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My Mental Health Story.

Updated on March 12, 2016

Let's start at the Beginning...

So... How do I start this off? Well... I was getting stressed out with so many things so I started to Self-Harm. I thought me cutting or hurting myself was good as it did take the pain away and I felt relieved but it always brought it back again and it was a repeated cycle. I would always feel stressed, I'd cut, I'd feel relieved for a limited amount of time and then It will repeat itself. I didn't want to self-harm but I didn't know how to stop so I visited my local GP and then I was referred to CAMHS (Children And Adolescent Mental Health Services). I was so scared for my first appointment with CAMHS but It wasn't as bad as I had thought; I found out some things about me that I never knew about - I knew I was different to everyone else but I didn't think there was an actual reason behind it. I got told that I have OCD and Anxiety and that I might be Autistic. This was just too much for me to handle at that point. I returned home and just spent the next 6 or so hours in bed on my phone. I went for a walk later on that night with someone who was going through a similar situation as me and that helped me take my mind of it.

I had two more appointments with CAMHS and then stopped going to them as my three sessions were now over. But I was referred to an Autism Spectrum Clinic to get an assessment to see if I was really Autistic. I received a letter saying that the waiting list would be up to or even over 12 months...

After a couple of months my OCD and everything else became really bad and I then returned to CAMHS. I had three appointments with a new counsellor and then I was Referred to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for my OCD.

I went to my first appointment at CBT and the woman who will be working with was really nice! The first couple of appointments with Emma were just her trying to get to know me and understand me and then she had a session with just my parents... The week after it being her and my parents it was just me and Emma. I was really scared because I didn't know how bad it was going to be... But then I realised it wasn't that bad. Emma's said that we will have another CBT appointment with it just being me and her and then the week after it will be a family session and in the same week I will meet this person to talk about me getting medication to help me with my OCD and my Sleeping. I also received a letter about my Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment. I will receive another letter in the post in the next couple of weeks with a Time, Date and a Place for the Assessment.

Well... You're all up to date for now and I'll be coming back to update you all with my mental health story and I will be back with a part two as soon as I can :)


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