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My Reiki First Degree Course Experience

Updated on November 27, 2011

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How I got started with Reiki

Last month I met an old friend who had just taken the Reiki second degree course and there was some kind of shine on her face.

I had heard and read a lot about Reiki. I was hoping to take the Reiki training one day but it was never urgent for me.

When I probed her, I found that the class was very near my house so I decided to imediately go for it. I registered my self for the first degree course.

Why Reiki?

I dont have any health problem so before I commited to my teacher that I would take the course I asked him if I will benefit from Reiki given the fact that I am already healthy.

I was happy to know that besides healing yourself and others, Reiki can give me many other benefits including mental clarity, emotional balance, relaxing feeling of composure that lingers with you all day long, etc.

My Reiki Teacher

Reiki Master Sudhir Damania
Reiki Master Sudhir Damania

What I learnt and experienced

I was excited to start my course. It was Saturday and as I entered the venue I felt a strong feeling of serenity.

My Reiki Master Mr Sudhir Damania told me that he teaches traditional Reiki and that he will give me Reiki attunement after which the energy flow will increase greatly.

He started with the background and history of Reiki. When the actucal attumenets were given I felt a subtle vibration that lasted for 1 minute of so.

I was told that every person has a different experience and that we should not compare our experience with other people in the course.

As we learnt the hand positions I was happy to know that Reiki energy not only flows when you touch someone but also when your hands are 1 or 2 inches away from the body. I even experienced it!

Before I took the course I was wondering if I will be sure when the Reiki energy flows through me. I kind of doubted myself but I did not talk about it to my Reiki Master.

While I was practicing giving Reiki energy during the course, my hands became warm and there was a kind of vibration in my hands. This was a reassuring feeling.

As I was thinking that now I could 'give' Reiki energy, my Reiki Master reminded me that I was just a channel for the Universal Life Force Energy. I felt as if he read my mind and that statement was just for me.

The thing I resisted about hand positions was the sequence and structored process. However it was nice to learn that I can allow my self to be intutive as I gain more experience in treating myself or others.

When my teacher told me that Reiki energy flows to the part of the body where it is needed the most, made me feel more confident and comfortable.

What I am left with after the course

Although it's just been a few days of practice, I am loving it. And besides my morning practice I am giving Reiki to myself and others whenever I feel the need. I am feeling more calm and composed. I am responding to people differently. I hape to see more changes in me as I continue to practice day in and day out.

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