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My Experience with Pink Eye

Updated on June 4, 2013

A Look at Pink Eye

This picture was taken after one day of treatment using anti-bacterial eye drops.
This picture was taken after one day of treatment using anti-bacterial eye drops. | Source

How Pink Eye Began with Me

Generally, I wake up and feel enthusiastic about the day. But, one morning, I woke up and my eyes felt crusty. I figured this first day that a tear duct got had gotten clogged. Surely all would be fine soon, I reassured myself.

The next day, my eyes were fully crusted shut. I partially opened the lesser affected eye, got a warm wash cloth, soaked it with tepid water and applied it over my eyes. Thus, I was finally able to open them. They were surrounded with a greenish-yellow sticky discharge.

Now, I am scared and made an appointment to see a doctor--hopefully not the expensive emergency room. I was lucky that there had been a cancellation at a far clinic. I figured out the bus route and took any associated paper schedules with me, blinking profusely.

I and my children have never had pink eye, so I did not know what to expect. My eyes were reddish, but not excessively bloodshot. It surely was not a tear duct problem because the area on the inside of my eyes was not sore as I had previously experienced with tear duct clogging. I felt as if sand had been poured in my eyes, which I had never experienced before.


The nurses were so kindly to me and took blood pressure and temperature. Both were normal. When my doctor came in, I said I felt like sand existed in both eyes. He asked if I had been around small children. I had not. (Pinkeye is a major source of trouble in places like daycare where the children are up close and personal.)

I described this yellowish-greening goop coming out of my eyes and worsening over the hours. He told me it was pink eye. He prescribed anti-bacterial drops. Although expensive, they were worth every bit of the money. Gradually, there was no more feeling of sand and affected vision.

I worried about my roommate catching this, so I began washing towels and sheets like crazy. I had done some research on pink eye by then and knew that it is highly contagious.

Video on how to Cure Piink Eye

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an infection of the conjunctiva of the eye. This is the membrane that surrounds the eye and eyelid. Pink eye comes in four varieties:

  • Bacterial
  • Viral
  • Allergy related
  • STD related

I had the bacterial variety, which produces the notable green or yellow pus around the eye, especially after sleeping. It is fortunate that this type is treated quickly with the assistance of anti-bacterial eye drops.

My doctor told me to avoid rubbing my eyes, which is a habit of mine unfortunately. He wrote out a prescription for the anti-bacterial ointment, which I filled right away. I was amazed at the large price for such a small bottle!


The anti-bacterial eye drops worked right away. But the itchiness persisted. I wonder if that was in my head. I was very tired, as if I had walked 100 miles.

I find that if you say you have pinkeye, people move away from you quickly. It is highly communicable and certainly unpleasant. I shall certainly do so in the future if I suspect someone has it! I had never been warned about it, however, and remain ignorant of where I got it. I suspect that I contracted it on the bus or light rail from one of the other passengers.

To avoid pinkeye, refrain from rubbing your eyes, wash your hands frequently and carry towelettes or hand sanitizer with you if you ride public transportation, shake hands frequently or otherwise have a lot of human hand interaction.

I wish you all well (and certainly without pinkeye!)


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    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      Be well, soon!

    • John  Lakewood profile image

      John Lakewood 6 years ago from Lakewood, CO

      Thanks for the information. I think I have just developed this.

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      It is terrible! I understand that dogs and other animals can get it. Same variety?

      I am very ignorant about health issues, being a writer and computer geek, primarily.

    • profile image

      Fortence 6 years ago

      I've had a similar experience