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My Lifelong Recovery from Anxiety, Depression, and PMS

Updated on December 12, 2015


I have suffered from chronic depression, anxiety, and PMS for over 15 years– nearly half of my life. For as long as I can remember, happiness was seldom and sorrow was abundant. As with many chronic sufferers, I have seriously considered ending my life on more than one occasion. I was willing to try anything to kill the pain.

I have spent the last 10 years trying to find a solution or ‘cure’ for my mental illness that did not involve psychiatric medication or therapy. Here is a break-down of my current plan:

  1. Restricted diet consisting of mostly organic raw foods
  2. Daily meditation and other relaxation techniques
  3. Daily gratitude journal
  4. Supplements: Vitamin D3, magnesium malate, maca, and probiotics
  5. Detox yoga and daily walks
  6. Abstinence from alcohol and other drugs

I believe than I have made significant progress in the last few years and wish to document my discoveries here. I am hoping that other sufferers may read my work and find hope for their own recovery.

This is my first entry.

Holistic Methods for Healing

Do you believe holistic methods have helped with your anxiety, depression, and/or PMS?

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