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My Personal Tips For Weight Loss

Updated on May 7, 2012

Who Am I to Write About Weight Loss?

That was the question that kept running in my mind before I actually decided to create this hub. After all, I have been struggling with weight loss for the better part of my adult life. Then it struck me that, although I am very much on my toes about not gaining weight back, I just might have something to share with others who seem to be engaged in a constant battle with their weight.

I won't go into all the details, but let's just say that in the past months - about half a year - I have lost almost 33 pounds. This I did on my own. No fad diets. No fancy exercise regimens. Just sheer will power and the good old common sense piece of advice: eat less and move more.

I suppose I can stop here, but just so you guys can actually get something detailed and useful from my experience, I am going to go into the specifics of how I pulled it off.

This did it for me!
This did it for me!

The Basics of Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss is simple in theory. The trick is in finding the strength to do the little things that are necessary to achieve your goals. Here are the basic - yet effective - tips to get you there.

  1. Eat less. There is no going around it, especially if you have a voracious (and let's say unhealthy) appetite. I used to eat like a starving man. And even when I was not hungry, as long as I wanted a certain flavor or taste, I would go ahead and eat. What I learned, though, is that the stomach can be trained. Sure, you feel bad eating less in the beginning. You might even feel self-pity for "starving" yourself. After a while, though, your stomach does get adjusted to smaller portions, and you won't mind eating less. Even much less. Remember, though, that the goal is NOT to starve yourself. Eat regularly, but cut back drastically on your portions if you know that you eat way too much. And don't say you are not sure what "too much" is. We all know when we eat more than we should!
  2. Find a physical activity that will serve as your exercise AND do it regularly. This was a difficult thing for me, as I try to avoid physical activity as much as I can. When I was younger, I used to do some sports, but I have become rather lazy. I will take the elevator instead of the stairs. I will take a cab instead of walking. Still, I found an activity that got me off my butt: riding the exercise bike. The first time I rode the bike, I lasted only five minutes. I thought I would die. After a couple of days, I pushed myself and went up to 10 minutes. After a few more days, I tried 15 minutes. Before I knew it, I was doing 25-30 minutes in one go! I rode the bike every weekday when possible, but there were weeks when I only did it three times a week. Still, combined with eating less, this "minimal" exercise helped me shed those pounds effectively.
  3. Cut back on the beer. Or cocktails for that matter. These drinks may give you an awesome feeling, but the calories they contain just add up! Of course, a drink or two once or twice a week won't really hurt if you are faithful to tips 1 and 2 above. However, if you drink regularly and consume a lot of beer/cocktails, you might want to rethink that habit.
  4. Gather support. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to lose weight, you need to have the support of people close to you. They have to understand your goals and not make it harder for you by "tempting" you with food. You need people who will egg you on when you start losing weight, thereby giving you even more motivation.

Another Useful Trick

Okay, so I said there is no secret trick to losing weight, but there are many tricks that you can use, depending on your nature. If you are a techie, then you might as well take advantage of that passion. In my list above, I mentioned the fact that you need to find a physical activity that you like. Why not combine that with something else that makes you enthusiastic?

If digital is your thing, exploit that! I found this useful infographic about using apps to aid in weight loss. Now, I have to warn you: apps alone will NOT cut it. You need to take my tips to heart and only use apps as aids.

That being said, there are many apps that can help you in your quest. Take a look at the infographic below for some inspiration.

Getting Physical...and Digital


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