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My Paleo Journey Day 2

Updated on February 4, 2016

Paleo Day 2

It's only been two(ish) days, but I feel pretty good about swapping foods under Paleo guidelines. I have not gone shopping yet (waiting for Friday to come!) but I have made do with stuff we already have in the pantry and fridge. I have also modified dinners made because not everyone wants to be Paleo-like like me. I have to say, it has NOT been that hard!

I do have to think twice before putting stuff in my recipes. For example - yesterday morning I made scrambled eggs with ham and veggies. I wanted to put some salsa on the eggs, but then realized that the store-bought salsa in my fridge is probably not paleo. Even if it is, I just felt like I was doing something wrong. I opted for mushrooms, tomatoes, and some tobasco with sea salt and that did the trick. Surprisingly, I was content until just a little past my usual snack time: 9:00. By about 9:45 I reached for the bag of roasted pistachios (Paleo) at my desk, pulled out ten, cracked 'em open and popped them in my mouth. Again, satisfied until lunch time, which fell around 11. I had leftover steak (with the fat...yes!!) and asparagus. I survived until about 1pm, when I reached for 10 more pistachios and a banana I brought with me. This was also my pre-workout snack for my gym session at about 2:15. I was very nervous that I would be tired and weak during my workout because of a lack of sweet potato and oatmeal, but it was actually the opposite. I felt pretty good during my sets (even moved up in weight slightly on the leg press) and did not feel like I wanted to eat the person running on the treadmill in front of me on my 40 minute elliptical sesh. Oh yeah, and I did weigh myself before working out. I was 135.4 - 1.2 lbs less than the last time I weighed myself. Still skeptical, so not victorious yet!*


When I got home, I downed a protein shake (just the powder and water) with a small apple and was good to go. Dinner was chicken caesar salad with my MIL's incredible homemade dressing (and yes, I do believe it is paleo: olive oil, lemon, anchovies, teenie bit of mustard). No bread, as tempting as it was, and we even mixed some tomatoes, olives, onion, and cukes with the romaine which made it more satisfying.

I truly did not NEED dessert, but I am on a period week and was craving something chocolate. I don't have anything crazy like almond flour or coconut flour in my pantry I searched for some easy, quick, minimal ingredient paleo desserts online. To my satisfaction, I found a 1-minute chocolate mug cake. I used cocoa powder, PB2 (probably not paleo, but needed a substitute for almond butter...until Friday my friends!), honey, egg, vanilla, and baking powder. Mixed it all up, zapped it, and voila! It was a chocolate dessert in a mug - easy making and easy clean up. I did drizzle a tiny bit of extra honey on the top for extra sweetness, but I could have done without. I must say- it was pretty darn good and did the trick for my burning need for something chocolate-y. Find the bomb recipe here:


Today, I made pretty much the same breakfast and had leftover grilled chicken with a homemade Paleo mayo-sauce, from Big Life Little Garden's blog (thanks!), tomatoes, and arugula for lunch. I did still have a snack of (10) pistachios around 9. Dinner is still up in the air and I will not be going to the gym today to weight myself today. My hair appointment will take precedence over that ;)


What I really can't wait for is to buy some avocado so I can try a Paleo mousse I have seen on Pinterest...mmmmm (we'll see if I'll be saying that or YUCK after).

Also...SUPERBOWL is this Sunday. I don't want to go too crazy with that because I do want some of it to be my cheat meal. But let's see if I can finagle some recipes in - and trick my husband at the same time. Bets?

*(Like I stated, I'm on a period week. My weight fluctuates during the day and the week anyway (2-5 lbs). Sometimes during my cycle, my weight can go up because of bloating and retained water...hence why I'm still holding my breath until next week to see if any weight loss changes are notable. Regardless, I will still keep recording it).


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