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Beginning of My Life As a Lupus Patient

Updated on March 8, 2014

Every patient has their untold stories. I do too. Well, you see, I don’t come from a happy family. Things became really difficult for us at that time in terms of financially and emotionally. All of a sudden, we were like left stranded on a deserted island, struggling for survival.

Life as a lupus patient

My life as a lupus patient began… …

I have always wanted to write something about myself but if I am to write how I was diagnosed with lupus, it would be endless. Frankly speaking, I must say I can only remember bits and pieces of how it happened and what had happened. Like other patients, being a patient has never been easy. Nobody is not perfect, likewise goes to me. To begin off myself as an extremely confident person who is able to face all the setbacks and relapses, is totally deceiving. I am not a mentally strong person. l do feel depressed, mentally unstable, inferior and of course, a lot more after I knew I have lupus.

I was diagnosed with lupus since I was 12. I can still remember vividly how much impact it had on me. Can you imagine, when I was about to enter another phase of my life: I am going to be a teen. A phase whereby appearance is so important at this age! From not knowing what was happening till slowly I came to a realization, physically and mentally, I am no longer the same. My entire world collapsed.

Not to mention about my mother, she blamed herself for passing this condition to me. This condition is hereditary, it runs in the family. As for me, I never blamed her but I just kept asking,” Why me?” In fact, everything changed. Life isn't the same anymore. Hospital has become my second home and medicine has become my daily supplements.

The name ‘lupus’ has officially entered my life.

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