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My Concept of "Ideosphere": an Intuitive Speculation

Updated on July 30, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Intuitive Speculation Going Ballistic

From time to time I allow my imagination to take me places where my disciplined and neat mind doesn't care to visit. It's that part of my intellectual adventurism which keeps asking "What if...?" - greatly stimulated by new discoveries in science, which at times make the old paradigm look obsolete, if not altogether naïve.

And it is for this speculative, intuitive reasoning that lately I got flooded by all kinds of envisionings about thoughts being attached to an energy charge of emotions and broadcast into something that I named "ideosphere".

Borrowing the suffix "sphere" from atmosphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere, I envisioned it as enveloping the Earth as a "fund of humanness" with its polarities of all those that promote life, and those that degrade it.

Just like a Radioactive Cloud

Ever since I heard of the much talked about "Law of Attraction", I was puzzled - together with so many others - why bad things befall innocent children and nice folks, who certainly don't have negativities in their nature that would "attract" those misfortunes to them.

Why epidemics, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, and similar natural disasters destroy so many lives? Now, by implementing ideosphere into this thinking, the answers popped up logically.

Let's think of the negative polarity of ideosphere as resembling one of those radioactive clouds spreading around after a disaster at a nuclear facility. Let's see it as waiting with its low energy frequencies to be attracted by low frequencies in our individual or collective mindset.

Nice & Innocent Doesn't Spell High Frequencies of Vitality

Now, still hanging around is the question of "how nice folks and children attract all that negativity from my ideosphere". As I gave a little studious look at the separate question of what really are those "low frequencies", my mind surprised me with an answer.

Namely, being nice, timid, and at times religiously surrendering to the will outside of ourselves - doesn't mean generating high frequencies which promote life. Basically, being "soft-backboned", complacent, and/or suffering from a "victim syndrome" - translated into vibes and frequencies spells a negative charge.

There are all communities and societies that over a time reach a critical mass of their negativities - which then draw circumstances and events of equivalent frequencies from the ideosphere.

"Evil" Is only a Negative Vibrational Frequency

Even though I sharply reject the religion-based idea of "evil", I never completely dropped the notion of "something in the air" that's not favorable and friendly to us humans. With inclusion of my ideosphere as a broadcast material working both ways - like a bank account with its possibilities of depositing and withdrawing - "evil", AS WELL AS GOODNESS started to make a new sense to me.

Evil is of our own make. The whole ethical paradox is in this fact that those of a good nature get hit by it. Does it mean that I don't believe in "karma" - what goes around comes around? No, there is a "payday" in everyone's life, and no one really "gets away with a murder".

The ethical problem is in the physics of frequencies - not only those unethical get negatively affected, but also "soft-spined" and victim-minded.

Feeling On Top of Things Makes the Difference

But, why little innocent kids, you may ask. Let me put it this way - if we want to create a protective vibrational shield for our kids, we should stimulate them to be impressed with their own doings, to instill a sense of DOERS in their genes.

We can do it by providing toys for their playpen, or encourage them to express themselves more that will act as a boost to their inner will-to-live. The worst we can do, (again, both for them and ourselves) is to allow impressions of "others doing it to us".

Whether it's a god or a parent or a society, their authority should always be filtered through our own sense of what is right and sensible. (My article "Self-Discipline with Subjectness" goes deeper into these matters).

So, getting back to "why kids?" - their personal frequencies are low if they are either bombarded by overprotection or criticism, which suffocates those life promoting genes and makes our kids potential victims of ideosphere's negative polarity.

It's a Space Loaded with Smartness

This kind of thinking brings me to the general popular illusion that we couldn't help growing up with - illusion that the "space is empty, and we are solid structures, along with everything else physical that we can't walk through".

We should be excused for this limited thinking because of our limited five senses which are imposing such erroneous perception of the world. Well, neither part of that illusion is true because that "empty space" is pregnant with intelligence and energy.

Talking about intelligent part of space, it's filled with ideosphere enveloping the Earth, plus the cosmic intelligence pertaining to the "source of it all" - feel free to call it "god", or "The Dude", or "The Big Man" - whatever suits you best.

These two intelligencies are coexisting and simply working at different frequency ranges, like AM and FM on your radio. It's up to us which one we predominantly choose to tune into.

What a Spooky World!

As for our being solid structures, down on the tiniest subatomic level matter that we are composed of doesn't have any actual "mass", it's the energy flickering in and out of existence, orchestrated by our personal quantum blueprint to maintain life in us.

