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Fibroids diagnosis and treatment option

Updated on March 15, 2015

Getting the diagnosis

I found out about my multiple fibroids during a routine pelvic exam. I wasn't shocked,fibroids ran in my family.The doctor ordered a more in depth ultrasound and it confirmed the initial diagnosis, I had multiple large fibroids. I had to then decide my treatment options.

Since fibroids seem to be hereditary in my family it was time for me to educate myself. I had to find out what exactly is a fibroid. Then I had to decide my course of treatment.

Fibroids are usually non cancerous tumors that grow on or in the uterus.Fibroids can cause issues such as: abdominal pain, heavy bleeding , fertility problems, anxiety ,and depression.Some with this condition have no symptoms .

uterine fibroid
uterine fibroid | Source

Fibroids during menses

During my cycle I usually experience severe abdominal pain with clots.It disturbs my everyday life, including work. I usually miss two to three days a month due to abdominal pain, heavy bleeding , and severe fatigue during my cycle.During this period I am very emotional and experience depression . I will sleep ten to twelve hours a day. Then upon waking I still feel exhausted.I also have trouble concentrating and thinking. The bed is usually where I recover during menses.I eventually had to go on FMLA to keep my job.

Experiences with Fibroids

I remember standing on the production floor at my job when I all of a sudden felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.I doubled over in pain, It went away but came back . I ached on and off for weeks. I had pain in my lower back and experienced pain in my hips and legs when walking or standing.I even had a low grade fever.Then my cycle started and my symptoms got worse.

When my cycle started I was in excruciating pain and I was bleeding heavier than usual.I had a low grade fever and could barely move. My body ached all over and nothing gave me real relief. I was bedridden for two days.My pain hadn't ever felt this bad before. I was really scared.

I finally got the strength to go to the doctor. I go every month around this time.My doctor finally recommended I have a hysterectomy. This destroyed me emotionally.I scheduled my appointment with the gynecologist.

I went to my first visit . I found out my fibroids were the size of a uterus at 14 weeks gestation , The gynecologist compares the uterus with fibroids to a pregnant uterus and I since I had multiple fibroids I was a candidate for surgery. But my doctor recommended I try hormone therapy first . In three months I find out if my fibroids have shrunk. I was given letrozole 2.5 mg to treat my tumors.

I came on again after seeing the gynecologists. The next day after my appointment actually. Surprisingly, this time my period wasn't as heavy. I suffered less pain and bleeding. I still had clots but my cycle was three days from start to finish instead of seven or eight.

Keep in mind I hadn't started the hormones yet.So what happened ?


Letrozole pronounced let-roe-zole is usually given to breast cancer patients after menopause it is an aromatase inhibitor.I was given this drug to help shrink my fibroids .While on this drug bone mineral density and cholesterol tests my be required to check progress and side effects.

What happened before I started the meds

I think one of my fibroids degenerated and I feel better.I haven't received a second ultrasound yet but will after my treatment with drugs.

I also was granted FMLA and was off work during that time so I had less stress and plenty of rest.

If you think you have uterine fibroids you should schedule an appointment for a pap smear. Fibroids can develop at any time.

Side Effects

While on letrozole I experienced severe bone and joint pain.I had trouble walking and standing.I had hand, foot, hip, and knee pain.This drug caused havoc on my system and I am scheduled to see a rheumatologist. I missed two weeks out of work I am currently taking a break from the drug until I see the rheumatologist.


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  • msshandriaball profile image

    Shandria yanay Ball 2 years ago from Anniston

    Thanks for caring .I'm using watchful waiting since the letrozale totally wrecked my quality of life due to sev. Arthritis. Still searching for treatment options

  • Dana Tate profile image

    Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

    I have had the same problem. I had a myomectomy and hyposcopy. The sad thing is they started growing back. Fibroids effect your quality of life people do not understand it- it is truly something you have to have in order to relate. My heart goes out to you. I'm a little late getting to your hub because my computer was down. I am anxious to hear what happened, if anything.