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How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Every Time

Updated on November 29, 2018
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist. 'I have struggled with my erratic sleep patterns in the past. Everything here has helped me.'


How Simple Can It Be?

Really simple. Most of the time when we don't manage to make things happen it's simply because we've read too many books, watched too many YouTube videos and read too many blog posts on the subject.

We start to think it has to be hard work, a process of all of the techniques we've read about. When really, none of the above is needed. All that's really required is an intention. No more, no less.

If you can take a look at your life right now and realise it's just temporary. Accept it with the knowing that it's only this way for now. There will be a benefit to how it is now too. Try to look for the good things that have happened recently that may not have happened if you had already moved into your new reality. I bet there is at least one thing.

Great Teachers

I have found two authors I absolutely love. Now I have found them, I will probably never read anything else (I’ve read everything each of my favourite authors have written)

I think there comes a point when enough is enough. I mean, how much do we have to read before we actually just get on with it ourselves?

The best part of finding the right authors for me, is that I know now what I’ve always suspected. It’s all about us. Yes really. All of the power is ours and it’s working everyday to shape our lives even if we don’t realise it.

Once I decided to make this all about me and my way, then I lost all of the angst that goes with trying out techniques and assuming failure from the start. Thinking: This stuff doesn’t work for me, it only works for other people.

Then guess what It doesn’t work!

Feelings Are It

The thing is, it does and is working with every feeling and emotion we ever have. It’s not something separate from us, waiting to be activated so that it can work only when we press the switch. It’s always there. It’s a thing, you know, like gravity.

Think about all of the major things that have happened in your life and then think about your feelings just before they happened. It was you!

The smaller things happen just the same way. I think about little things and then hey presto, a few minutes later they show up!

I used to find it hard to ask for things, from the universe I mean. I now know it’s because asking is like it’s out of your control, like the universe may say no and then what?

Genevieve Davis describes it as magic. She says says what I’ve long thought. WE are the magic. It’s the physical reality that moves around our feelings. We don’t even need to ask, only to feel. The asking might be seen as a catalyst to the desire I suppose. Perhaps it nudges our emotions and gives the momentum that is needed in order to fuel that desire into reality.

Richard Dotts was the first author to really catch my attention. He’s so matter of fact about the whole thing. Like me, he has no idea what’s going on but he doesn’t need to know. His books are to the point, and if you really do need direction on manifestation technique then he is the best practitioner for the job.

It's All About You

I now don’t need that help, and to be honest I no longer practise any techniques at all. I am at the point where I can simply take a few minutes on something and then be open to the events that will make that desire a reality.

t’s taken five long year to get to this point I hasten to add. So giving you these two magnificent authors to help in your quest for awareness is something I hope will cut out all of the trial and error and constant reading in order to be the magic that you already are.

Books are subjective of course. A lot of how you take to these authors will depend on your overall feeling on the whole subjective what reality is.


Books Are Subjective

If you are completely open minded then I suggest Genevieve as you will finish her books and feel that you can do this your own way. There are no hard and fast rules. What works for some will not work for others and that’s all down to your own mind-set.

When it finally does start working for your effortlessly, you will honestly wonder why you struggled for so long.

One Bit bit Of Advice

And my only piece (because I don’t believe in following anyone else’s way) is to accept what is right now. That was a tough thing for me at first, but now it’s easy. Once you start accepting things then you inevitably let go, you release angst and tension and are ready to let amazing things happen.

What Do You Think

Can You Change Reality With Your Feelings

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