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Stop Smoking, Start Living

Updated on April 30, 2015
Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking | Source

Do You Currently Smoke?

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How Long Have I Smoked Cigarettes

I started smoking 6 or 7 years ago. At first I was just smoking a few cigarettes a day but that turned into many quickly. Many then turned into a lot until I was smoking a full pack every day. Eventually that packed turned into two packs before I even knew it. You are probably thinking I am crazy at this point but I think it is normal and that is the problem. My parent's chain smoked and so did my grandpa. That was the usual around our house and I never really thought much about it. I do see now how completely insane I was being and how much money I was just burning up but I have a better, brighter future ahead of me that does not involve any of this. I will become happier, healthier and can spend my money on other things that truly benefit me instead of wasting it on destroying myself with smoking and all that accompanies it.

When Did I decide To Quit Smoking

I have badly wanted to quit for a couple of years now and last night, on January 8th, I got a sudden and huge urge that I wanted to stop smoking. I have wanted to before but didn't have the proper motivation or knowledge. I was going to wait until Thursday when my budget would loosen up but decided, since I would actually save money from buying the patches compared to actually buying the cigarettes, that it was best if I get it started as soon as possible because I may not have as strong of a will on Thursday or worse I would give myself a chance to back out.

Nicotine Patches
Nicotine Patches

Why I Chose the Nicotine Patches

The reason I chose the Nicotine Patches Instead of the alternative e-cig is because I got to see first-hand how they worked through my dad. I have seen people use e-cigs and instead of actually quitting they continue to smoke. The opposite was true for the patches and plus I just wanted to put it on and be able to count how many days I have gone without a cigarette to help keep me motivated and on track with my goal.

The Night Before I Stopped Smoking

It is the night before I attempt to stop smoking for good. Right now I am nervous and anxious to see what tomorrow will bring. I'm particularly worried about the morning after I wake up. I most likely won't sleep well tonight but I know it will be worth it in the end. To help myself ease into tomorrow a bit smoother I hung a calendar on my wall specifically to track my progress. I also created a poster that's nearby. The poster is filled with all the reasons why quitting is a wonderful idea and another list for when I feel weak and want to give in. It outlines what I could do in that time to take my mind off of cigarettes instead of giving in to the pressure.

Say No to Cigarettes
Say No to Cigarettes | Source
Think of the Benefits
In Times Of weakness
Whiter teeth
Call/text support system
Smell nicer
Listen to music
No burn holes
Take a long shower

The Morning of Quitting

I just woke up about a half an hour ago. I jumped in the shower which lasted about twenty minutes and then once I dried completely and got dressed I eventually put the first patch on. Up until this point I had absolutely no urges to smoke. As soon as I left the bathroom for the kitchen, got something to drink, and opened my computer which I do every morning, I had the biggest urge to pick up a cigarette and smoke, with my body and brain saying things like "one hit won't hurt" and "you can just smoke one and then stop." As of right now I am fighting myself so hard to stay on track. I'm not sure if I can resist the morning urge but I'm going to fight as hard as I possibly can. These death sticks are done controlling my life for good.

It's been an hour and 6 minutes since I woke up. I still haven't had a cigarette. When I get an urge to smoke I make sure to get and keep busy. I'm starting to have more faith in myself and have decided that no matter what I will not give in. I don't want this to set me back from my ultimate goal. I am keeping my head up and trying to stay as positive as I possibly can. The plus side of all of this is at least I have to go into work today even though it's a Saturday. This will help me greatly by giving me something productive to do to take my mind off of lighting a cigarette up.

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The Day I Quit Smoking

I have passed the morning urge stage without a single cigarette. I've been awake for over an hour and my grogginess has worn off. I am up, wide awake, and ready to face the day. I am still having strong urges but unlike the morning my days are usually very active making it easier to resist since I can keep busy with no effort.

As the day progresses and work gets closer my urges are becoming less and less. It is also becoming much easier to resist them. At this time, I fully believe I can make it through the rest of the day without needing to smoke even one cigarette.

As far as the patch goes it is masking the majority of my withdrawal symptoms. I feel a twinge of fatigue that is almost unnoticeable. I have never felt this great after going so long without a cigarette. It feels as though nothing has changed.

The Night I Quit Smoking

It has now been 10 hours since my last cigarette. Work came and went. I usually smoke in the car on the way to work so I thought this would be another major bump I would have to get over but instead I did not mind very much and there was just a hint of an urge to smoke. I stopped at a gas station close to my home and picked up a Red Bull to curve the slight fatigue that I had been feeling.

After work was another weak spot where, normally, I would be itching for a cigarette due to the withdrawal and the stress of working all day. Today was different though and miraculously I didn't have even the slightest touch of an urge when I got into the car. I just wanted to come home and relax with my boyfriend. As soon as I did get home and sat down I got an unexpected and strong urge to pick the habit back up. I am still fighting that craving as I sit here writing this.

The most therapeutic and helpful thing I have done so far, to keep myself busy and my mind off of it in a sense, is to write this article about my struggle. It has allowed me to stay busy and talk about how I am feeling so I can get a better understanding of what I am going through in a third person view while also curving the addiction. I am also hoping it will keep me motivated and I believe it has.

As the night progresses the urge is as strong as ever. My boyfriend was not enough to soothe this said urge so I ended up cleaning much of my house to take my mind off of it. After I was done I had another huge urge so I started writing more. It's very close to the time I planned to go to bed so I'm going to go ahead and call today a small victory. I know I will still have cravings but since I have made it this far at 13 hours and will be in bed there is absolutely no chance of giving in.

Do You Have Plans To Stop Smoking?

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The Day After I Quit Smoking

It is now the morning after I quit smoking. I made it through yesterday without a single cigarette and it has now been exactly 1 day since my last cigarette. The urge to smoke did not hit me in the morning as hard as it did yesterday. It was much more bearable today and I didn't have to fight myself over it. I could not be prouder of myself right now or more ready to break the addiction and habit.

My entire day went extremely well. I felt better at work than the previous day and had very little cravings. When I did have a craving it felt a lot more bearable and easier to take my mind off of then yesterday. I was dehydrated when I woke up and throughout the day I was getting a little tired, I am feeling just a small amount of withdrawal but I can deal with that so long as the cravings stay weakened.

It is, once again, getting to be close to the time I go to sleep so again and for the second day I can gladly say I am extremely proud of myself. I could not have imagined the day going any better and I am very happy to see that I am actually able to stick to it and that it is also becoming much easier day after day. At 48 hours in, I am officially going to call this one a win but I will be back with updates on my progress later in the week and a couple times throughout the coming year.

3 months after quitting

This is my first update and it has been 3 months since I posted this article. I am still smoke free and I am feeling better then ever. Quiting was harder then I thought it would be and even though I thought I would never have them the cravings do hit me every now and again. They are easy to ignore but quite annoying. Everyone says my skin looks and voice sounds better and I, of course, smell better. I don't get winded like before and feel like I can take a full, clear breathe now. I couldn't be happier or have more faith in myself. I am only 3 months in but I can call it a victory. I am not going to ruin the progress I've made and I will continue to be smoke free, healthy, happy, and extremely proud.


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