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My Weight Loss Journey + Weekly Health Blog

Updated on September 24, 2019
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Chris is a blogger who struggled with obesity since age 8 - those days are over. Starting weight: 311 lbs* (*314 lbs 08/05/19) Goal: 164 lbs

My Weight Loss Stats

Current Weight
Change This Week
Total Weight Lost Since 01/2019*
Starting Weight
311 lbs
Week 1
307 lbs
- 4 lbs
4 lbs
Week 2
306 lbs
-1 lb
5 lbs
Weeks 3-35
Hey, let's all...
...just forget about...
...weeks 3-35, ok?
Week 36
309 lbs
+3 lbs
* 5 lbs since new high of 314 lbs 08/05/19
Week 37
306 lbs
- 3 lbs
8 lbs since 08/05/19
Week 38
308 lbs
+ 2 lbs
6 lbs

Day 1 - Weight: 311 lbs

Ugghh. These pics are so embarrassing! I can't believe I let myself get this fat.
Ugghh. These pics are so embarrassing! I can't believe I let myself get this fat.

My Weight Loss Journey Begins (January 2019)


My name is Chris Desatoff, and I've been overweight for my entire life. I have never known what it feels like to be skinny and light on my feet.

Nicknamed, "Chubz", hardly a day went by during elementary school that I wasn't teased about my weight - and that was by my friends!

I tried out for basketball and baseball in 6th grade (never even knew about football tryouts until after they were over), but I never made the cut. Sometimes I wonder how my life might have gone in a totally different direction if our school simply allowed the fat, slow kids to be on the team too.

In junior high, one of the football coaches called all the 7th grade boys on the school roster and invited them to come out for flag football, so I showed up. Shortly after joining the team, I got hit with pneumonia - and then my mom died - and so I missed several weeks of school (and football practice).

When I finally came back to school and played in my first football game, I had no idea what was going on. My friend (who was not on the team) said that lineman can't use their hands and need to keep their arms folded in front of them.

So I did that.

I was in the game for two plays.

I looked like a fool and got knocked on my ass (maybe I should have used my hands a little like everyone else?).

And I got teased about it the next Monday at school in front of my whole class and never went back to practice after that.

I stretched out a little as I got taller in high school, but my self-esteem still sucked. I was always chubby and never had a girlfriend until after I lost weight in my 20's.

The closest I've ever been to a normal weight - other than when I was a toddler - was from 1993-1997 (age 18-22). I had a couple of years there where I leaned out enough to look normal. I wasn't skinny or anything, but I looked okay in shorts and a tank top.

And then I got a girlfriend, married her and began packing on the pounds again. So that means it's totally my wife's fault, right?


Let's go with that. :)

So now at age 43, with a bodyweight of 311 pounds, I'm ready to make some big changes in my life - and getting my weight under control is at the top of my list.

NOTE: Today (Day 1 of this weight loss challenge) is actually Friday, and I don't want to wait until Monday to start. So "Week 1" will only consist of three days (Friday through Sunday), with my final weigh-in on Sunday. After that, each week will go from Monday through Sunday with weigh-ins happening only once per week on Sundays.

Chubz sez hi.
Chubz sez hi.

My Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

As far as exercising goes, I'm looking into some different programs right now but haven't decided on one to follow. I will update as I go.

So for the time being, I'll just use the equipment that I have available to me in the exercise room here in my condo complex, and I'll probably add in some walking here and there to boost my calorie burn a little.

Our little gym has a multistation where I can do some basic weightlifting exercises:

  • bench press
  • shoulder press
  • triceps pressdowns
  • biceps curls
  • rows
  • pec flyes
  • side laterals
  • front raises
  • rear delt laterals
  • lat pulldowns

We also have a dumbbell here at home, so I'll use that for some extra sets to round things out. Then I might do some bodyweight exercises for my legs and core too.

My Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Honestly, I don't have any detailed plan at this point, at least in terms of macros and calorie counts and whatever else. I actually prefer not having a complicated diet that requires calorie-counting, weighing everything, etc. I'd rather just follow a diet with a few loose rules to guide my food choices without making me feel deprived or stressed out.

