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My Blood Pressure Battle

Updated on July 18, 2016

The year of 2014 was crucial for me. I was 22 years-old and I had a situation coming in my way. I didn't know this situation would lead me to spend my birthday in a hospital, but I think I was lucky to only spend of of those special days in a place most people hate(I belong in that group, too).

It was a casual evening in September when it finally hit me. I was making mashed potatoes and chicken with my girlfriend, when we realized that she's late for a train. We both forgot about it and I put the nearly-done potatoes aside and turned the stove off. I drove my Golf as fast as I could to get my girl to the station safely and I kissed her goodbye. I went back to the apartment and I quickly mashed my potatoes and went to my room. I was very hungry, so I actually ate everything that was meant for me and my girl. It was a lot and I ended up watching a movie with my belly full. This was a reminder that I shouldn't eat as much as I can stuff in my mouth.

I almost fell asleep on my chair, when it started. I was still kind of looking at the screen with no interest, when my screen suddenly made a move. It was slowly drifting left. Then I noticed that the screen wasn't the only thing drifting- everything was. The whole room was suddenly spinning slowly. I thought I was dreaming, but I soon realized that it was real. I instantly thought about the potatoes and I suddenly got really sick. I pushed myself back from the desk and I tried standing up. I made it with a struggle and I turned left to go to the bathroom. It was really hard to walk straight, it was like being completely hammered and sober at the same time. It took me five minutes to get to the toilet, which was 5 feet away. I was already puking when I saw that I missed the toilet. It was a major mess in there and I poured some water around; it was all I could do. I went back to my chair and nothing changed. The room was spinning with the same speed and i was still sick. I was sweating and I started panicking. I called my friend, whose mom's a doctor and he told me that I got food poisoning and I should just sleep it over. It calmed me down and I went to bed.

I closed my eyes and my head was spinning. I couldn't fall asleep and I had an empty stomach next morning. I saw my pale reflection in the mirror and I called my neighbour to take me to the hospital. I got there and they immediately saw I didn't feel good. I couldn't walk without help andthey tested me for different things. My blood pressure was the same as the last time they were shocked, it was over 200. They brought a wheelchair and they admitted me. I was in shock- I thought they would clean my system with a hose or something and be done with it. Instead, they took me to a CT scan.

It took me three days to completely lose the spinning in my head, which was such a relief. I was sure it was never going back to normal and I saw Parkinson's disease in a different light after that experience. The third day was also when I got my appetite back and I didn't mind the hospital food at all, as long as I wasn't sick anymore.

I spent two weeks in a room for people who've had a stroke. I was surrounded by old people and the doctors weren't sure about my stroke. I had the symptoms, but they didn't see any damage to my brain or other organs. They concluded that my reaction was a combination of high blood pressure and the uncooked and possibly bad potatoes.

I remember one of the days of learning how to walk up the stairs with the help of a nurse. It my second day over there, so I was still quite dizzy. I was taking slow steps, when another doctor came up the stairs and asked us if we were looking for something. The nurse didn't reply and helped me take a next step. I turned to the doctor and said:¬ęBalance.¬ę The doctor laughed and she admitted that she's been looking for that her whole life. It was one of the only funny memories I have now.

I couldn't wait to get out of there after two weeks and they finally let me go. I felt so different when I walked out, it was like being born again. I'm not saying you should posion yourself, but it was a funny/beneficial coincidence for me, considering the outcome.


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