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My Son Slimed Me: A New Generation of Parents

Updated on October 3, 2011



Smother Mother Love

As many of you are aware I have a son who has Autism caused by a rare disorder. And I am a Smother Mother which means I believe in smothering my son with love. He usually hates it but when he doesn't feel well he loves it. And I am more then happy to fulfill my obligations under the Mom child compact and serve his every whim when he is feeling under the weather.

So yesterday was throw up day. I actually knew I was a well adjusted parent when I learned to catch the throw up from 20 yards away. And let me tell you my son can arc his projectile vomit perfectly to hit me no matter where i am standing in the room. So I have learned just to catch it. After he was done yesterday projectile vomiting and I was through catching it he fell a sleep. Later in the evening he woke with a fever. So I started pushing fluids. I sat up half the night last night just pushing fluids. But my son's fever went down with proper hydration so I was very optimistic he would be better today and he is. Of course this morning he woke up early and he sounded rather congested. He leaned in to give me a good morning kiss as all good son's do and he sneezed. I don't know if you have ever seen the movie Ghost Busters but I was slimed with mucus much like the Ghost Busters. And it wasn't a little bit. It was a lot.

I don't give decongestants as they are stimulants so all day I have being slimed with mucus sneezes. Now this was not covered in What to Expect When You are Expecting. So this whole sliming phenomena is new to me. And it has gone on all day. I have literally used a roll of toilet paper wiping my son's nose as he will not. My son thinks his shirt or my shirt is a perfectly good hanky.

This afternoon I made my son Apple Strudel and he wouldn't touch it. I knew he was sick then. My son never turns down apple strudel.

But he is better tonight. His nose is still runny but he is in good spirits and feels the world better.

And I thought did I put my parents through this? I guess because i came from a big family no one really paid to much attention when anyone got sick. If one of us died it would be one less mouth to feed. And I thought how have times changed. Apathetic parents to parents being slimed. American parents have come full circle in one generation. We are the generation of parents that are definitely not our parents. For better or worse we are not our parents.

Being Slimed


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi gajanis786,

      I think we have had different parents. My parents didn't stay up all night to monitor us. They were to tired after taking care of all the children they had. They needed their rest at night.

      Do you catch your child's throw up? I should win the Heisman trophy for catching throw up. Actually it is rather self defense because no matter where I am if he throws up he is going to make certain I catch it or it is porjeced onto me. The boy never missses.

      Thank you for wishing all the good health for my son.

      Thank you for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • gajanis786 profile image


      7 years ago

      For a parent it is not unusual to stay awake whole night to monitor a sick child....I don't think the basic parenting obligations have ever were there in every era and it is there today all depends on how much committed are you as a parent.....I wish all the good health for your child.....thanks.


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