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My Approach to Life - Self Esteem

Updated on January 23, 2012

A confident approach

I do ME. In my spare time I practice ME. Everything I do is about me. I can't say that I'm proud of it but it's a fact that I spend all my energy on myself. Maybe I'm not the only one? Of course not. But that's just one of the many ways I approach life.

A way of approaching life I am a lot more proud of is that I can easily find peace within myself. One of my friends told my that. In fact I hadn't realized it until he told me. It quite interesting because what else about myself is so clear everyone than me. My friend was right, I noticed myself how I would just disappear in my mind from everybody just to sit there and relax and be completely gone having the "He has figured it all out" look, which I haven't. But what I have figured out is the way I talk with other people, the way I cope with hard times and generally the way I live is by keeping my thoughts positive. And it seems to pay off. I think people see me as a happy and relaxed guy and I would say that I'm more like that than I used to. Ever year we come out smarter and better versions of our self, hopefully. But sometimes we find times where we see our self as sh*t just because of our own criticism. It really annoys me when I see somebody let them self down my criticizing them self in every possible way they can imagine. That isn't a healthy approach to life. But that also comes down to what you would consider healthy. For me, it wouldn't be a good lifestyle because if my self esteems cracks, I'll be no whole person, just a fragile imitation of a happy person. That's the way I see myself know, when I have those times where my self esteem is at it lowest. I'm not being hard on myself by having that opinion but it is so important to have a good self esteem cause with out it, you don't have anything.

Without a good self esteem one might pull it off tricking others to believe you're fine, but that person will always know it for themselves. Which problems arise for a lack of self esteem? I'll tell you, many. If a person don't feel comfortable in their skin and acknowledge that the person in the mirror is themselves, and they actually are way cooler, better looking, smarter, more successful and most importantly a thousand times more than good enough, than they might think about themselves.

I used to not feel secure, afraid. Of what you might ask? Because in my eyes, they where better than me, and if they wanted they could mentally crush me. Looking back I'm not sure or not I regret it being that person. I like the "me" I am today, and that is because of my past which I have learned from, put now I think that it wouldn't have hurt if I had found "it" out a bit earlier. By that I mean, that I am as good as anyone else. If someone comes to me and say, "you're a loser" then instead of agreeing with him, I'll know that I ain't one. I'll might even go as far trying to figure out why that person is saying such thing when it's a fact that it isn't true.

If a person has such kind of mindset, it'll be much easier being on the emotional roller costar. And one will see, that the world we live in is a much happier place than it else used to be.


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    • Dawit T profile image

      Dawit T 6 years ago from Denmark

      Julz09: You welcome ;)

      NiaLee: Exactly. Beautifully said, and agree, nobody has the right to tell us how much we are worth, what we can and what can't do. The way we picture ourselves is the way we see ourselves and shows to others, so why not see ourselves as amazing persons with success?

    • Julz09 profile image

      Julz09 6 years ago

      haha!! that is awesome the sausage :) this is funny, thanks.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      You dropped your painbody and went on with your life on your terms, and that is what we owe ourselves.

      NObody else has the privilege to define who we are and our value.

      I did the same and just realized" "How come nobody told me about that before???"