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Uncle Rudy Died

Updated on February 3, 2016

R I P Uncle Rudy

Now I am someone's oldest uncle

Uncle Rudy Died Last Month

Except for accepting that the aging process is real, I have never given it much thought. Part of the reason why is that it sort of snuck up on me. I only recently began noticing its effects on me,but at age 75 it was probably time I did. The first inkling was when I opened the envelo[e with my new passport pictures in it. Whoa! Who the hell was that old guy?

So what happened? Stuff or something worse began happening to me. Little things that I would have ordinarily ignored began occurring in bunches. Frequent little memory lapses began taking place en masse, which became more noticeable to me and distracted my thought processes and slowed, sometimes even altered my writing ability. Very annoying when you are actually writing an article for an assigned topic as I have for the past several years. I have always had a bit of an issue on that account but have always been able to recover the words I am searching for within a few moments. Of late, words I use frequently have slid off my plate, not to be recovered for hours or never. Very annoying. Fortunately I stored up plenty of extra words over the years. I think the word for that process is “vocabulary”.

Even some of my dreams have changed. They are more vivid than ever, so much so that I catch myself believing they are actually happening in the present and are continuing after I awake. My dream world and reality are melding into one.

Feeling Energetic is a distant memory. I feel depleted from the moment I wake in the morning. I can nap for a couple of hours - wake up - then nap for a good part of the afternoon. Even with hours of napping, I can sleep a full 8 or 9 hours then awake, tired, the next morning. Some of this experience can no doubt be attributed to my pain medications. Some of it to boredom resulting from my lack of mobility and ongoing pain. Whatever it is just adds to my feelings of aging.

My pain issues absolutely drain me of every ounce of strength and energy. Every movement, every step or change of position is a challenge. Some of this is to be expected but aging is no fun for me

The hype and frustration heard from the political arena and the talking heads is driving me crazy. False claims, backstabbing, Obama bashing and Republicans in general hold no warm place in my heart. The do nothing congress, tea party obstruction, conservative Christians and right wing extremists drive me wacky. The NRA and its redneck based philosophy, Super Pacs, the Ultra Rich power brokers, big banks, Muslim Extremists and a list of irritations that have fallen out, at least temporarily from my memory sack are taking their toll on me.

I have spent way too many years stewing about things that never really bothered me in my younger years. The state of our country demands progressive attention not a return to our origins.

I am sick of ignorant citizens who make choices while disregarding consequences. They have taken a toll on me and added more grey hairs than I can comfortably support. Trump and his clown act fit that description aptly. They represent the sort of issues that are taking their toll on me.

I am certain that I probably spend way too much time rehashing the issues. This is in direct opposition to the people who no longer read newspapers, who are gathering snippets of information about world events from social media. A poorly informed populace is dangerous. We need more than social media to keep us well informed. How have we allowed Trump to rise to prominence? These are most of the reasons why my age is beginning to affect me. I feel old beyond my years.

And finally, What the heck has the death of my uncle Rudy got to do with my aging? He was my oldest surviving uncle and he died last week. Rudy was 93. He was the last of my uncles from the greatest generation. I am next in line. I must be getting old.

I think it’s time for another long nap.

Uncle Rudy's Obituary

Adams, Rudy Andrew; age 93; of Rochester Hills; passed away January 9, 2016. Loving husband of the late Adeline; dear father of Susan (David) Hannon, Michael (Donna) Adams and the late Larry Adams; cherished grandfather of Alisa, Aaron (Melody), Adam and Shaelyn; great grandfather of Jazmyne, and Aaron, Jr.; brother of Raymond (Louise) Adams. Rudy was a WWII Army Veteran. Funeral Mass, Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 10 a.m. with an instate time of 9:30 a.m. at St. Andrew Catholic Church, 1400 Inglewood, Rochester. The family will receive friends Monday and Tuesday 4 to 8 p.m. with a Scripture Service on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Potere-Modetz Funeral Home, 339 Walnut Blvd., Rochester. Interment Van Hoosen Jones Cemetery.

Oh by the way cousin Sue, Your dad was in the Army Air Corp and proud of it


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