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Herpes Simplex in the Underarm Region of Women (as a result of armpit sex)

Updated on April 10, 2015
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In North America, the incidence of herpes existing in the armpit area of women is rising significantly. It's believed to be transmitted by sexual activity. What does this tell us? Oh it tells us plenty...

Please keep in mind that parts of the piece are written tongue-in-cheek to add levity to a grave matter. Truthfully, there is nothing funny about it.

Image to: Herpes Simplex in the Armpit Area of Women article.
Image to: Herpes Simplex in the Armpit Area of Women article. | Source

This article is based upon a radio broadcast I had heard prior to the time of writing. The broadcast had claimed that the genital herpes virus existing in the armpit area of women was becoming an increasing problem in North America and was claimed to be as a result of armpit sex.


Herpes of the Armpit

The rising number of cases of herpes diagnosed in the armpit area of women, urges us to take a closer look at what would bring this perplexing issue into plain view. Because you don't believe it will affect you and yours is no reason to shrug and turn away. Maybe one day you will want or need to aid a woman with a similar condition. Keep your mind open to discovery.

The radio broadcast I had heard said that the virus associated with genital herpes is introduced to the underarm area as a result of sexual activity. What I am wondering is - how does a man initiate 'armpit sex' with a woman? I believe that to get away with suggesting such an activity, a man would need to have been blessed with the tongue of a used car salesman, look like a young Mel Gibson, or both of these things.

Then again, maybe neither of the two aforementioned conditions apply, and it's suggestive that drug use is on the increase. We can't deny that drug usage impairs one's judgmental skills; perhaps a factor in the lack of discretion that leads a woman to say yes.


A Steeple at Sunset - Image to: Herpes Simplex in the Armpit Area of Women article.
A Steeple at Sunset - Image to: Herpes Simplex in the Armpit Area of Women article. | Source

Below are the questions that came to mind upon hearing the newscast which brought the issue to my attention:

1) Seeing as it can't be terribly satisfying to make love to an armpit (why not drill a hole in the wall), then one must assume that the man involved, is using this type of sex to avoid knowingly transmitting genital herpes to the female. Think about it; something certainly isn't right if a man goes for your armpits. Ooh love, you have the sexiest armpits that I have ever seen... imagine that... it's preposterous! Does the woman involved not see that something is wrong in this scenario? If so, why does she consent?

2) Where is the woman in this activity? Why is she telling herself that it's okay to have sexual contact with a person in a way that makes no sense at all (again, why not cut a hole in a watermelon or something). Why doesn't she see that something is very wrong if this man wants to make love to her armpit? What is this saying about where young women stand in today's society? Have they been reduced to mere objects of sexual gratification for men?

3) A woman meets a man and he tells her up front that he has active herpes; and to play it safe, he wants to make love to her armpit. Sadly we know that this will be the case in some instances. Why is this okay? Please someone tell me how this can be okay. How could a woman feel that she is obliged to have armpit sex with this man just because they have dated a time or two?

4) If a woman is invited to have armpit sex, why is she not covering her assets and at the very, very least, researching on whether it's safe to proceed? What in heaven's name is going on here, do people no longer think things out?

5) What does all of this say about how the men that do this, think of these or all women? It's just masturbating on a woman. It's objectification, plain and simple.

6) It occurred to me that there are likely women that knowingly enter long-term relationships where they are required or expected to have armpit sex with men during periods when their herpes is active. But it's so sad to know that such a scenario is possible. It makes the statement that a man's sexual desires are superior to the emotional health and dignity of the woman. I realize that a man afflicted with genital herpes is still human, but so is his female companion.


The above is pretty much all I had to say on this topic. If the overall gist of it isn't bad enough, wait until you hear what they call this abominable activity - it's called bagpiping. I just about lost my lunch when I heard that. It greatly underscores the woman's part in this - a mere object, akin to a bagpipe (that's why I chose to say it only once during this entire article).

After I completed writing this piece, a friend of mine pointed out something that hadn't occurred to me before... that many people with active HIV/AIDS also have herpes. So for this reason, this form of sex is sinister in all that it implies upfront. With this in mind we can assume that it is also used by some in an attempt to avoid transferring HIV, by avoiding more traditional sex acts.


I realize that to most of us this advice will not apply, as it just won't arise in our lifetime. But some women are up against more in their lives, they may get lost. Some women lose the strength they have inside and make poor judgments when the chips are down; it is to them I offer the following message:

Ladies, think about it - if any man comes to you making eyes at your armpits - make a mad dash for the door... and don't even think of talking him into having a different, more standard type of sex with you! You see, you can contract herpes in your armpit region. And as you break skin, you open up the doorway to contracting all kinds of infections, including HIV.


The main point of this article is to bring attention to the fact that if young women engage in such activity, they are likely lacking in self esteem. Perhaps it's time that we ask ourselves why more and more people within our society are ending up in such tragic positions. If we each do all that we can to instill and encourage strong self esteem, and a sound value system in those of the younger generation around us, this world is bound to become a better place.

We all need love and positivity in our lives; many people aren't getting enough of it. No harm will be done by offering kindness to someone you don't yet know... you may change the direction that person's life is headed in. It's never too late.


Love Always...




A few months after publishing this article, I believe an update to be appropriate. I have been reading more and more incidents where people are contracting herpes in the armpit due to non-sexual means. Now I wonder, was there any truth to the original radio newscast I had heard? Had a fictionalized element been added to provide an aspect of sensationalism?

I am reading articles now which clearly show that people can contract the virus associated with genital herpes even via a sweaty hug. That said, this article will remain published, as it is my opinion based upon the newscast I had heard at that time. If the newscast had any basis at all in fact (which any news should), then my opinion regarding it is still valid.

In the end you are led to the truth in full, so it's all good.

Conclusion: The broadcast I had heard which inspired me to write this article, was obviously mistaken when it stated that herpes simplex in the armpit of women was most commonly a result of sexual activity. Armpit sex is not very likely amongst the most common causes of herpes of the armpit.



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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      There's NO effective cure for herpes now, and do NOT worry about herpes dating anymore, we of course have the right to have a date with others and we can have a date in many was, one of the most effective method is by joining a club, such as , there are a number of members to chat and it will protect your privacy very well!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      but there is something everyone should know some cases of armpit herpes is miss diagnosed in fact is something called suppurativa hadredinitis

      look it up !

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I can't believe this has not been selected for Hub of the Day! Such a weighty issue deserves front page recognition. I am off to purchase pit guards to protect from any sweaty embraces and amorous advances directed toward my armpits.

    • GwennyOh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I have deleted many a comment as negative as yours on this article before; but now have accepted them as a part of having written it.

      Understand that I am a writer. What does any writer write? Articles concerning things happening about them that catch their attention. What I have written here was in response to the news that I heard.

      I am at peace with what I wrote; and as my opinion either changes or does not, the fact that this article was my initial impression cannot change. For me, as a writer, this is why I wish for it to stand.

      My main purpose in writing is to continue to expose people to both truths and untruths. This is yet another reason why this article remains in publication. You see, it is possible that armpit sex is more common than we think.

      This article gives people a reason to think on these things. This is a good thing. If not, no harm done.

      I wish you healing in your heart and throat chakra issues.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Maybe you should've researched a little more before writing such judgemental bilge.

    • GwennyOh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Nowhere did I say this is a funny topic. I did state that some comments were made tongue in cheek to add levity to a grave issue.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • ParadigmEnacted profile image


      5 years ago

      I fail to see how any of this wouldn't be funny.


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