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Applying Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Acupressure to My Newborn who was Born Coombs Positive

Updated on July 27, 2015

The nurse entered the room and with alarm in her voice, informed me that my tiny newborn son had tested positive for Combs Positive, a defect that affected his blood. That was the first I remembered ever hearing that defect. I immediately wished I had a computer nearby so that I could research it and find out what body parts were under attack so that I could then find out what oils supported those parts of the body that were affected. Luck prevailed and a few minutes later my pediatrician entered the room and explained what it was and how it was affecting my baby. What happened was my blood type is different than my husband's and my baby's. It caused a fight in my baby's body and it affected him by causing him to experience jaundice. Upon hearing this, I knew how to proceed with the situation.

Chart used with permission from Dr. Mein's book - Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Here's the chart of the feet that I use for treating different acupressure points found in the body.
Here's the chart of the feet that I use for treating different acupressure points found in the body.

Here's what I did.

In the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 3rd Edition, i found that one of the oils and oil blends used to support the liver was a blend made with several oils I had on hand. I then found the location on my little guy's feet and began to apply it about 3 hours before they took the 3rd test. I had requested to be released on my 2nd day, instead of my 3rd day of hospital stay, even though I had had a c/section, but this was now dependent on the results of the test. The test results of the Coombs Positive on the first day was 5 point something, that was without treatment, the next morning it was up to 9 point something, but after finding out what to apply on his feet to help support his body systems, and then after applying it to his feet about twice an hour, his last test was only 11 point something.

We were released with strict instructions to see our Pediatrician on Monday, 2 days later, to get another test done. I was told to lay my son in direct sunlight the next day, for as long as possible. The sunlight was limited that day and I was only able to put his face in the sun for about 10 minutes, before he grew too fussy. I continued to apply the oil blend those two days, with every diaper change. And on Monday, the Pediatrician was satisfied with checking out my baby's color and white of his eyes that he decided not to do the blood test, that it wasn't needed.

I still apply the oil blend about 4 times a day, just to be on the safe side because my Pediatrician said that if my baby became yellow again, to bring him back in for another test. And after reading all the hardships that can be linked with Coombs Positive, I feel it can only do my baby good. I will probably continue this until he is 8 weeks old.

Here's some things that I learned about Coombs Positive

The Coombs' test looks for antibodies that may stick to your red blood cells and cause red blood cells to die too early. Sometimes it can cause severe side affects, even death as shared by one online source. Another website really explained the complications in depth, and talked about the different treatments used during pregnancy.

It was a very scary time for us, but with prayer and using the therapeutic grade essential oil blend, as well as making a change in my diet, I was able to see my infant son overcome this difficult time without any lasting effects. I feel so blessed to have learned what to use because it makes life less stressful.

Hope this helps!

Light and love, Linda


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