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My Top 10 Favorite Pre Workout Supplements - Hands Down Best!

Updated on September 26, 2017

The Best In Class Pre Workout Supplements of 2017

Like Pre Workout Supplements? This is my recommendation list of the best pre workout supplements for men serious about strength and fitness. Ranked from 1 to 10 these are the top pre workouts you should be taking to elevate your training to a whole new level. I hope it helps you to better supplement your activities and perform better in the gym.

These supplements have all been a part of my journey in working out, and I believe there is a time and place for all of them. The top few pre workouts are serious supplements. They may not be the best choice for beginners because of the sheer strength in them. But, instead of substituting you can always take half a serving versus the full serving. This is an effective way to bypass being over powered by a pre workout.

I wish you the best workout experience and even better gains. Comment below if you have any questions at all!

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How to take pre workout the right way

When you get a new pre workout, its imperative that you follow some simple guidelines.

First off, take your pre workout about 20-35 minutes before you plan on working out.

Next, use a full glass of water when you take it... This will help it get into your muscles. (plus hydration improves performance on its own).

Lastly, don't eat a whole lot of food right before working out... It doesn't work out well and will make you bloated tired.

 MR Hyde- 40 servings $21.75
MR Hyde- 40 servings $21.75

#10 Pro Supps: Mr. Hyde

MR. HYDE is brand new to the pre workout shelf. Boasting primarily muscle building ingredients, this pre workout is made for guys that want to stack up. Something special about MR HYDE is what's on the back of the can- all of the ingredients with their exact amounts. That's the kind of honesty a true bodybuilder needs in order to properly adjust their diet. If you haven't heard much about MR. HYDE yet, we believe you will soon.


#9 MuscleMeds: N.O Bull

Musclemeds recently released their new pre workout formulation: N.O Bull. After reading over the ingredients, this looks like it has some serious potential. N.O Bull pre workout utilizes a little bit of all the new, super effective pathways for killer workouts. In addition, as Musclemeds always likes to do; they have incorporated a brand new molecularly refined nitric oxide matrix. What that means? Awesome pump. We expect this product to rise in ranking very fast.

#8 Bsn: N.o Xplode 2.0

N.O Explode is a well respected pre workout product in the fitness community and the new formula N.O Explode 2.0 is no exception. Light on the stimulants, N.O Explode is late night lifting friendly; but still packs the punch of multiple forms of creatine, beta-alanine, and some other goodies to promote power and muscle fullness. Personally, this is my go-to product for leg days, it just 'does the trick'. Just remember to stay hydrated or else leg cramps will prevail (if your squatting heavy and deep like you should).

#7 DS: Craze

DS Craze is one of the new pre workouts introduced in 2012. A lot of guys are crazy about this stuff as an alternative to the over-powered pre workouts all over the market. If you are looking for a stabile pre workout that's not going to make you supplement dependent, then DS craze is a good consideration for you. This is currently the pre workout to take in the United Kingdom.

#6 Ext: Go

EXT GO pre workout adds a new feel to any workout routine. The power is there, and the pump is there; but what you really notice is the mental game. This stuff makes you more determined, more awake, and more explosive in every set; ready to get right back in for another go. This pre workout is packed with a lot of brand new ingredients, and clearly they work well. Other pre workouts need to watch out. We expect EXT GO to potentially rise to the top 4 spot of the best pre workout supplements list.

Now Entering The Top 5 Pre Workouts

#5 Cellucor: C4 Extreme

Cellucor C4 is a product based on stability. When taking C4 you can expect to feel pump, creatine power, and some good synephrine focus; each time, every time. While its not going to be the strongest pump, power, or focus you have ever experienced, it is going to be consistent and useful in the gym. The reason why I personally like this stuff a lot is just because its not mega-charged. See, this is what I take between cycles of the strong stuff like bullnox or assault. That way, I preserve the 'rage' that bullnox and assualt can deliver while still getting a great enhanced workout. An important note: Cellucor C4 will not trigger any tests for military personnel; although pre workouts are not recommended for extensive cardio programs. Save it for the weights or short cardio!