Don't ask me what sort of intelligence is at work. Even if I knew I wouldn't tell anyone, because the first who would want to do something with that information would be military spooks, as usual to use it against the humanity.

But I don't know, otherwise you would see me flying around like Peter Pan and performing miracles Jesus-style - instead of writing articles. Anyhow, now we know that we are basically "nothing" in a strictly physical sense, and the whole illusion is based on different frequencies of energies composing different "objects", some creating that illusion of "solidity".

Always a Matter of Tuning into One or Another

Now, if we are really just a bundle of energy, and our thoughts and emotions are also energies spreading around and deposited into this ideosphere of mine, the whole thing becomes so much more believable.

You see, we are talking about one huge soup of broadcast information attached to the carriers of energy and vibrating altogether - each of us resonating with a certain part of positive and negative polarities of the ideosphere, and thus attracting a combination of crap and goodies.

Physicists are telling us that ours is a "participatory universe" and we can't escape from participating one way or another. We are all in it, and every idea of war and love is out there to "inspire" us as soon as we choose to take one of those two paths.

We are bound to draw all ideas of justification and rationalizing from ideosphere. It's our source of inspiration - or we may choose to insist on that other, "FM station", and get inspired by the deep spiritual realm which has always been attached to the positive polarity of ideosphere, sending goodies our way.

Does Ideosphere Exist as Such? - You Choose as Always

In many of my articles I insisted upon the definition of spirituality as having nothing to do with religion - which insists on an OUTER source - and everything to do with turning INWARDS and seeking all answers, ideas, and power from within.

In my vision of spirituality, we have to "work on ourselves" as "emitters-receivers", or instruments for processing the reality. For, by itself, it doesn't make a damn difference what that reality is - if our instruments are not fine-tuned to make some adequate sense out of it.

Meditation and nurturing a positive attitude will do. A self-image of personal sovereignty is a must. A sense of personal responsibility over our thoughts, emotions, and actions is mandatory. When we are spiritual, we are not meek, "nice", "surrendering" specimens of humans - but pro-active, not re-active ones.

Living consciously and awakened we are constantly tuned into the positive polarity of ideosphere and cosmic consciousness - wide open to their inspiring us.

Now, how much we may choose to see this ideosphere as "real" or just a figment of my wild imagination - it's up to each one of you readers. In all honesty, I am not calling it objectively "real" - just because it happens to be that for me. As always - just sharing with you.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 15 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers - You brought up a good point. It's actually about resonance between two frequencies, the stronger one always overpowering the other. As you are surrounded by a group of people, if you don't keep your spirits high enough, their negativities will override your frequencies and drain your energy if you spend too long in their company. The same applies to Law of Attraction - our intent has to be of a "high voltage", so that some opposite one doesn't neutralize it.

      Thank you for the nice and interesting comment. - Val

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 15 months ago from Canada

      Tara - Writing hubs that have a speculation at their basis is always a great challenge, because you never know if readers will be willing to see it your way or as a total nonsense - if they find it hard to leave their "down-to-earth" platform. So, comments like yours really give me encouragement for some next "trip to the unknown". Thank you, Tara.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 15 months ago from Canada

      Larry - I'm glad you found it interesting.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 15 months ago from Canada

      Linda - Am I really so humble, or it's impossible to deserve your wonderful words of praise. Even more so because I am not doing any diligent research before writing, it all comes easy and simple, dug out from my memory bank loaded with some literature and personal observation about human nature. Reading your comments is a pure delight, Linda, and I am deeply touched. - Be well my friend.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 15 months ago

      Vlad, Very good thoughts. I like your AM/FM analogy. Our path depends on whether we want to work from our higher self or stay down on the ground with the rest of the folks with space between their ears.

      I recently saw an online psychic explain that the law of attraction sometimes doesn’t work because when one is working hard to attract something, someone else may be working harder toward a goal that prevents you from attracting it. An example she gave was that if a person was trying to get a particular job, the interviewer may be looking for an applicant different from you. Both of you are working hard to attract what you desire, and the one with the strongest desire will win. Made sense to me.

    • Tara Mapes profile image

      Tara Mapes 15 months ago

      Fascinating indeed! Thanks for sharing Val!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 15 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting concept.

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 15 months ago from Cicero, New York

      Wow Val another fascinating awe-inspiring hub. The talent you have to each reader to think about so many different things, I absolutely love what your hubs spark in each of us. Touching on religion and including meditation and inner peace as well as discussing nurturing of positive attitudes. Definitely another remarkable hub, so much detail and thoughtfulness. Absolutely loved it and this is an excellent hub for everyone to read. Linda