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My fourth hub: What is Life?

Updated on January 1, 2016

My fourth hub: What is Life?

Actually the meaning of "life" is not about us, or about man but it was a "gift of God", it is also about his plans and the reasons for "creating us". So that, when you will ask about the meaning of Life it must be according to God's plans which is his purpose in creating us. That means life is sacred and must not be wasted.

"life is a Gift of God" but this gift is different from what we used to receive when we are the one who will give a gift to another person. We are used to gave gifts which is "something one can see and touch" because we are in a materialistic society. And I have to tell you "God's gift cannot be seen and touched."

As far as I am concerned this is the time to define the exact meaning of Life, just take this as my claim and you, my readers will be the judge. Now there are two ways to define Life. The first one as I've said, Life according to the plans of God of which "man" shall submit to his will and the second one is what we have right now, defining Life in our own materialistic ways. Which is defining Life in our own way that is "against the will of God." And I have to say that man has been defiant to God's will and God allowed it.

To be able to know the correct and true meaning of Life is critical and it is too obvious now that man has been wrong "in his Life" and must be corrected but obviously now what is correct is wrong and what is wrong is correct, man deceived himself or in other words he allowed himself to be fooled. That is because he believed in God, the goodness of God but it is only up to there that is he did not care about the purpose of God and instead money is even more important than anything else.

Man must learn to realize that God is the owner of our Life, though he gave it to us because "he loves us". That is why we are given the freedom in what to do with that God given Life we have right now. Unfortunately we instead "Disowned God" that is we acted as if we are now "we are the owner of this life". And obviously I have to tell you that we ruined it. Therefore, there could only be two ways to define Life and that is to return and surrender one's life to its creator or God. And the other one is to defy God's purpose and be in the way without God.

The way of Life with God and without are the very exact opposite of each other and one thing "man don't know is how "Life would be according to the designs of God". It is also a place where people are never materialistic. So that, ownership and possession are not their ways....

God's design

Everything is provided, from food and shelter....

No need for you to till the land, since fruits and crops just grows everywhere;

No need for you to build homes because there are trees where you will be perfectly comfortable under them with the grasses as perfect beds for everyone;

The climate is perfect and the air will always have a flowery scent;

All animals and all other living things are obedient and friendly, you can even touch or catch the fish by your hands they will not resist and have them for food anytime you want;

You will have the noises of the birds as your music they may entertain you in many ways....

The best entertainment of all are the laughters of the people all around you, aside from their singing....

All you have to do is to love God above everything else!

How about the transpotation and communication, since there will be no roads for cars or airplanes, man at this at this level or stage already utilizes 100% potential of his brain because God will not hesitate to share his power to those who already understand his purpose. These ideas are so strange so that a materialistic person will ignore....what a pity!

Now do I have the need to discuss about the world of man? Obviously it is God who owns all "these things around us" but instead "man" wants to replace God obviously he is not aware of it and yet has even the nerve to pray to God, of course for more material possession.

Therefore, the meaning of Life is lost in this materialistic society and if ever we will not pursuit for the "truth" then destruction must be everywhere!

When you look at things which are good then You Stop Thinking and will have full of Hope but when other people look at things which are bad they start to Think for Survival and no more full of Hope but to just keep on working inorder to survive....and just for Survival and nothing else.

We can change the World and the very first step is to start changing ourselves; the meaning of Life is only in one's Mind, your own Creation out of your Wants and Desire that is because Ownership and Possession are only man's whims he wants to rule over everything but that is impossible, changing the World by changing ourselves which will lead us to discover everything about ourselves...until you will realize that we are only a part of the Universe and Becoming One of Them shall be your Greatest Discovery...the Universe is not for mankind to own and possess because it is against the Law of Nature....the dogs and the other lowly creatures knows that very well because ownership and possession is the greatest deception of all and for how long Man being a Slave of it that will be just a matter of changing your mind....and will you Think again!

