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Looking AT The World Through A Dead Man's Eyes

Updated on October 11, 2015

Do you believe in the supernatural? I never held any deep convictions about it and have remained somewhat neutral about that topic. But lately, I have been experiencing some rather frequent twilight zone experiences for which I have no rational explanation.

Night-time Apparitions?

For the last two weeks,ever since a piece of cadaver issue from a donor was attached to my eye I have been visited by, for lack of a better term, friendly apparitions. Four times within that period, as I lie in bed unable to sleep, these realistic manifestations appear at the side of my bed.

My wife lies next to me asleep or nearly so. The first two, a couple of days apart were female figures carrying a package of sorts. As they approached, in both instances, I reached out, but missed contact . They were still there so I reached towards and they disappeared. I swear, I was wide awake. In both cases they were so realistic that I was sure it was my wife. However, she was still in bed, next to me and sound asleep.

The images were not threatening so I was not at all concerned when the third apparition appeared a couple days later. The same thing happened. I reached over, she moved aside and I missed. She laughed then diapered.

The fourth vision came twp days after the last. I opened my eyes to see what looked like my 6 foot 3 inch son, who resides 1200 miles north, standing at the side of my bed. As I reached for the Mike look alike, he too vanished. My wife awoke with my lunge at Mike and we had a laugh about this and the other 3 incidents.

The Cause?

We couldn't help but wonder what could have triggered these strange and unusual events. My medications have not changed and nothing in my diet was new. I had not witnessed any threatening or upsetting events, or watched eerie TV shows. No alcohol or drugs were in my system. (perhaps that was the problem)

A Bolt Of Lightning

I did have a strange experience a six weeks or so ago when I was awakened from a sound sleep by what appeared to be a loud explosion and a jolt from an imaginary lightning bolt that went off in my brain. The sensation left me shaken for an hour or so but no other effects were noted.

Zombie Eyes

The day after my last visit from my friendly spirits, I had a follow up with my ophthalmologist. Three weeks ago, he had performed surgery in my eye. To close the opening he made to insert a valve in my eyeball, he used a graft from the eye of a deceased donor.

The buzzer in my brain went off. That was it. I had a piece of tissue from a cadaver eyeball graphed onto my eye. I now have a zombie eye and apparently can see visitors from the other side who visited me. They come to extract a pond of flesh or the equivalent amount of eye tissue in exchange for the body part my donor had given. To date, they have been unsuccessful. But they sure are annoying.

Eye Yeye yeye

An Eye For An Eye? It's Back

But as things stand, that's my theory at this point. I'm thinking some day if I leave my eyeballs to an accredited eye bankt, it may satisfy my visiting ghosts. They may prefer a donation of money to a worthwhile cause. I won't do a thing until my next visit from the other side, at which point I will ask them what the correct protocol might be.

Weeks later, just when I thought the visits had stopped, guess who stopped by my bedside last night. Yep, another unidentified figment, apparition or ghost dropped by and literally shook my foot to get me out of bed. What a pain.

Do Eye need help?

If anyone out there has had a similar experience and can offer a suggestions, your comments are welcome, before I drift off into the Twilight Zone. Eye Caramba.


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