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Eczema Rash : My Personal Experience And My Secret That I Use Everyday To Keep It Under Control.

Updated on August 5, 2016

My Eczema Before And After Pictures!

My name is Christine Belcher and I am a real person who has suffered from a severe Eczema rash. I am writing this article to share my experience and inform others my secret that worked for me to heal my Eczema.

Let me tell you, It was a battle in fighting this condition. I suffered from the red, itchy and scaly rash for a couple of years and hoped that it would go away.

When I first got this condition, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was just a rash from changing the laundry soap I was using. I changed from using a cheap detergent to using Tide and about the same time of this change, I broke out in a rash on both of my lower anterior legs. I changed back to my old detergent and the rash remained without any changes.

I kept trying different things thinking I had to be allergic to something but everything I tried didn't work. I couldn't tolerate all the itching and all I wanted to do was scratch and dig my legs until they bled. I did this for at least two years and was fed up.

I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist. The Dr. diagnosed me at that time with Eczema. He stated that this condition is not fully understood why one gets the condition or what causes it. He gave me a prescription for a steroid cream to apply topically to my legs. The cream did help some but a steroid could not be used as a long term treatment because it thins your skin.

When I stopped using the steroid cream, my eczema returned just as bad, if not a little worse. I was beginning to feel hopeless and frustrated as a dermatologist couldn't help me. I began to research and research more and more every chance I could. I tried different things trial and error only to fail again at finding a solution to my problem of suffering from Eczema.

As I was doing more research, I came across some herbal remedies that I learned about to help heal Eczema and other skin conditions. I started using the herbal remedies and I started to see a significant improvement in my Eczema. I was stunned as I really didn't believe that herbal medicine would work.

I am now a firm believer as It has proved it's effectiveness in healing my Eczema Rash. Before I reveal my secret herbs I used, I must say, I can't guarantee that it will work for you. I want to share with you what was effective for me because if I can help others, I would love to know that others found relief as well!

The Secret Revealed:

The herbs I am about to reveal are inexpensive and can be bought online! Scroll Down

I use two herbs called Dandelion Root and Chickweed. I also use Coconut Oil everyday topically on my legs to keep them moisturized. You can find coconut oil in your local grocery store.

Please get your doctors advice before using these herbs!

I want to explain a little bit about what these herbs are . These herbs help clean your body from the inside out and help your body release toxins.

Dandelion Root- When a person thinks of dandelion, We most often think of a weed that grows in our yard. Dandelion is used for different things but my focus is on eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins are chemicals that can harm us like bacteria, fungus or viruses. It helps detox your liver. Take 2 capsules per day

Chickweed- this herb is used for many things and the one I refer to, is skin disorders. It helps with inflammation and It is good for the skin internally as a demulcent and externally as an emollient. Take 2 capsules per day

My personal experience with Eczema was very frustrating as I had the red, itchy, dry rash on my bilateral legs. I experienced it for two years without any relief. My dermatologist was unable to help me as steroid cream did not help overall.

I finally took things into my on hands as I was so fed up with this condition. I finally started to do a lot of research and I tried different things. I came across these herbs Dandelion and Chickweed and I use these herbs everyday. I have decreased my dose down to 1 capsule of dandelion and 1 capsule of Chickweed daily and have been Eczema free for over 2 years now and I would like to help inform others what Eczema treatment that was very effective in treating my Eczema.

please leave your comments about your experience with eczema! Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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