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My Thoughts About Silence and Its Benefits

Updated on January 25, 2018
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I am a freelance content writer. I have been writing articles and blog contents for websites, businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

My Thoughts About Silence

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” ------- Confucius

We have come a long way from the days of spending our time reading books, playing outdoors, or enjoying a quiet walk by ourselves. Our lives have become more fast-paced, more methodical, more goal-oriented, and constricting. We get up early and go to work, spend most of our time in the office, we come home, have dinner, watch television, catch up on our social media updates, and then go back to bed again, and the cycle goes on and on. As technology and digital media take another big leap, we find ourselves more and more consumed by this strange frenzy, and more and more addicted to our mobile phones, televisions, play stations, and laptops.

We are running this race of earning more money and the material comforts and the status that comes with it. Our young generation are always too busy with their ipads and iphones on busy main roads of the cities and ending up getting run over by vehicles, they are getting more distant from their family members, they are getting too obsessed about their appearance and making an impression on everyone, that they take “selfies” in odd places risking their own lives, in the process. Our lives are becoming pettier and shallower with the constant need to be more popular in our workplace, among our friend circles and social media. We seldom make time to think and reflect about ourselves, our actions, and the things going on around us.

Do we ever stop to think about what we are missing out? Do we ever stop to think how to remedy this? Do we even know what we need? WE NEED SILENCE. Silence is a beautiful thing and very few people can appreciate it. People shy away from silence nowadays. Most people are so afraid of it that they do everything to avoid it, save a few who really understand its significance. It is a thing we can benefit greatly from. We all need to excuse ourselves from all the hustle and bustle of our city life and reserve a few minutes or seconds for soul-searching and introspection.

Having said all of that let me discuss about how Silence is beneficial for us....

Here I am listing five ways how Silence helps us:

1. Silence Is Good For The Brain

Taking a quiet walk by yourself in a nature park causes cell growth and rejuvenation the region of Hippocampus area of the brain. According to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is found that those adults took time to go on a quiet walk for 40 minutes three times a week for a year, have had remarkable changes in their brain in the hippocampus, an area of the brain known for and associated with spatial memory.

Thus spending a little time with yourself and with nature improves the ability of our brain to focus and have better memory.

2) Silence Recharges Our Body Mind And Soul

Noise has a very profound effect on our brain which elevates the levels of stress. The sound waves which, when it reach as electric signals through our ears to the brain, cause our body to react to it. Too much noise and sound activate our amygdale, the region of our brain associated with formation of memories and emotions due to the release of stress hormones.

According to a scientific study published in 2006, it is found that silence has the ability to free our mind and body of tension in just two minutes. Researchers believe that silence relaxes you more than listening to the most soothing and relaxing music.

3) Silence Keeps Sleep Disorders At Bay

Silence works wonders for those who have sleeping disorders. It improves their sleeping patterns. A study published in 2015 on JAMA Internal Medicine, is of the view that people who practiced mindful meditation, experienced less depression, fatigue and insomnia.

Those who suffer from sleep disorders, especially insomnia, can meditate in a quiet place before going to bed, use earplugs while sleeping, or spend a few weeks or months to the countryside.

4) Silences Heightens Our Sensory Awareness

It is very difficult nowadays to find a quiet space free from all kinds of noises and distractions. Once we find such a place, we should set our watch for two minutes, sit there and relax. At first, it might be a little difficult for us because we are not used to silence.

The real step of appreciating silence is noticing it. Sitting in a quiet place and relaxing, is a form of mindfulness where we are aware of our surroundings as well as in the moment, taking a little time out from the world of chaos and confusion, helping the brain to replenish its resources and faculties. It helps our ability to be more focused and find clarity.

5) Silence Enhances Our Creative Faculties

A calm environment enables us to process bits and pieces of information experienced throughout the day. A peaceful environment encourages the development of our creativity.

Many great artistic masterpieces were created in isolation. When one is by himself, he can lose himself in his work without any distractions. Many famous creative minds like Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, and Louis Bourgeois produced their best work when they were working alone.

Solitude helps you to focus. It motivates and inspires you to reach your true potential. Reserve some time from your daily schedule, when you can be truly by yourself to do some meaningful work. You can arrive at your workplace an hour early and take advantage of that quiet peaceful time to complete your project before your co-workers arrive.

You can take a trip or a vacation sometimes, to a quiet little island, the countryside, or a nature park. Just feel the silence, breathe and get in touch with nature and with yourself. Solitude enables you think clearly, it gives you time to sort out your thoughts and emotions. It refreshes and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

So folks, just give it a try, it might change your life.

How often do you spend some time all alone, just by yourself?

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