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Talking To Your Younger Self

Updated on May 3, 2018
Being an adolescent girl is both a blessing and an enigma
Being an adolescent girl is both a blessing and an enigma | Source

The Problem of Being a Girl

Being an girl has both blessings and bewilderment.

Blessings: endless energy, elastic skin, hips and thighs that repel carbs, and the world by the tail.

Bewilderment: you think you know it all, when you’re clueless.

The lack of awareness of your vulnerability in this world. The belief that you have all the answers. A recipe for falling into a harsh reality.

Nobody can compete with yout wardrobe or your flawless hairstyle.

You run like the wind, play volleyball like a pro, and you sing like an angel. You are exceptional.

What you don't get is that living in this testosterone-filled world can make or break you.

What is it that I wish my younger self knew?

What would I tell her that would‘be made the maze of life easier to navigate?

Everyone of your peers has many of the same fears and insecurities; push through them and unearth the potential that God put in you
Everyone of your peers has many of the same fears and insecurities; push through them and unearth the potential that God put in you | Source

The Girl In Me

Your innocence is protected by your family and your puppy.

You‘ll become a teen and discover that cynicism replaced innocence.

Don't decide that nobody really cares.

Learn this lesson: God is the greatest gift you will ever receive.

Emptiness can only be filled by His love. Filling it with anything else will only harden you.

He will protect, lead, guide and teach you. He loves you deeply.

You can tell Him anything-He is listening. You are God's daughter-His princess.

Don't allow your strong thighs, round bottom, and naturally sculpted arms to be objects of shame or ridicule.

Be proud. They‘re your heritage. And they show off your athletic ability.

Resist shrinking behind your acne-prone skin. Your beauty is far too radiant to have limits.

You are different from your classmates and your friends. This doesn’t make you a freak - it makes you special.

Don't allow your insecurities or your fears to sideline you.

Do the things that interest you. Join that club, try out for that team, audition for the lead in that musical. Do it afraid.

Your peers have many of the same fears and insecurities. Push through them and unearth the potential God put in you.

Find your voice and don't be afraid to use it no matter who tries to convince you that nobody is interested
Find your voice and don't be afraid to use it no matter who tries to convince you that nobody is interested | Source

3 Goals for a Confident Woman

Three goals to build a successful and healthy life:

1. Find yourself.

Let God lead you through life. Nobody knows you better or has unconditional love.

People will define you if you allow them. Some have pure intentions while others have a personal agenda.

You'll have to learn the difference.

Spiritual guidance will give you that wisdom.

Find your voice. Don't be afraid to use it no matter who tells you nobody‘s interested.

2. Find you purpose.

Discovering your purpose will be an exciting journey filled with joy and sorrow.

You'll discover your heart's desires when you align it with God's purpose.

Pray for guidance. Don't rely only on your decisions.

Become inspired by people around you who are winning.

Research the game-changers. Take the baton to victory.

Explore what your passions. Discover your talents while you‘re young...and free.

Resist the urge to splurge on material things.

Pay your 10%, give to someone in need, and SAVE.

Work smart and hard to turn your dreams into your reality.

3. Become a grown woman prepared to receive your grown man.

You’ll be much more skilled in separating the men from the boys. Love won’t be so confusing.

You‘ll attract love that matches the love you have for yourself. You'll be uncompromising.

You won’t find perfection. But as you become a whole woman, you’ll have the skill set to live in peace and happiness with your equal.

The grace of God is with you as He leads you to your king.

Become the woman that attracts a man that respects and adores you. One worthy to cover your home.

One who stands next to you strong, but gentle as you fulfill your purpose.

- When women begin to truly embrace and love themselves, they will realize the sanctity of the female gender and elevate the next generation.

Be Golden

What advice would you give your younger self?

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