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My daughter has adhd

Updated on February 12, 2015

What Do I Do Now??

I realized early on when my daughter was in Kindergarten that she just wasn't learning as fast as the other kids. Now I know they all learn at different paces but she was falling way behind. Unfortunately at her school she can't get any educational intervention until she started first grade. As a parent this frustrated me. Even her doctor realized something was going on and referred her to a specialist. We had to drive 3 hours to see a neuropsychologist. This is scary just thinking about it. No parent wants their child to have delays and I was scared. It could be something small causing it or it could be something big. The words ADHD were mentioned at the first visit but he didn't really think that was the cause. First grade and second grade came and went and although she was getting special ed in school, she was falling further and further behind. Her teachers mentioned again that she is very squirmy in her seat and just restless. The third time we made the 3 hour drive to see her doctor he once again considered the ADHD route. He actually really watched her this time and worked with her and said "I think this is what is going on." Ok you think is not a great answer but its something. He wanted to wait until the end of summer to try any medications with her. His reasoning for this, I'm not sure. She seen her regular doctor at the end of summer and the whole 3 months all I could think about was the horror stories I have heard about the meds. Were they going to help her or hurt her? It was my job as her mother to determine what was best for her.

Going ahead with meds

I was scared but we decided to try a low dose medication. I was told that she could become a zombie which would mean it was not right for her. The change in her was seen after about an hour of taking her pill. She calmed down and became mellow. At home wasn't a big deal to begin with but when she started third grade they could tell instantly that their was a good change. Her work started to get better and she started reading better. Things went good for quite awhile and then one day things with her changed. She started trying to get out of taking her pill and tried to hide it from me a few times and not take it. I don't know if something happened at school but she really started to feel "different." She is in certain ways but I've never wanted her to feel like it was a bad thing. She started acting up and we decided to take her to a behavioral therapist. It helped a little and she started to become herself again. She had a few more good months again but she is going downhill again. She told me the other day that she feels stupid and wishes she was able to stay with her class all day. My heart sank to know that she thinks that way of herself. I did alot of talking to her and got her to feel differently. Her special ed teacher said that she's not making as much progress but her attitude is getting better again. She is still way behind her class but eventually I am hopeful she will catch up. I still struggle with the fact that I feel like I "dope her up" but I have to consider the alternative. I don't want her falling further behind just because she can't sit still and concentrate. People need to know that medicine is not always the best option but you have to do what is right for your child. She is my special girl and even though we have our difficulties I love her with all my heart and will always do what I need to do to get her through school so she can thrive.


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