Believe it or not, I was actually considering doing this #carnivorediet that has been taking YouTube by storm over the last several months. Yes, there are actually quite a few people out there who believe that nature intends humans to be carnivores and eat nothing but meat. Most of them are converts from the ketogenic diet who migrated away from all plant-based foods into a carnivore lifestyle.

I have mixed feelings about it, but I was considering giving it a try, simply due to the large number of positive stories circulating about people who lost weight, beat anxiety and depression and cured all their diseases while cleaning up their skin to boot.

Sounds familiar, right?

Sounds like vegans to me.

And while many of these folks love to quote a handful of scientific studies and experts who back up their diet claims, I get the feeling that most of this movement is really just a reaction to hardline veganism.

You've got the veggie police on one side, going around hating on everyone who eats meat and yelling at wannabe vegans like, "Non-dairy creamer and leather shoes are not vegan!"

And so now you've got the carnicops going around hating on vegetarians and screaming at poser carnivores like, "Coffee and black pepper are not carnivore!" and showing off how they love to eat their ribeye steak with a side of - another ribeye steak!

They all sound like politicians to me. And while I'm not into their politics, I was actually going to give it a try. Why? Because when you've been fat your entire life, and despite all your efforts over the years you just can't seem to turn things around - you get a little desperate.

And all those personal testimonies that sound too good to be true start making you want to go for it. After all, can the carnivore diet really be any worse than what you've been doing for the past 30 years?

So I tried it.

Carnivore Diet cartoon by Chris Desatoff
Carnivore Diet cartoon by Chris Desatoff

Week 1 Workouts

10 min walk
3 sets of DB exercises
30 min treadmill 4% @ 2.5mph

Week 1 Meals

6 hamburger patties
2 hamburger patties + 1 scoop rice + 1 cookie
2 hamburger patties + 1 egg + rice
2 hamburger patties + rice
3 hamburger patties
2 hamburger patties + 1 can chili + rice
1 flatbread (plain)
avocado/cheese sandwich w/ mayo + Dinner #2 (mac & cheese)
Grocery store haul for my first week of the Carnivore Diet
Grocery store haul for my first week of the Carnivore Diet

Week 1 - Starting the Carnivore Diet (Friday 01/25/2019)

Today is my first day on the carnivore diet. This morning I went to the grocery store to load up on meat and eggs for this week. My total cost was $40 and change. Here's what I bought:

  • 10 lbs ground beef (72% lean)
  • 2.73 lbs pork chops
  • 18 eggs
  • 2 cans tuna
  • 1 can salmon
  • 1 bag fried pork rinds

My downfall here is that I don't really like cooking.

But fortunately for me, my son actually loves to cook, and since he's getting into bodybuilding, he was pretty happy to see those two big logs of ground beef! So he cooked up all 10 pounds of ground beef into hamburger patties in one shot - along with 4 eggs to hold them together.

So I will be eating burgers for the next few days, along with some eggs and pork chops at some point.

10:00a - Meal 1

As I type this, I just finished eating my first meal consisting of 6 patties. They were about 1/4 pound each, so that was about 1 1/2 pounds of meat right there, with a little bit of egg and salt mixed in. There were no other seasonings, sauces or sides. Just the burger patties with salt.

I'm full! I feel totally satisfied, as expected. Now I'm just sipping some water and waiting for my food to settle so that I can go work out at our gym. Then I guess I'll go eat one more meal tonight, and that should do it for the day.

Oh yeah, I also ate some pork rinds when I got home from the store.

My first Carnivore Diet meal - was filling AF!
My first Carnivore Diet meal - was filling AF!

My Carnivore Diet Fail (But At Least I Lost 4 Pounds)

Aaaannd...we're done!

I literally lasted less than one day before I quit the carnivore diet!

I ate hamburgers all day long. I felt nice and full - totally satiated. I enjoyed my burgers.

But I was craving rice, man. I just wanted some carbs to go with all that meat. I held out for almost the entire day before I finally said f*ck it and gobbled up a scoop of steamed rice.

