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My Molar pregnancy

Updated on February 9, 2016

The Begining

In October of 2013 I was having a few pregnancy symptoms. My breast were achy, I had mild cramping, but I thought nothing of it chances of my being pregnant were very slim. I hadn’t been trying for a baby not knowingly. I kept a chart of my menstrual cycle in my personal planner, I checked there to see if it was about time for me to receive my monthly visit from Mother Nature. I was only a day late but wanted a definite answer of yes or no on my being pregnant. I already had two kids and wasn’t ready for another just yet but I did enjoy the idea of another baby. I didn’t want to alarm my husband so I went in solitude to the local pharmacy and picked up a simple pregnancy test. The test quickly read positive I was excited and scared and nervous all at once. I told my husband the news he was excited and happy which helped ease most of my worries. I called my doctor and had an appointment two weeks later found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Then two weeks later as I got ready to go to my cousins baby shower I started spotting blood. At first I thought nothing of it then it got worse so I drove my kids to the baby sitters and continued on my way to the local emergency room. I called my husband on the way knowing he was over an hour away working. The doctors monitored me until my husband was present per my request. I wanted him to find out the news of what was going on the same time I did. I wasn’t in any pain just bleeding. After examining me the doctor called my condition an inevitable abortion and said I should see my gynecologist right away. The following day I went in and seen my gyno he examined me once more and then conducted an internal ultrasound. He looked at his nurse then back at me and said he would be right back. He came back with a collection of printed off pages that explained exactly what I had. He said he had only seen one other case before. I had a molar pregnancy mine was so rare because I would have had twins.

crossing the double pink lines
crossing the double pink lines | Source

What is molar pregnancy?

A molar pregnancy happens when tissue that normally becomes a fetus instead becomes an abnormal growth in your uterus. Even though it isn't an embryo, this growth triggers symptoms of pregnancy. (definition via:

I was scheduled to have a DNC to remove all the excess tissue and grape like clusters from my uterus. The DNC took place the next day, because the longer you wait the more the clusters form and spread. The procedure went very well and I was in and out of the hospital within a few hours and back to my normal life. Well as normal as it could be the sudden loss of all my hopes and joys of having a new baby were taken away much quicker than they were built up. When I returned back to work I still had many people ask about my baby and I would have to tell them that the baby didn’t make it this was much easier than explaining the whole situation. The 12 weeks following my diagnoses and treatment I had to have weekly blood test to check for trophoblastic disease. If my pregnancy hormones weren’t coming down I would have to be tested even further to be sure that trophoblastic disease wasn’t forming, if it were cancer could develop. Luckily in my case the levels slowly went down and I was monitored for 6 months and advised to wait a year before getting pregnant again. I still think about the baby/babies I would have had and about how they would look now and what type of little person they would have been.

How about you

Have you suffered from Molar Pregnancy?

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Molar Pregnancy


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