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My Cure For Dry Cracked Lips

Updated on May 19, 2014

My dry cracked lips.

I had dry lips. As a young woman they were not too bad, but on some days they would seem worse than others and I never really worked out why. It seemed to be potluck on the day.

There were two problems with having dry cracked lips when I was young, one was that my lipstick never looked right and would catch under the dry edges where they lifted, the second embarrassing problem was if I kissed anyone my lips felt like crocodile lips and I was acutely aware they must feel rough.

Occasionally they would also crack if I smiled broadly and would bleed a little where they split. My dry lips seemed to go hand in hand with my other lip problem of herpes simplex. On those doubly whammy, particularly bad days I just wanted to hibernate.

The very worst time was when I visited the dentist and he would pull my lips around, this proved on more than one occasion to be excruciating with my lips cracking and worse, embarrassingly, bleeding all over his gloved fingers.

When I got to around the age of forty my lips were just dry and scaly all the time. The surface felt hard and lumpy, there was no softness or suppleness to them at all. Moisturisers and lip balms didn't make a great deal of difference. If I licked them they would wet and become supple, but would then quickly dry out. I simply thought this was how things were to deteriorate as I aged.

Medical Terminology - Cheilitis?

When i first started to research dry cracked (or chapped) lips it was difficult to find the correct medical terminology. Then I found the nearest I could which seemed to describe my condition. Cheilitis.

Cheilitis is described as dryness, cracking, sometimes peeling, sometimes fissuring, and scaliness. There is also a condition called angular cheilitis, which can accompany cheilitis and is where the corners of the mouth become red and sore.

Cheilitis can result in painful sore lips which can split and bleed when stretched, as when smiling.

Causal factors are thought to include environmental factors like sun and wind, possibly allergic reactions for example maybe to some lipsticks and toothpastes., vitamin deficiencies often the B vitamins or folates, and indeed it is always recommended to have a check up with a doctor.

Dry Cracked Lips
Dry Cracked Lips | Source

Cheilitis Treatments

Conventional treatments are usually topical for dry cracked lips and this seems reasonable when taking into consideration exposure to environmental conditions like wind and sun. Treatments like balms and lanolins and vasolines provide a barrier against these elements.

What I found was that I had dry scaly lips, exactly like to ones in the picture which seemed to be idiopathic, there was no reasonable cause, I had them whatever the weather, whether I used lipstick or not and no matter what toothpaste i used. They were chronic and were getting worse. Whilst I did use the balms and they did provided relief, they really weren't a curing my cracked lips.

Do you hve cheilitis?

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Potential causes of cheilitis:



Vitamin Defieiency

Low body temperature?

How did I cure my Dry Cracked Lips

During my forth decade I had a lot of little niggling ailments manifesting themselves. I was aware I seemed to have more than my fair share compared to my contemporaries, and they were accumulating.

Then I had a big diagnosis of an illness which really made me sit up and pay attention. For years I had worked hard, played hard and paid very little attention to my health. During the protracted treatment for my illness I had time on my hands, I began to research my little ailments and their possible causes.

My first health investigation foray was into the world of low thyroid function. I spent many months following this route because a huge amount is written about a pseudo form of hypothyroidism. I believed this was quite possibly the answer for me as my symptoms were similar to hypothyroid symptoms even though my TSH was normal. I visited a couple of alternate thyroid doctors who prescribed Armour. At first the Armour seemed to do something and whilst my ailments didn't disappear, I did feel well. Then the initial benefit slipped away and no amount of Armour would make any difference.

One observation I had made during these months of research was that many people on the various forums were chasing the same ultimate goal and that was to get their body temperatures to 'normal'. My body temperature was very low, 35.8C or 96.4F, at night I even went as low as 35C or 95F, my thyroid medications had not changed that.

I decided that I must be looking in the wrong place. There must be another way to fix my low temperature. By this time I had been researching for around a year and was increasingly convinced my low temperature was a key to this puzzle. I decided to simply 'search' for anyone who had fixed their low body temperature. Remarkably I found some old writings by a man who had indeed fixed his own temperature after he had decided it may be compromising his immune system and hence was allowing, what might for him, have been a fatal illness to manifest itself. A little more creative searching and I found his email address.

I emailed this man, Steve Richfield, and remarkably he came back to me immediately. Within twenty-four hours I was on his supported self help 'resetting' program. When I got my set point to 37C or 98.6F the very first thing I noticed was that I no longer had dry and cracked lips. Incredibly, very quickly, they became smooth and soft.

Over the years since resetting many of my little idiopathic ailments have resolved. I now use my lips to guide me and provide information about my temperature. If I go outside and it is cold, they start to feel scaly and dry, if I come back inside and warm up, they become soft and supple usually within around half an hour.

My Lips Now

I reset my body temperature in December 2010.

I have had dry cracked lips since that time, but whereas prior to my reset I was at a loss as to what to do about them, now I understand that it is a sign I have let my temperature drop and need to pull it back up. At 37c or 98.6F I have lovely smooth, full and soft, supple lips.

My New Thinking on Health

Having reset my low body temperature I have a very different and alternate view on maintaining health.

Whilst I am a great believer in a good diet and the right kinds of supplemental support, I also think health is underpinned by an optimally operating immune system and that the single most important player in that optimisation is body temperature.

There are many reasons why the brain may be incorrectly selecting low temperature set points one example being ancestral history of low temperature maybe due to famine. Interestingly the brain can be retrained. The resetting process for me was to get my temperature to 37C everyday all day for a couple of weeks and then maintain that for a couple of years. It was a very tough process, but I had a lot of incentive to succeed.

I have no doubt human systems are very much more complex than simply resetting a low temperature and the process alone is not going to be a fix for every illness or disease.

I am not a doctor or qualified in anyway to offer advice, this is simply my observation based on my own personal successful experiences.


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    • Janey Hood profile image

      Janey Hood 3 years ago from UK

      Tanja B Trkulja

      Thank you!

    • Tanja B Trkulja profile image

      Tanja Trkulja 3 years ago from Serbia

      This was very thorough and helpful, thanks for sharing. :)