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My Favorite Baby Names

Updated on December 3, 2011

My Favorite Baby Names:


-- Cecilia Madeleine: I chose Cecilia because of the classy sound. This is a very beautiful name to me.

-- Imogen Sophia: I chose Imogen because it is a Shakespearean name. I love Shakespeare. This comes from the play "Cymbeline."

-- Lucille Desiree: I chose this name because it was the name of Lucille Ball. She was an amazing actress, and did an amazing job in "I Love Lucy."

-- Lyra Winter: I chose this name because of the gothness behind. It is a very beautiful name, in my opinion.

-- Natalie Celeste: I chose Natalie because it is a Christmas name.

-- Ruby Catherine: The future name of my first daughter. I got this from Barbara Stanwyck. Her performance in "The Big Valley" was amazing.

-- Tegan Elizabeth: I chose Tegan because it is a Shakespearean name. I think it comes from "The Tempest."

-- Tessa Kathleen: I chose Tessa because it is a gorgeous name to me. It is short and sweet.

-- Valentina Rose: I chose Valentina because of it's meaning. It means "strong."

-- Vivienne Claire: I chose this name because it is French. In fact, both names are French.


-- Benjamin Elias: I chose the name Benjamin because it is a classic. Plus, it's a very handsome name.

-- Camden Levi: Who doesn't love a surname as a first name. Huh?

-- Elijah Gabriel: I chose Elijah because it is very smooth sounding. Plus, it's a Biblical name meaning "the lord is my god."

-- George Elliot: I got this name from Mary Ann Evans, it was her pin name.

-- Lucian Maxwell: I chose Lucian because it is a Latin name, and I love Latin names.

-- Nathaniel Henry: I chose Nathaniel for it's meaning, which is "gift from god."

-- Noel James: This will be my first son's name. It is a Christmas name meaning, "born on christmas day."

-- Sebastian Felix: I chose Sebastian because of "The Little Mermaid", which some people may find odd.

-- Theodore Isaac: I chose this because it is a handsome, classic name.

-- Zachary Russell: I have no reason for choosing this. I just like it.

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