Searching for the Purpose of Your Existence

The sun, the moon, and the stars, and all those around us knows very well the Purpose of there Existence;

For a Person who is looking for the purpose of his existence has two routes to consider, taking the route of I don't care or come what may, and to struggle to search for it.

The Person who Struggles to find the purpose of his Existence will be the Luckiest if he found it out early in his Teens because many will take a Lifetime and is too late to discover it.

All you have to do is to take it as a quest, search for it, have an open mind, listen to people who deserves your ears and attention and most of all Hope that God will take You there where you really belong.

What is life

There is life when I look at the stars....

There is a shining life with the fierce flame of sunlight....

There is beauty when I am in front of the sunset, the captivating blue skies and the mysteries of the clouds.

Mankind has been unable to define LIfe. But the silent beauty of all these things around where all unappreciated, nobody cares if we are destroying or altering them vanishings its true nature.

Upon the Greatest storm with strong winds and forceful water is the anger of mother nature but right after its wrath the natural beauty will just come back bringing faith to those who were affected. That beauty will never be vanished it is just there waiting for mankind to appreciate and understand it. Alberto F. DeMatta, Jr.

I was ask, "where is hell? I answered "right here....this life." And where we are going when we die. "I said we will just go back to the one who gave this Life to us."( as I've said in my previous blog minus all the memories in our earthly life). Which mean life is not materialistic or earthly. I say this life or earthly existence is hell we don't have to go anywhere else when we die. Heaven is a kind of treasure you have to discover because it is not a certain place when one says it is a perfect place the person talking is materialistic and honestly he does not know very well who created him. In a sense all of us and everything around us comes from only one creator and it must be wrong to say or declare that each of us is unique and can never be the same it is contrary because we should have one common purpose of existence we were not created to please a certain person but the his reasons are so deep that when man will be able to realize no one knows.

Almost all mankind are schooled but absolutely unschooled to extremely ignorant about the meaning of life and existence. It is because there is a conflict, it is like nobody can exist and live without money or the same thing as ownership and possession but I WILL SAY mankind was created for a purpose and not for foolishness or stupidity. The omnipotent being who created mankind is all goodness so that how come man comes out the exact opposite! It is just the weakness of all goodness which you are not allowed to enforced what you want it is not just a simple of giving us the free will because the OMNIPOTENT BEING cannot be a magician like mankind there is the REALITY you have to accept and learn and manage. So, I will say, when mankind be able to realize his stupidity although some but extremely few has the realization already but almost cannot liberate themselves from ownership and possession. What I am talking about is MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING BECAUSE IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when will we be able to perceive the truth will be a big unknown we were created with everything already provided nobody is supposed to have an empty stomach but instead it has been that mankind will never be ever satisfied he wants to have the world all by himself and that means I WILL SAY WE ARE RIGHT NOW IN HELL. It is a very stupid notion when our physical body expires or die then that is the time you either go to hell or heaven I will say it is wrong and making people unfortunately all mankind has been stupid and moron to have that notion!

All of us are very much aware of what are going on around us but when one considers LIFE as too broad when discussed it is like saying you don't really know what is is all about. It is simply as doing what is right and you should not do because it is wrong as simple as that. So, what happens now is LOSING the right or correct way of perceiving life and that is I may an absolute ignorance of the TRUE meaning of life.

Just watch the birds in the skies they don't belong to anyone that is they are free to fly and feed themselves and if they get sick and die nobody cares. But as you watch them LIFE is not a mystery whatsoever. What you reap is what you sow; what you don't do then you get nothing. Therefore LIFE is not for the ignorant you must be smart, clever, witty and extremely intelligent. It is expected therefore that the older you become comes great wisdom and understanding. The meaning of Life are not taught in our schools as simple as nobody cares because all that matters is wealth, money or ownership and possession that is if you have none of those then you are a beggar. If I will say I am a beggar yet I'm the happiest person and looks at you with pity I know you don't care so do I.

Life is all about yourself whatever you do goes back to you and it is either a blessing or a pain.

