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My Experience With Reiki

Updated on February 19, 2010

Reiki Basics

Reiki is a form of energy therapy originating in Japan. It is used to balance the energies on the body and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. A Reiki healing session can be performed in person or long distance. Universal life force energy is the main component of Reiki. This energy instinctively goes to the part of the body or spirit that needs the attention. The energy is all natural and can not harm you.

Reiki is not a religion. It does not require you to be part of any religion to experience the benefits. It is not a cult, witchcraft, or evil in any way. It is just universal life force energy.

The benefits of Reiki differ between individuals. The potential benefits are relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, energy, confidence, spiritual awareness and more. Each individual experience can be very different and very personal.

My First Reiki Class

I try to keep an open mind about everything. I am cautiously skeptical but I want to get to the truth. I believe in paranormal activity and psychic abilities because I have experienced both of them personally. I like to experience things for myself before I make a decision about whether or not I believe that it is real.

My first Reiki class began with a brief history of Reiki and how it was brought to America. We discussed universal life force energy and the healing benefits of Reiki. The instructor told us about his personal experiences and stories from former students. I listened with a great deal of interest but also a good deal of skepticism.

When I began to open my mind more, I noticed that the room was filled with positive energy. I could feel it and it was becoming contagious. I was accustomed to picking up on other people's energy and emotions. What I was not accustomed to was seeing a person's aura. I realized that I could see the instructor's aura. It was filled with a golden white light. I began to feel more comfortable and more open to this experience.

The class ended with a group meditation and attunement. The attunement is the process of becoming open to the Reiki energy. I did not know exactly how this was accomplished but I was optimistic about the results. If nothing else, it was a positive experience. The class would meet again in a couple of days so we could learn the basic hand positions.

The Next Day

I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and energized. That was an amazing feat in itself because I had to get up at 4am to go to work. I was not happy with my job and it was taking a huge toll on my body. I am not a morning person so I never felt energized at 4am.

I noticed something strange about my hands. They were extremely warm and they became warmer every time that I touched myself or anyone else. When my knee started hurting from the work that I was doing, I took a restroom break and put my hands on my knee. My knee felt warm and relaxed. The pain started to dissipate. I could not make the pain go away completely but it was definitely a start.

From that day on I knew that I wanted to learn it all. I wanted to complete all three levels and become a Reiki master. I wanted to use Reiki to heal the world. I wanted to pass on this knowledge others. I wanted all the experiences that came with it.

The Future

I never thought much about my future before being introduced to Reiki. I was working a dead end job that was hurting my body and making me depressed. I had been searching for a new job but I could not seem to find anything. I felt that I was trapped in my current situation. I could not see a way out.

Reiki gave me more confidence. It asked me to re-evaluate where I was going in my life. I decided that I needed to find a career in which I could use my Reiki training and start healing the world. After much searching and deliberation, I decided that I would go back to school and learn massage therapy. I began the program two weeks after I became a Reiki master.

I have since become a meditation instructor as well. I enjoy combining Reiki and meditation. When I give myself a Reiki treatment, I become very relaxed and content. I like to add meditation because it makes me more present in the moment. I am still relaxed but I am also focusing my energy. I find my meditation sessions more productive.

Reiki is a good compliment to massage because it helps relax those sore and tired muscles. It is a good compliment to massage because it helps relax body and mind. It is a good compliment to psychic work because it helps focus your energy and helps to be more open to psychic experiences.

What Reiki Means to Me

Reiki is the catalyst that helped me make a life changing decision. it is what keeps me from becoming severely depressed. Reiki helps me cope with the challenges that life throws at me. It keeps me strong and keeps me looking for something more in my life. It helps me a better better massage therapist. It helps me tune into my psychic senses.

I am grateful that I kept an open mind and took that first Reiki class. It has helped me become the person I am today and I like that person.


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