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Happiness and Peace of Mind with Quantum Principles

Updated on July 2, 2020
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Igor Link from Pixabay
Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

-- Albert Einstein

"Reality"-- Just a Matter of a Collective Agreement

According to the growing number of theorists of quantum physics, biocentrism, and virtual simulation, there is no "reality" outside of the scope of my consciousness. In other words, if I just stay within my individual consciousness and ignore the collective one, nothing exists unless it touches my life in some way.

As if I've been trying to apply some of it, I intuitively live by this principle.

Let me throw in a couple of definitions. Collective consciousness is the one that's shared, and its creations are recognizable among the majority. Individual consciousness is the one which pertains exclusively to myself. If I would lose my five senses which tell me that there is a world outside of me, all I would know would be my inner world.

Now, as we know, these five senses are limited and selective in humans. We can't smell and hear as well as a dog, can't see as a hawk, and touching and tasting can play tricks on us.

Like, if we don't know what to expect, something very cold can momentarily be felt as hot, making us quickly pull our hand back. And, more than any other sense, taste can play tricks on us, making something "pleasant" or "unpleasant", depending on our preferences -- while telling nothing objective about its quality. Which also makes our interpretation of what we are sensing quite selective -- a creation, not a reflection of what "really" is.

Now, multitude of these individual, "selectively created realities" don't make for one that would be objective and ultimately true. Which means that our collective consciousness is merely a matter of agreements. It's all based upon our efforts to bridge our individual differences.

So, in a sense, it's artificial. When I say the word "church", what I am experiencing is different from what you make of it in your unique inner vocabulary -- and we just agree upon the concept of it.

Then it's our choice if we want to live by that illusion of "objectivity", based only upon agreements, or by the truth of our individual consciousness.

Which brings me back to that first statement up there:

There is no reality outside the scope of my consciousness.

In terms of something concrete, whatever will be reported at 6 o'clock news tonight doesn't really exist -- other than each viewer's mental construct. It doesn't touch my life in any imaginable way, just like a fish-X in the Indian ocean, or an unknown Joe whom I will never get in touch with for my entire life.

So, whatever is on that news program might as well not exist at all. Weird as it will surely sound to you -- nothing is "real" if it doesn't include my making it so.

For something to be "real" it has to "matter" to us. If it doesn't matter, it doesn't exist.

Just like in terms of quantum physics -- something has to be collapsed from the infinite field of potentiality in order to be manifested.

That, my friends, gives us all the relevance to our theme of happiness and peace of mind.

Image by 5088709 from Pixabay
Image by 5088709 from Pixabay

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.

-- William Saroyan

Can't Wait for Circumstances to "Allow" Happiness and Peace

Detachment from collective reality has to be cultivated. We have to be damn certain that our experiencing stems from our own intention, rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to the conceptual constructs of collective consciousness.

So I am submitting here that our collective consciousness is the one which prevents us from being happy and at peace. The "world" is an illusion, because we, as individuals, will never know all those people, let alone know what they are experiencing from moment to moment. And without knowing any of it, "world" is only an artificial concept.

Collective consciousness is cramming our mind with these concepts which can never be used in creation of our happiness and peace. It's the brain's aberration from normalcy that it operates on so many abstract, useless concepts.

Thinking about things that are out of our reach of influence creates something like short-circuits in our energy pool. Along with memories which we are treating as "real".

To nurture our individual consciousness we have to be clear what is real for us.

We can't be happy and at peace while dealing with concepts invented in collective consciousness. Let me give you an example. If your holy book is ordering you to love thy neighbor like yourself, that love is a concept, which has nothing to do with your real intentions to love that bastard playing his music too loud, and letting his dog poop on your lawn.

So, what do you do? You keep going to your church, believing in the value of that concept of unconditional love -- but loving not. You see, when we are operating from collective consciousness, soon we are lost in a maze of things that are unreal to us, and that's killing our capacity for happiness and peace.

We "get involved" with matters of collective consciousness, saying in a chorus with others all kinds of things which, in our individual world, are just a pile of crap.

So, happiness starts when we get a sense of our personal power to create something for ourselves. Not listening to what "others" are saying about "how possible it is", because if something hasn't become an item of collective consciousness, that doesn't make it impossible to us as individuals.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Sometimes your joy can be source of your smile, and sometimes your smile can be source of your joy.

