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My Experience with Breatharian - Getting My Nutrients from the Prana/Chi

Updated on July 4, 2017

Your Frequency Field:

Body Basics

Our bodies are composed of 10% minerals and 60-90% water (depending on where the info comes from). The sun has the same mineral/water makeup.

Everything in the universe is about frequency. Trace minerals and gemstones create frequencies. Water molecules create crystals from frequencies that are directed to it. These crystals create frequencies.

Dr. Emoto did experiments with frequencies directed towards water (see video below). When an emotion or concept is created through frequencies, the water molecules create crystals that continue to emanate that frequency/emotion/concept.

The frequency of abundance, perfect health, complete healing can be created and stored in your body's water molecules and your electromagnetic torrid.

What is Prana?

There are three things (basically) that create: Chi/Prana, sound frequencies, and light frequencies (colors).

The dark matter of the universe is also known as chi, prana, theta frequencies, the All That Is, the Great I Am. This is basic creation that has not been formed into anything.

Sound is electric, male frequencies. We create sound in many ways, singing, chanting, instruments, drumming. You can add sounds to your meditation for nutrients or any other type of meditation.

Light is color, magnetic, female frequencies. White and gold are all colors in one. Each color has it's own frequency. The most important colors to mediate on are violet and gold.

Nutrients From Food

Should you give up eating food? That is entirely up to you. There are thousands of people in the world who have given up food and drink because they get everything they need for perfect health from the frequencies they create.

The change in belief that I learned from this is that there is no "minimum" number of calories that is necessary for your body to maintain good health.

You can continue eating the same diet you are currently eating if you wish, but switch from physical nutritional supplements to nutrition from the prana.

You can reduce your caloric intake as much or as little as you desire. Your body will not resort to eating your muscles to survive. You will not die from lack of water within days. These problems are actually brought about by your thoughts/beliefs/expectations!

However, to get your nutrients from the prana, you must INSTRUCT the prana to provide you with your nutritional energies. You must spend some time daily in a quiet state and instruct the prana to form the frequencies in your body torrid that you desire. In other words: meditate.

How much time does this take? In my experience, at least two minutes a day. I have noticed that I can taste a more pronounced salty taste in proportion to the time I spend meditating for perfect health. I usually don't spend more than 10 minutes a day.

Breatharian Basics Video:"

Your Thoughts and Emotions Create Frequencies

All of creation starts with a spiral which is a frequency. The first creation with a spiral is the vesica piscis, from which is created a donuts shaped torrid.

An electromagnetic torrid surrounds and CREATES your body. In addition to the physical creation, your thoughts create electric frequencies and your emotions create magnetic frequencies.

When you meditate and imagine, or visualize, an image or concept, you are creating it!

You cannot see your creations immediately, but they will influence your little torrid of reality. If you see yourself as a healthy person, you will become healthy. If you expect to be unhealthy and dependent on medicines to manage your symptoms, you will have symptoms. If you imagine that your injuries never seem to heal, they won't heal.

There are many, many different energy works that you can learn to change your life. Nutritional chi is just one of them.

Also, be aware that you intended to experience certain concepts in this life before you reincarnated. You may have to examine your subconscious beliefs and heal them before you can heal beyond a certain point. Brent Phillips has a great training program for this healing.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is placing your focus on an idea, concept, color. Visualize what you want to bring into your reality.

The most important thing to do is visualize your reality as if it is already true. No wishful thinking about the future. The future is NOW in your head.

Pick a quiet place with no distractions, close your eyes. Know that with every breath you take you are moving and controlling the chi throughout your electro/magnetic torrid.

Now create! Say or think: My health is perfect because the chi (universe, prana, God, etc.) provides me with everything I need for perfect health. Picture your body in perfect health.

Add high frequency emotions. Say or think: I am grateful and thankful that my health is perfect because the chi provides me with everything I need for perfect health. Smiling is a mudra that raises your frequencies as well.

This is how to take charge of your life. Meditate daily on perfect health, financial abundance, creativity, joy, wisdom, violet and gold, Gaia's frequencies.

If you have never practiced nutritional chi before, are you now ready to give it a try?

See results

Six Months Into Breatharian

I have lost 40 pounds at a rate of about one pound per week. Years ago, after gaining weight rapidly from side affects of three pharmaceutical medicines, I switched to natural supplements which worked just as well. Then I started detoxing, mainly yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome.

For the next eight years I tried to loose the extra 50 pounds of water weight, but it was stubborn. I didn't loose a pound and gained a little more. I tried several diets and exercises but the water wouldn't flow.

During my quest, I stumbled across breatharian articles but I thought this was too extreme for me. Eventually though, I realized that everything I had been told about the body's nutritional requirements was only true if I believed it was true. It's all in my head (frequencies).

I don't want to give up food completely because it is enjoyable and social. I usually eat less than 800 calories a day and I count calories because I am still wanting to loose a few more pounds since I am still over weight for my height.

I see myself living like this for the rest of my life. Perhaps at some point I will try complete fasting. My food budget dropped by at least $500 per month by skipping meals and eating very small meals.

My hunger is satiated much more quickly now that I have changed my expectations and beliefs. Before, I thought of calorie reduction as a miserable time and a temporary activity until I could eat like "normal" again. This means gain back all the weight I lost.

I don't get any hungrier between meals than I did before I started nutrient meditation. Call it what you will, breatharian, prana breathing, chi gong. This is a state of mind.


It is now about a year after I hit a plateau after starting breatharian. I've now discovered the Ketogenic (high fat low carb) diet.

This is basically the diet of yesteryear.

Before 1900, when the first hydrogenated cooking oil was put on the market, people only had saturated fats such as lard, tallow, butter, hard cheese, cream, milk, coconut oil and milk, olive oil, avacado oil.

These fats create ketones. Ketones remove the fat, glucose and water from your cells. They don't work until your insulin goes back down to resting levels after digesting your food.

So, this diet is a combination of low carb / low insulin, and high fat / high ketones. This is now the most popular diet in the USA.

One of the best things about this high saturated fat diet is that saturated fats kill your appetite! No kidding, I don't have any hunger between meals. This makes it easy to keep this diet as a long term dietary lifestyle.

Ketones detox everything that shouldn't be in your body. This includes heavy metals, cancer growth, artery blockage.

If you have stubborn weight, especially in the mid section, you have three things:

1. insulin resistance (for me this was caused by insulin spiking meds);
2. fatty liver (which interrupts liver functions);
3. stubborn weight.

If you loose weight without producing ketones, you are only loosing water weight and you will probably hit a plateau. Plus you will probably be hungry all the time.

People were skinny in the olden days because they had ketones. There are many ketonic diet channels on YouTube. Educate yourself and get started today. The most challenging thing about this diet is coming up with ways to make vegetables interesting. Here are some tips I've learned in my first month:

  • Most olive oils are not really from olives, especially imported
  • Vegetables are boring, but you need 6-10 cups daily
  • Cheese makes everything better, and most are keto friendly
  • To get your fat grams up, take 2T MCT oil daily
  • MCT is a concentrate of coconut oil which increased my weight loss
  • There are hidden insulin spikers such as MSG, learn about them
  • Watch alot of YouTube channels to get a well rounded idea about this diet
  • You will need a blender or food processor for some vegetable recipes
  • Eggs and small fish are the two best meats

Watch this video for an introductory description about the Ketogenic diet


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