine and medicinal practices.

The ear and brain processes the information in an autonomic, affective, cognitive, and motivational sequence of events (Bicknell, J. (2011) Why Music Moves Us, Psychology Today). The processes from ear to brain are relevant in issues of anxiety and stress relief they are also part of neuroscience and bio-behavioral factors. It engages the ear and hearing mechanisms to respond and react, then sends the messages to the brain, where it in turn stimulates a response or reaction of inhibitors or reactors to the music.

When we integrate the last article in relation to the Mayan Sacred Tzolkin, the Harmonic module is the hearing and musical mechanism or wondrous energy that it speaks of, and the sounds that we hear in our natural states in music, nature, and by the sounds that are made with different instruments. Natural sounds like the waves crashing on the shoreline give a sense of oneness where our bodies interact with the 90% of the water within our bodies. It literally speaks to one another in a language that only the body understands calming and with moving the body’s responses to a lullaby ( For example: Sounds of Nature).

We are influenced by, engaged by, and integrate music into our wellness routines when exercising because it motivates us; therefore, it is a form of motivational energy (

Other energies like Shamanism, Ayurveda, Chakras with Lotus Petals, Healing Crystal Minerals/rocks, healing metals, etc.

by Aida Garcia

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Volume 1, Issue 17, 2-18-2013


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    • CrisSp profile image


      5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I believed in the power of music. It's ability to motivate or let us down. It simply sets our mood and I can't live without it. Good scientific explanation on this hub and how it relates to human behavior.


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