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My Review of the Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Updated on September 8, 2015

Disclaimer and Introduction

Please note: I am not being paid by Beachbody to endorse Brazil Butt Lift or any of their programs - I am just very excited about the results I achieved, and wanted to share some information about the Brazil Butt Lift program and my experience with it.

I decided to try the Brazil Butt Lift program back in May. I had been doing other workouts and had lost a lot of weight, but now I was looking to do a little more targeted toning, and my rear end was always one place I was a bit self-conscious of. After doing the pencil test, which I'll discuss more later, I looked at the different programs and chose the Slim and Lift option, which consists mostly of workouts for the thighs and buttocks, though there is also some cardio, overall resistance training and abdominal work as well. Though I didn't always follow the program to the letter - for example, I substituted another one of my cardio workouts for their Cardio Axe workout because the constantly changing views confused me and made it hard for me to follow the workout, and I also didn't use a resistance band for the high and tight workout because I didn't have one (and quite honestly, I achieved great results without it anyway) - I'm still very pleased with my results. This hub will answer some questions about the Brazil Butt Lift Program and my experience with it.

What the Program Consists of

Brazil Butt Lift consists of six different workouts - Basics, which teaches you the basic moves used throughout the different workouts; Bum Bum, which is a type of cardio workout that really focuses on your rear end - there may also be a shorter version called Bum Bum Rapido; High and Tight, which is a sculpting workout that helps firm up your thighs and rear end - it uses a resistance band, but as I stated above I did the exercises without a resistance band and got great results; Cardio Axe, which is a dancy cardio workout - as I said above, the views in this workout change a lot, so I substituted one of my other cardio workouts; Sculpt, which is a full-body sculpting workout which uses weights or resistance bands, and Tummy Tuck, which is a short abdominal workout.

What To Do Before Starting the Program

Before you start the Brazil Butt Lift workout, you'll want to determine if you even need to do it by taking the pencil test - the pencil test is very simple, just take a pencil and put it in the crease where your butt meets your though - if the pencil stays in the crease or disappears, then you could benefit from the Brazil Butt Lift program. After you've determined that you could benefit from the Brazil Butt Lift program, you'll want to determine what type of butt you have - is it too flat or square, pear-shaped, too big or a combination of the three? Once you've figured out what kind of butt you have, you'll know which workout plan you need to follow.

What Equipment Do You Need for the Workouts?

One of the things I liked about this program is that the workouts require very little equipment. You'll want weights or resistance tubes for the sculpting workout, and maybe a resistance band for the High and Tight workout, though as I said earlier I did the workout without a resistance band and got great results.

How Much Time Will I Need to Set Aside For the Workouts?

That depends on which workout program you're following - it could be as little as 30 minutes to a little over an hour on days when you have two workouts scheduled.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

That question is difficult to answer, because results will be different for everyone.

What Kind of Resources Are Available to People Following the Brazil Butt Lift Program?

Resources for this program are more limited than for other Beachbody programs like P90x, because there isn't as big of a commitment, but if you have questions about the Brazil Butt Lift program you can always check out the message boards on the Team Beachbody website - I highly recommend that anyone who's doing any Beachbody program sign up for at least a free account so they can post on the message boards if needed, or ask questions of their Beachbody coach - everyone who signs up at the Team Beachbody website is assigned a coach, regardless of whether they're a paying member or not, and your coach can be a great source of information and motivation.

Are There Any Downsides to this Program?

The only things I didn't like about this program were the cardio workout, which I mentioned earlier, and also by the end of the four weeks Leandro's Portuguese accent began to irritate me - but that's just me. If you can get past that, then I'm sure you'll do great with this program.

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