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My Addiction to Diet Soda

Updated on October 22, 2016

Trying to give up addiction to diet pop

I don’t know what happened or what to say but in the last year and a half I’ve become so addicted to diet soda, there are even days when I’ve had more than one even more than two. I need to stop and I know how awful it is. I’ve even asked my doctor and she said that diet is just as bad as regular and that I really need to stop. I didn’t find it hard to stop smoking but diet drinks are killing me trying to give them up. It’s my vice, my addiction and I know if I don’t buy them then I won’t drink it, but that doesn’t stop me either. I even went on line to see if there were tips to help get off the stuff and there were several, some even quote that you will need ibuprofen!

I feel like a druggy now….listen to this (quoted from “How to Break A Diet Soda Addicton: Tips from a Former (Diet) Cokehead”) “ Your body is addicted to this substance. Your brain is addicted to the high you get from it. When that feeling disappears, your body will fight tooth and nail to get it back, to get that next fix. You’ll probably feel downright terrible – headaches, irritability, lack of focus.”

I’m shocked and floored but isn’t that the same side affects when coming down off drugs and giving up smoking. What is in this stuff? I know it contains caffeine and sugar, but really our brains are that weak that we hurt when we don’t get it? We can do anything and everything and are super strong beings, but we have huge issues with giving up soda? I know this is me being silly and stupid, but I guess I never ever pictured myself being the type of person that needed “re-hab” to get off drinking pop. Who would have thought that having a glass two years ago would turn into this nightmare I’m facing now. We all go around telling our kids not to smoke and not to do drugs; well I think we need to force the issue on not trying soda of any kind. This substance to me is more dangerous as you don’t need to sneak and hide to do it you can drink this in public, even at your desk at work. You don’t have to be of age to purchase and you don’t have to find a “dealer” you can get it anywhere and everywhere. Warn your spouses, your sisters/brothers, warn your kids. Today’s drug is deadly and is taking over the world. JUST SAY NO TO soda! Did you ever think this would be today’s drug, actually don’t know if it’s really today’s drug but it’s certainly mine. One day at a time, but can’t be this weekend…ha ha ha

Let’s do this together, let’s try and give up this drug or we’ll be on some show about strange addictions.

Until next time, try one day without the soda, tell your family you love them and remember WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT!


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