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Dermatologist Bedside Manner

Updated on January 21, 2019
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Ruth Kongaika was born in the Rocky Mountains and has lived most of her life in the South Pacific. She travels, gardens and writes.

Me with my makeup on. No model, but the best I can look.
Me with my makeup on. No model, but the best I can look. | Source

Makeup Covers Many Imperfections

I usually wear makeup every day. I have some sun discoloration on my face that must be covered up before I feel presentable before the world. During my teen years, I laid out in the sun because it was cool to have a lovely tan. Many use tanning facilities for the same reason. There were no advertisements or warnings at that time about covering up in the 60s or 70s. So the flower children of that age are reaping the rewards of uncovering their flesh and staying out cooking in the sun for hours.

Get a tan, Whitey!

Now we are in the 21st Century, there are sun creams galore to slather on before even thinking about going out in the sun during summer and even wearing it inside the car when driving or being exposed to sunlight in any way. Of course, we have a big vitamin D deficiency today, but people would rather have creamy light skin than worrying about having cancer or sun spots all over their arms, legs, and face.


Just today, I went to the dermatologist mainly because I have a black toenail on my left foot that has me concerned. You may or may not be aware that Bob Marley died of a melanoma under his toe which he refused to have amputated. My doctor made an unfavorable face and then got a couple of his headlamps and microscopic doodads to have a closer look. He said he thought it might be blood that has pooled under my nail, but then told me if it gets any worse, to come back right away as it might be melanoma. He said that if it is, they might have to cut my toe off!

Bob Marley before dying of melanoma of his toe he refused to amputate
Bob Marley before dying of melanoma of his toe he refused to amputate

Who can you trust?

It had been a year since I had an all-over dermatology inspection. I have several sun spots on my face, arms, and legs that have bothered me for quite some time. I have spent hundreds of dollars to companies with creams that claim they can get rid of dark skin spots and absolutely none of them worked. I am really mad!!

I have gone to other companies like Revivology, Ulta, etc. who offer treatments for which you must return several times and pay a considerable amount of money to slowly get rid of them. Just last week I purchased a product from dermalogica and when I opened the very expensive package, one of the products did not even work! I had to remove the lid to get the product out. To say the least, I was frustrated and disappointed.


Today, I wore no makeup (which is rare when I go outside) to go my dermatologist and showed him my face spots that I have been fighting for some time now. He immediately took out his blaster (Liquid Nitrogen) medically named Cryosurgery and blasted my face with painful shots over and over until I nearly cried. Now my face is covered with large red welts where he did his damage in a matter of seconds. Then he was gone.

I asked his nurse why he did that. She told me it was because cryosurgery is covered by insurance, whereas, other treatments like laser are not. I knew that but was pretty shocked that he made up his mind without my knowing how painful it would be and the fact that I would be pretty grotesque for a month. As I left his office, he said that I would look pretty ugly for a while. The skin will blister up, turn black and then fall off. He told me this after it was all over. He gave me information on a half-page explaining more about this Liquid Nitrogen Treatment as I was leaving (close to a breakdown). He never asked me about my previous mental state. It has not been good for quite a while. I suffer from chronic social anxiety, which means that I already have a phobia about going out in crowds. Now it will be much worse.

List of medication should have been a clue...

I had given him a list of medications I am on, and he barely skimmed over them. Two are specifically for anxiety and depression. I also have insomnia and have a C-pap which may rub on the sores and make them worse. He never asked me about any of these things. I feel like hiding out until they are healed. He did mention they may leave scars. Oh, great!

A couple of times he mentioned to me that I am getting old and these and other conditions like my creped skin and ridged dry nails come with age. He said that I feel younger than I am. I know I am in my 60s, but it seemed that the dermatologist could have softened the blow a little bit.

Has anyone had an experience like this? I am feeling abused and slept four hours when I returned home trying to get over it. Some doctors have no feelings! My experiences are that men cannot understand how a woman feels about certain things, especially when it comes to her skin, hair, nails, etc. They barely even care about those things. To women, it is very important for us to look our best, at least for me, always!

My new reality - until it bubbles up, blackens, and falls off!
My new reality - until it bubbles up, blackens, and falls off! | Source
I hope I don't scare my online students!
I hope I don't scare my online students! | Source

Perhaps I am just a Ninny or the amount of space that was treated was large, but it did hurt. On the instruction paper the doctor gave me, it said to take Tylenol for the pain. That I did as soon as I got home.

Phantom of the Opera

Now I feel like the Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps I should get a face mask and wear it whenever I go out. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this may seem like a very small setback for me, but last year I had optical decompression which left me scarred for several months. I could have gone blind! Had my dermatologist asked me about my history, he may not have been so quick to put his gun to my face!

If you have any recommendations for how I could deal with this setback, I would appreciate it also.

Have you experienced Cryosurgery?

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I would love to hear about your experience and if it was a positive or negative experience for you.

© 2018 Elayne


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