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My Deficiencies

Updated on September 21, 2015

Since I acknowledge my deficiencies, I can transform them into something lovely. Like other people, I have inadequacies. What separates me is my capacity to acknowledge them! I acknowledge my weaknesses in light of the fact that they're a piece of me.

As a general rule, I am the special case who can precisely evaluate my difficulties and shortcomings. I decide to take a positive position on myself and transform my alleged inadequacies into something delightful.

On the off chance that I stammer when I talk, it is just in light of the fact that I am so energized. In the event that I am modest, it is essentially in light of the fact that I am calm. What's more, in the event that I am excessively riotous, it is essentially on the grounds that I am stubborn.

I see the qualities that make me hesitant as something fun or excellent. Obviously, if a characteristic genuinely influences my life contrarily, I make the chance to enhance it. Furthermore, subsequently, I improve my satisfaction in life.

Yet, by and large, the negative characteristics I see are just things that I am once in a while excessively discriminating. I understand that in reality, I am the main individual that observes these things.

Each individual I know is diverse. Each of my companions fit into a mold they could call their own - an example that they make. Also, I have a shape all to myself too.

This distinction is the thing that keeps our fellowships flourishing. We can gain from one another, grow our social circles, and experience things through the eyes of another!

Today, I change my mentality absolutely! I transform a deficiency into a delightful property.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I excessively disparaging of myself?

2. By what method would I be able to transform my deficiencies into something excellent?

3. Do I see the best in others, as they do in me?


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