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My Pain Migraine!

Updated on April 25, 2016

This Migraine Is Driving Me Insane!

Most of us have experienced headaches through our lives and although painful and inconvenient they can often be treated with ibuprofen. But Migraines are a different type of painful experience, they can start as headaches and then morph into all sorts of symptoms and disorientation, from sharp pains in the eyes causing blurred vision, throbbing on one side of the head, loss of balance, and nausea to vertigo and dizziness.

These types of migraine are associated with vestibular disorders that cause absolute misery for people who contract this terrible neurological condition.This condition can be difficult to cope with, it can render you useless; not being able to keep your eyes open, things around you spinning when loud noises and bright lights don't help neither.

After enduring yet another literally mind numbing episode you decide you've had enough and go to your gp. And they may go through various migraine medication with you such as:

Sumatriptan which relieves certain nerves in the brain but doesn't stop migraine symptoms for good.

Rizatriptan works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain and blocking the release of certain substances that cause the pain.

Zolmitriptan Stimulate serotonin receptors in the brain by widening the blood vessels which helps in migraine pain relief.

(To name a few.) But only to realise these medications may or may not work, provide short term relief, or side effects making the migraine worse. As with all illnesses living in the digital age gives us access to information to search for natural alternatives which sometimes can be time consuming and confusing.

Pills Pills Confusing Pills!
Pills Pills Confusing Pills! | Source

But don't give up because if you're not happy with what your gp has prescribed don't worry, although there isn't a cure for migraine there are natural alternatives to combat vestibular disorders which can at least alleviate the pain and the stress potentially in the long term.

Vestibular migraine natural treatments vary as the nature of the disorder affects people at different times of life for a multitude of reasons. One natural migraine treatment that seems to work for some people is magnesium things like serotonin function, nerve activity and regulation of blood vessel size in the brain are all helped by this dietary mineral.

A recent study conducted by New York based Alexander Mauskop MD resulted in 85% of migraine deficient men and women in the middle of a migraine experienced a rapid and impressive relief of symptoms when they received magnesium. It also relieved nausea, sensitivity to light and loud noise and all without side effects.

Please note, if you suffer with renal (kidney) problems or you are a pregnant woman please consult your doctor before taking magnesium supplements.

Magnesium Migraine Busters!
Magnesium Migraine Busters! | Source

Another approach is to try a vestibular migraine diet. Certain foods contain additives like monosodium, glutamate nitrates and aspartame that are known triggers for vestibular migraine symptoms.

Some Alcohol and cheeses also contain chemicals that start vestibular symptoms; red wine although a favorite tipple amongst many, contains tyramine which has been linked to migraine and cabernet sauvignon contains high levels of tannins which is more likely to trigger migraines. Other foods; cheeses like camembert and brie, nuts and even chocolate, can contain additives and chemicals that also cause vestibular problems.

Looks So Good But Might Be Bad
Looks So Good But Might Be Bad

However before you throw away your sweet chocolate treats, experts have stated that chocolate may not be the trigger moreover, a craving for chocolate induced by the early symptoms of vestibular migraine. Aura.

A staple drink for most of us to start the day, is coffee, but caffeine can inhibit certain receptors in the brain which can trigger migraine symptoms. However caffeine also has pain relieving properties and taking a small amount can actually help to reduce the pain.

You can incorporate a vestibular migraine diet into your lifestyle by applying a trial and error approach, documenting what you're eating from week to week which should give you an idea of what foods potentially trigger migraines.

But most of us live busy lives and don't have the time to do this. A quicker more time-friendly way, is to log everything you eat and note when migraine symptoms occur and take a detailed look at what you consumed within the last 24 hours.

Certain foods cause instant migraine pain and other foods are more latent where symptoms occur the next day.Eating more healthier foods and taking plenty of fluids throughout the day should reduce symptoms, skipping meals and not taking enough fluids leads to dehydration and although regular cardio exercise is good for relieving stress it can also trigger migraine.

Migraines: Not Just Another Headache

5 Facts About Migraine

  1. The financial burden of migraine on the UK economy is estimated at £3.42 billion per year.
  2. Depression is three times more common in people with migraine or severe headaches than in healthy individuals.
  3. Migraine is ranked globally as the seventh most disabling disease among all diseases (responsible for 2.9% of all years of life lost to disability/YLDs) and the leading cause of disability among all neurological disorders.
  4. Migraine remains undiagnosed and undertreated in at least 50% of patients, and less than 50% of migraine patients consult a physician.
  5. Less than 50% of migraine patients are satisfied with their current treatment. The majority self-medicate using non-prescription (over-the-counter) medication and do not seek medical help at all.

Source: Migraine Trust

I hope the information in this hub will be of some help to readers, and although there's no cure for this condition this post could be the first step towards long term relief of this nightmare disease.

© 2016 lateralscript


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