#4 BPI: Pump HD

BPI Sports Pump HD was introduced at the end of 2012 and several features isolate this product as an important innovation in pre workout formulation. Up to this point, aside from a small selection of pre workout supplements (many noted below), the majority of pre workout supplements cover important performance bases, but not all of them. Pump HD's formulation delivers: power, GOOD pump(feel it up to 3 hours after chest workout ends), Blox SAA fueled endurance with electrolytes, and creatine. For the experienced fitness enthusiast who has taken a lot of pre workout supplements, this is an amazing product. However, if you have not taken a wide variety, this one may be too strong for you. BPI Pump HD pre workout is literally capable of pushing you so far in your workout that you feel that 'if i do one more dip set I'm going to puke' feeling. Please Leave Feedback Below!

Now Entering The Top 3 Pre Workout Supplements

#3 Muscletech: Nanovapor

The old formula Nano Vapor was a monster of muscle building, and just like all great things that have come before, the new formula Nano Vapor is an even greater muscle building monster. Go farther, Get bigger- Muscletech NanoVapor.

#2 Musclepharm: Assault

Musclepharm's Assault Pre Workout supplement was recently revamped by MP. If you have not gone a cycle using it, I would recommend you give it a try. Musclepharm Assualt- The Pre Workout For Bodybuilding.

#1 Koala Freak by Staunch Nation

Quite Possibly The Best Pre Workout Ever, This Stuff Will Put You Into Beast Mode Staunch Nation's Koala Freak pre workout is best used on a cycle basis, but will deliver incredible gains due to the testosterone ignition. By far this is the Best Pre Workout Supplement easily earning its rank as the number one of the top 10 pre workout supplements list!

(at least going off of all the countless supplements that I've tried!)

What is Your Favorite PWO Supplement?

Whats Your Favorite Pre?

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Man, I love comments!

Seriously, lets talk! Got a pre workout or basic gym related question? Drop a line. This is a great place to get some solid workout advice.

Just ask, and I'll hop in to answer quickly, along with all the daily visitors that have direct experience as well. Lets get in shape together.

© 2013 SagaSphere

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    • profile image

      Derek 2 years ago

      Have you guys heard of Transparent Labs and their new line of PreSeries Pre-Workouts? Best PWO i've ever tried. Would definitely love to see these guys make the list!

    • SagaSphere profile image

      SagaSphere 3 years ago

      I've heard mixed reviews about 1mr vortex, thank you for mentioning it!

    • profile image

      Kyle R. 3 years ago

      I just recently tried the new 1MR Vortex by BPI sports. It was pretty good, lots of energy but not nearly as jittery as the original 1MR. I recommend it.

    • profile image

      mjbfactors 4 years ago

      I love Ignite Workout Optimizer. Nice, clean, steady energy and great pump. No artificial sweeteners or dyes.

    • profile image

      alphagenix4u 4 years ago

      Alpha Genix facilitate boost not solely the natural somatotropic hormone that helps you build healthier and stronger muscles however helps balance your metabolism

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      I've always had a hard time picking out Quality Workout Drinks, thanks for putting together this list. Basically all of my friends take C4, I will try that next.

    • SagaSphere profile image

      SagaSphere 4 years ago

      Thanks for all of the great feedback guys. A quick edit to the source of this information--

    • profile image

      ashish 4 years ago

      Hi as my name already givenabove I would like know that I am going to my near by gym for 2hrs daily making my body a huge build up and weight is now 60kg and height is about 5.5inches ,I m confused what pre work out supplement I should take and do they have any side effects or not in long term please suggest me immediately on my id :

      Thanks & regards


    • Andy Bui profile image

      Andy Bui 4 years ago

      Fit Trainer by MHP, Jack3d by USP, Supp-D by NLA Performance and some people say 1Mr by BPI( though i personally don't like 1MR) are also worth trying out. Your other supplements are good too.