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Personal Medical Survival kits

Updated on August 27, 2016
GARH608 profile image

I will always be mindful of my disorder. However, it doesn't have to be debilitating. There is more hope for health than there is for family

My Hypoglycemic/Diabetic Survival Kit

I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia in August 1999. In August 2013, I found out that it was a trigger to my Epilepsy. Therefore, I now carry around these items:

  • Mentos (from Sam's Club)
  • Tic Tacs (from Sam's Club)
  • ReliOn Glucose Wafers (1 tablet is worth ~ 4 grams of carbs. This is from Sam's Club, $3 a bottle. **Called my doctor and got the ok.)
  • Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Peanut Butter Cookies

I never choose the packaged crackers with cheese, as that cheese is over processed. It is better to have actual cheese than cheese from a can or jar, which is the reason why I tend to rely on peanut butter. (If you have a Fresh Thyme near you, they give you samples of their homemade Natural Peanut Butter, which I have had the chance to sample. They have Cashew Butter you can sample. You can sample all of these products before you actually purchase the most satisfying taste of "Butter" for you. (I, personally, like the Honey Roasted Natural Peanut Butter.)

**I have also heard that they, now, have a healthier form of the Slim Jim or beef sticks, which is without the preservatives, that could be quite helpful for people in this situation.

It is VERY important that if you want to lead an independent life, that includes a drivers' license, that you stay on top of what ails you.

My Travel (work) Survival Kit

The things that are necessary for me to do my job requires *MapQuest* to be working on my phone, via the dash of my car, thanks to a *strong magnet*. Because I must travel where my client is employed. I have to enter the address of their employment and off I go. I meet lots of people who work in Personnel, Store Managers, and who actually own the company.

AT&T offers *DriveMode* on their cellphone plans. *DriveMode* feels your car moving over 15 mph and sends a text message to the person that sends you a text or calls while you are driving, such as "Thanks for your msg. I'm driving. I will get back to you when I get off the road. Never text and drive." *My boss has received one of these messages, and he text me back: "True. lol" My co-workers who have AT&T has also started using it. No phone call is worth your life.

*Post it notes and pencil* is placed in the console of my car for the purpose of writing down the mileage, getting to and from meeting my clients. This information is then written on my mileage sheet, which gets turned into my boss with my time sheet every two weeks.

*Insulated lunch bag* will hold 3 bottles of water, depending on how many hours I am slotted to work with that client on any given day will determine how many of those bottles of water I consume. (I can work with a client anywhere from 1-8 hours, so far, it is either 1, 2.5, 4, 5, or 8. One hour is for retention, once a week. Five hours is a full day for a clients' part time job, and gets decreased to 2.5 hours a day as the client progresses, which is called 50% coaching. Eight hours is a full day for a clients' full time job, depending on if that client is on full coaching, and then they get moved to 4 hours of coaching when they move to 50% coaching status.)

**This time of year, I will be lucky if I get 5-10 hours a week, as all of my current clients are on 1 hour retentions, which requires one weekly visit. Unless, my boss calls and says he has 2 hour assessments for me to do on a possible upcoming client, or a new hire orientation for me to attend, then I have no way of adding more hours to my paycheck. However, I have told my boss that I am available. TWICE! Usually, these assessments do not get planned on a Monday though. Plus every other week, boss has to work on payroll. New hire orientations can usually last about 1-5 hours.

Assessments are fun. You watch them work, and you write how they do, down on forms and turn your paperwork into the boss. I have done assessments at Home Depot, Schnucks, movie theaters, and Walgreens.

*Leather binder* is what I usually carry around with me when I am coaching. It has all of my required paperwork. My client job coaching hours log, which has to be signed by the client every time I am there coaching, whether at 50 or 100%. This is also entered into the VR data base, as part of my paperwork, once a week. My Job Analysis forms. My mileage sheets. My time sheets. These are ALL in this binder. (I have now started paying my father money to use his printer, so I do not have to increase mileage on my car unnecessarily, to copy these documents at work.) This binder also carries a legal pad of paper, which I take notes on my client so I can give Vocational Rehabilitation the information they require in my paperwork. (I have actually been told by VR counselors that I write the best reports.) I, now, purchase both the large and small legal pads from Sam's Club (my parents have a membership). The large legal pads are placed in this leather binder. The small legal pads are placed in another type of binder for my notes on the clients that are on retention. (Both of these binders/paper carriers have a place to put a pen.) Imagine bringing this binder to a group meeting and proving to your boss just how organized you are. (That's happened to.)

My Travel (play) Survival Kit

I like taking my dog to the dog park, when I have time. She actually has her own bag. When I know that we are going to the doggie park, her bag consists of:

  • bag of Pigs in a Blanket
  • black bowl that I got from the Great Value Breakfast Bowls that I normally make for breakfast
  • a couple bottles of water (1 for her, and 1 for me)
  • her leash (I don't like leaving the leash on when traveling in the car)

My Seizure Survival Kit

Unfortunately, I haven't started this survival kit yet, but I need to. Epileptics can wet and soil themselves while in the middle of their seizure. Believe me, it isn't pleasant, and there are pretty ignorant people out there that will laugh at you. Just ignore their ignorance and walk away.

Therefore, this survival kit, once it gets started will have to contain some clean bottoms. However, I do not have episodes very often, but when I do, they tend to be pretty bad. For those fellow Epileptics, and those that really love you, you will always understand.

  • BOTH Advil and Tylenol
  • pair of pants
  • pair of undies
  • Flushable Moist Wipes (Dollar Shave Club offers some of these)

Aldi Shopping survival kit

I really do not go to Aldi very often. When I do, I always have a couple boxes in the trunk of my car in lieu of shopping bags. Also, for those that shop at Aldi's, you best have a quarter before you even walk into the store. Just saying. Because I refuse to carry a package of 24 bottles of water throughout the store.

Posture/Neck pain Survival Kit

I now have "pain behind ear and stiff neck." (It's been googled.) It hurts very much to turn my head. I would probably have a better time just labeling ALL OF THESE Survival Kits and bringing all of this with me.

  • Body pillow (Had to purchase a new one)
  • Travel pillow that wraps around your neck (Purchased at Deals)
  • Tylenol and/or Advil for pain

(I recently got pain medication for coughing out a rib spur when I had a severe cold/bronchitis, a few months ago. However, this drug makes me drowsy, so I cannot take very often. I, obviously, need to find many home remedies of lots of stuff. Considering this drug that makes me drowsy is probably NOT a user friendly drug for an Epileptic. I work with what I can.)


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