I finally got to a point where I had an epiphany. I realized - or rather, remembered - the most important lesson I've learned over a lifetime of being a fatty in the trenches.

Dieting Rule #1: Don't choose a diet that makes you feel deprived or requires tons of self-discipline

I think that's the best nugget of dieting wisdom I've discovered over the years. If you're on a diet, and you can't see yourself eating this way for the rest of your life and loving it, then that diet is doomed to fail at some point.

If your diet requires tons of self-discipline, then you will quit at some point. Let's face it - if you had tons of self-discipline when it comes to food, you wouldn't be fat in the first place! So this is not the right way to go.

Temporary diets yield temporary results. And I'm not interested in temporary results. So that means I need to choose a lifestyle rather than just a diet. And to be fair, many people consider the carnivore lifestyle to be one that they will love forever.

But I like carbs.

Not only that, but the vast majority of scientific experts, doctors and nutritionists in the world agree that humans have evolved to be omnivores and that we need to eat both plant foods and animal foods for optimum health and longevity.

So I'm back to eating both meat and carbs without trying to deprive myself of any particular food group - and that includes pizza, burritos, ramen noodles, ice cream and beer. It's all fair game, at least from time to time.

So What's My Diet Going Forward?

One thing that really got my attention during my failed 1-day carnivore diet experiment is that I felt so full from that one single meal that I could have gone the rest of the day without eating, if it weren't for that carb craving.

When I ate that rice, I wasn't even hungry on a physical level. If anything, I still felt a little full, even though it had been almost eight hours since I last ate.

That got my attention.

And that experience is very common among the carnivore crowd. Many of them find that they have zero hunger all day long and only eat one meal a day (OMAD) or two meals a day (2MAD).

Once they get past the initial transition and adapt to the carnivore diet, they find that their cravings go away and they almost never feel like snacking between meals.

One reason for this is that protein and fat are very satisfying. You can eat pasta and veggies and feel hungry again a couple hours later. But if you eat a big steak - with or without carbs - you aren't going to feel hungry again for quite awhile.

So I'm thinking I'll make it a point to include a large portion of fat and protein - like a nice, big fatty steak or a full pound of hamburger patties - as my main course and supplement that with some carbs and veggies. Then, if I feel full for a long time afterwards, I might just limit my eating patterns to two meals a day with little or no snacks in between.

And of course, water - I'll include lots and lots of water to aid digestion and to keep myself well-hydrated.

Okay, so that wraps up the first week of my weight loss journey in 2019. I lost 4 pounds, even though my "diet" only lasted a single day. I guess the exercise helped. I'll post the next update next Monday for Week 2.

If you want to give a little support and encouragement, please do so down in the comments section below. And if you're blogging about your own weight loss challenge in 2019, then comment and let me know about it.

REMEMBER: this is an ongoing blog post, so be sure to come back to this same post next Monday for Week 2. See you next week!

Week 2 Workouts

18 sets upper body
20 minutes walking
100 reps calisthenics (squats + pushups)

Week 2 Meals

2 chicken tenders + fries + 1/2 slice Texas toast + coleslaw
1 pork chop + rice + choy sum + 1 lb meatloaf
1 lb meatloaf
2 slices supreme pizza
1 lb meatloaf
2 Sausage Mcmuffins w/ egg
large french fries
1 can tuna + rice (sushi bowl)
2 bowls creole macaroni
1 bowl creole macaroni
1 bowl creole macaroni
1 bowl creole macaroni
large french fries
3-4 lbs meat + seafood
creole macaroni
1 can cream corn + rice
Beef/veg stir fry + rice
2 pieces fried chicken + rice + handful almonds
pasta salad

Week 2 - Lost Another Pound, 2MAD + Getting Back in the Gym

As I looked at my workouts and meals here in week 2, I was a little nervous stepping on the scale. But I'm happy to report that my weight loss continued into week 2, and I lost another pound. So that puts me down five pounds total so far.