-- Thich Nhat Hanh

There Is Something Divine about Creating Our Emotions

It's been long now since I stopped listening to discouraging comments from those who value everything as a concept of collective consciousness.

"Has it been done? Is it a popular opinion? Was it mentioned on 6 o'clock news? "

If none of the above -- they say -- it's dreaming about something humanly impossible.

So, when I make myself happy on a "lousy rainy day", it is something "not appropriate", or weird. When I choose to feel ecstatic while observing the traffic from my balcony window -- it's "insane", because there is "no outside stimulus to justify such feelings".

Think of these words "outside stimulus". How more pertaining to collective consciousness can it be. We are so much into the useless concepts created by others, that we need something outside of us to give us a permission to feel good.

Like we have no say over it, and our emotions are the property of circumstances, not to forget memories -- since the collective consciousness is constantly referring to something that's gone. Even the "news" that you hear are not "new", but something that already happened and as such cannot be edited.

I just can't even start telling you what a divine feeling it is for me knowing that I have that power to "collapse some waves of potentiality" and make it real for me -- or choose to leave it altogether as non-existent.

I call it "divine", because it means creation -- out of thin air. My emotions are my business, not a result of this or that favorable circumstance. When I was getting rid of my earache, I did it by intensely loving it. And in order to love it, I had to stop putting a label on it of "something unpleasant".

Indeed, folks, it's all about being pro-active, not re-active, and we are reactive every time when we think with collective consciousness of "what's appropriate to feel now by everyone's standards?"

Remember your toddler falling and looking at you to see "if it's bad" what happened to him? If you jumped with a worried face to pick him up, he cried -- and if you laughed and clapped, he smiled.

When our son was little, being introduced to a new food, he asked us: "Will I like it?" We helped our kids to decide about likes and dislikes for themselves as they were growing up.

Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay
Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay

It's time for you to live your own life, without worrying about the expectations of others.

-- Anonymous

No Happiness and Peace to Be Found in Living Our Nation's Life

In quite a few of my previous articles I was writing about my detachment from politics, religion, medicine, pharmacies, and all other suggestive authorities out there. I am not oblivious to what they are preaching and professing, but it's the source of my entertainment.

My collective consciousness is attached to my sense of having fun with fiction.

What others say or do means something to them, otherwise they wouldn't say it or do it. Should someone tell me that I am a village idiot, it's their expression happening in them, and then it's up to me how it may be processed within my personal space.

This whole world, minus one person, could keep inventing their versions of a "flat earth" -- as they have been doing, judging by the disharmonious coexistence on this planet -- but I won't worry about my "falling off that earth's edge".

Again, the "world" is just a concept, not our personal reality, because we don't know it in its entirety. Just like a nation is an illusion made up of millions of faceless individuals sharing the same territory, language, laws. and customs. You don't know your nation, don't know each person's intimate life, in other words, it's an abstraction.

Nothing within a nation works the same for everybody -- not food, not customs, not religion, not even law -- depending on how expensive lawyers you can afford.

So, by losing from focus our own conscious "collapsing of some waves of potentiality", we just live in a virtual reality made up of concepts.

Life becomes an incredibly happy and peaceful experience as soon as we start focusing on what is relevant to us. Look, your level of prosperity doesn't change whether republicans or democrats are in power. And you can try any religion for a while, just to find out that any of those gods are quite unresponsive to your needs.

But, staying locked in collective consciousness, as soon as something good happens to you, you will "thank god", and when crap happens, you are bound to say how "god works in mysterious ways".

And if you happen to get that job that you always wanted, you may give the merits to your beloved president and his policies. Whereas, if you don't get that job, you will curse the opposition. It's like playing tennis without a net, our collective consciousness rationalizing everything in its terms.

O.K., anything else that I might add would be more or less paraphrasing of what has already been said here -- so, I hope that some of you may find some inspiration in a sentence or two that particularly rang a bell for you.

Be happy and at peace -- not waiting for circumstances to allow it, not taking a counsel from memories that are only a record of something that's gone, and possibly detrimental to your creation of happiness and peace..

© 2020 Val Karas


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