Looking at my exercise habits this week, I obviously need to work on getting into the gym more consistently. But, although I blew off exercise for the first half of the week, I did manage to get into our little gym here and put in a decent amount of work lifting weights.

I should probably start writing down my exact weights for those who are interested in the details, but here's what I remember doing:

  • lat pulldowns: 5 sets
  • rows: 3 sets
  • chest presses: 3 sets
  • cable flyes: 3 sets
  • triceps pressdowns: 3 sets

It was a pretty good workout. I worked up a good sweat, and my shoulders and tris were pretty sore the next couple days. My pecs don't seem to get stimulated properly when using this chest press station, but I did some pushups leaning against the kitchen counter a couple days later, and that hit them pretty good.

I also got in some bodyweight squats and walking, so I guess that was enough to keep me from gaining weight this week.

Meatloaf + Gym
Meatloaf + Gym

As for diet, I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped, but the week wasn't a total loss.

As I mentioned last week, my very brief experience with the carnivore diet made me appreciate how eating more protein and fat can satisfy your food cravings and keep you from snacking all day.

That has been a real problem for me over the years.

So even though I went right back to eating my carbs, I decided to play around with larger meals and try to go from grazing all day to eating two large, satisfying meals with no snacking in between.

And so far, I did make a little progress.

As you can see from my Week 2 meals chart, I did manage to go on only two meals a day (2MAD) for a couple of days there. And I think that is what made the difference and allowed me to continue to lose weight this week.

Eating fatty meats in large quantities really seems to make a difference. When I eat carbs at every meal with little or even no meat, I'm hungry again before long and find myself mindlessly munching here and there.

So even though I'm eating a fairly high amount of calories with all that fat, I'm so satisfied that I don't eat much else.

And you can see that there were a couple of days where I did eat three meals, but my lunch was actually pretty small. I think that's because I was a little hungry but not famished like I would have been otherwise with my old eating habits.

So coming up in Week 3, I hope to lean a little more into the 2MAD diet approach with plenty of meat to knock out the hunger for several hours at a time.

Okay, so that's it for this week.

Are any of you guys trying to lose weight in 2019? Now that we're into February, are you still keeping up with your weight loss resolutions? I hope so.

There's a comment section down at the end of the article. Maybe I'll see you down there =)

And if not, I hope to see you right back here next Monday for Week 3's update!

Woah, woah, woah... What happened to weeks 3-35?

You know...let's just forget about weeks 3-35...

"These aren't the weeks you're looking for..."

(Waves hand in the air like some kind of jedi...)

Week 36 - Walking Stats

Total Steps:
Average Steps Per Day:

Aug/Sep 2019: Restarting My Weight Loss Journey

So, about a month ago (August 2019), I restarted my weight loss journey after several months of blahh and then hitting my all-time highest weight of 314 lbs on August 5th.

I also started a weight loss vlog on Youtube on Monday, August 5. It was supposed to be a daily vlog, know. I haven't exactly been posting daily lol.

Anyway, so I began documenting my meals last month. I didn't really diet or exercise or anything. I just ate regular food. But I did give myself one rule: no snacking. I just eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with no snacks in between.

To my surprise, I actually managed to stick to that rule for the first couple weeks, and I lost over 10 pounds!

And...then I started breaking my one rule, and over the next couple weeks I gained most of those pounds right back.

So now I'm at 309 lbs, which is 5 lbs down from the beginning of August. And it's still lower than when I started back in January at 311 lbs. So at least I'm not back where I started - or even heavier.

Anyway, folks, I guess we're all caught up. Let's try this again!

Wish me luck!

(Updates every Monday...I think.)

Weight Loss Vlog 1 from 08/05/2019

Week 37 Walking Stats

Total Steps
Average Steps per Day

Week 37 Meals

Campbell's Chicken Dumpling soup + rice
Spaghetti + garlic bread
2 Fish burritos (small)
pork chop + rice
Campbell's Chicken Dumpling soup + rice + garlic bread
Spaghetti + garlic bread
Fish sandwich
Cereal + soymilk
Spicy tuna bowl + rice
Pork w/ veggies + rice
ham sandwich + plantain chips + 2 granola bars
Campbell's Chicken Dumpling soup + rice
4 granola bars + 1 BRC burrito from Del Taco
Chicken fettuccini alfredo
1 Sausage Crunchwrap from Taco Bell
Campbell's Chicken Dumpling soup + rice
4 granola bars
Chili + rice AND meatballs, gravy + rice
butt loads of chocolate =(
Meatballs + gravy + rice
Chili + rice
Chili + rice
2 Crab legs + 2 pc fried chicken
Jack in the Box Ultimate Cheeseburger combo
Del Taco Epic Steak Burrito Combo
Cereal + milk
3 pc fried chicken

Week 37 (September 9-15): The Weight Loss Continues

Okay, so I did pretty horrible on my diet this week. While I'm not really concerned about my calorie intake (I don't count calories anyway) or even the types of food I'm eating, I am disappointed that I ate more than just my allotted three meals per day.

I was snacking left and right and even eating a fourth meal almost every day this week. Tuesday was the only day where I stuck to the plan (3 meals, 0 snacks).

Plus, I didn't get much walking in this week either. In fact, this was my lowest weekly step count total for the entire summer.

BUT...I can't complain.

I'm actually down three pounds from last week's weigh-in. I've lost eight pounds total in the last six weeks, so I'm back on track. I guess I must have been doing SOMETHING right to get the pounds coming back off again.

Week 38 Walking Stats


Week 38 Meals

Chili + 1 slice white bread
Small burrito (beef, pork, beans, veggies)
4 more burritos
beef stroganoff (dinner #2)
beef stroganoff + mash potatoes
beef stroganoff + mash potatoes
beef stroganoff
Campbell's Creamy Chicken Dumpling soup + rice
Del Taco: 2 chicken burritos + 1 beef burrito
beef stroganoff + rice + 1 tortilla
carrot sticks + dip
Kalua (pulled) pork + rice
Kalua pork + rice + bread
Kalua pork + rice + turkey sandwich
carrot sticks + dip + plantain chips
ham sandwich + (BK) Whopper Jr + fries
2 slices pizza
1 chicken thigh
plantain chips
Campbelll's Creamy Chicken Dumpling soup + rice
3 chicken thighs
Tuna + rice
something ???
2 slices pizza
Chili + rice + nachos
Chili nachos

This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2019 Chris Desatoff


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    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      4 weeks ago from USA

      Week 38 update is posted. Guess who's losing weight again...

    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      5 weeks ago from USA

      Thanks, Michael.

      No worries, tho. With Progresso soup, anything is possible.

    • profile image


      5 weeks ago

      I know the feeling. It's still a struggle for me somedays. You just gotta keep trying to do better each day. It's especially difficult when you have to power through depression to boot. I have faith in us, though.

      Never give up, never surrender!

    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      5 weeks ago from USA

      WEEK 36 UPDATE is up...

      (Let's try this weight loss thing again)

    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      8 months ago from USA

      WEEK 2 UPDATE is up...

    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      8 months ago from USA

      DW having a detailed plan and support/accountability can sure be helpful. I'll have to check that out. Thanks

    • DWDavisRSL profile image

      DW Davis 

      8 months ago from Eastern NC

      I, too, have struggled with my weight most of my life, including when I was in the Army. I managed to stay within military limits, but it took a lot of effort.

      Recently, I have joined Noom and find it makes a lot of sense for me. It is not complicated, offers a lot of support and tips, explains things very well, and, while it does require some record keeping about weight and food consumed, it is not an onerous chore.

    • YouGet1Shot profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Desatoff 

      8 months ago from USA

      Thank you, Bill. Sharing our ups and downs is one of my favorite parts of this internet life.

      I’m sure that you’ve encouraged many readers by sharing your struggles and triumphs over the years regarding a variety of issues.

      I hope to do the same.


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      8 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I like that you went public with have my respect but then you always have had. I do think it's important to share journeys like this one...helps you and helps others. Anyway, best wishes on this important journey, my friend.


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