Nothing is perfect in this life and existence but we got all the tools that is a simple common sense is good enough for you to determine what is good and bad however it is another way around what looks so good is BAD and what is unattractive is actually the good one. Therefore Life cannot be easy you have to struggle to search and discover the truth but it has to be between yourself only nobody else will be involved because only YOU knows exactly Who you are but the way it looks we do not know exactly ourselves. Now what are you going to do then that is your discretion if you choose to do nothing then you will be a person without a purpose and just to be influenced by others of which it goes back to you because you allowed it.

When you are able to reach a certain level of awareness where you can still stand and face life at all times be it death, all the pains physically and emotionally so on and so forth then you will have the beauty of the universe to enjoy and a certain feelings of strength and happiness combined, honestly no exact words can describe it. Be not afraid because you will never be alone because all the grace and gifts abounds in the whole universe....go on and keep on searching to discover the beauty of life.

Do you really know what Happiness is all about? I say no, because it is not possible or impossible in this materialistic existence. Now if you say you are happy because of your family, children so on and so forth then I will call that only as personal happiness. And if you are all alone or just all by yourself and say you are happy then I will say it is not happiness at all. The HAPPINESS I am talking about is Universal Happiness we are provided by a lot of examples if you have a pet dog then take a delicate observations he is just a simple dog without any demands, wants just existing by his instinct as a dog! Nothing more nor less as compared to humans we exist according to what we want or desire I hope you are able to see the difference of what I am trying to shoot my ideas about.

Life is also about bravery and courage but the truth is the more you are able to hide it then how it shows you to be braver that is by having the ability to be calm at all times from normal to abnormal life-threatening I have to say more. But each of us has its own reactions from simple to complicated which will test the wits out you. A sudden outburst of anger then the ability to see yourself or shall I say looking at yourself on a mirror and then quickly go back to calmness because anger is normal per say but brave and great men is in total control of themselves.

This materialistic life and existence really made us extremely busy because you will no longer have time to meditate or have time to think and be able to see the other side. That is having enough is not enough as wants comes in therefore it will be a never ending activity not until sickness or sickbed moments come whether you be able to recover or not then you will be in awe looks like an idiot and say "Hey what's wrong" because you don't understand. As simple as stop thinking of money or stop being materialistic and at least have time to look around and discover things other than money. That is LIFE is not a simple thing, it is not a mere logic only, not even you can catch and be able to perceive like we used to do. Now, if you want to know what I am talking about take a look at the life of the birds or even ants there are so many meanings you can get out of them they are not only feeding and multiplying they have a purpose of existence while you or us never have!

Life is not our own creation because we are just a part of it and because of the plans and wishes of an Omnipotent Being. What is going on right now is that Man in a sense LOST or the reality says man is just crazy as simple as that. Now other than man all the rest are obedient to the Omnipotent Being what are those...the animals, the mother nature, etc. that is they are Pre-set as I term it in my own way, already programmed to do so. And what is wrong with that anyway. If you destroy or alter mother nature it will be foolish not to expect something and it should go back to you as simple as that but Man being materialistic do not care! And that is what I say as crazy but as I look at it not not so with 5 or less percent of the total world population think that way. Crazy people do crazy things and must expect the same thing in return therefore keep doing good and that's it. However in this materialistic world people who does good things becomes the crazy people but if you are really sure what you understand then it will never hurt you!

In a sense Life is a certain decision, that is either you will live as others are you doing and live that way for the rest of your life or to SEARCH where only a few dare such that it will be like you are all by yourself only since it is not something that you can talk about freely. Also there is no other means you can find somebody with the same advocacy as yours that means you must have the courage for an impossible quest. Again I will say the true meaning of Life is never about ownership and possession but its exact opposite. You are going to be different than everybody else and get used with it to lead your crusade all by yourself. Now, if you don't understand what I am talking about that is because you do not care.

The meaning of Life cannot be learned in schools we all used to do because it is all nothing but to serve the materialistic society.Just like all types of animals or living things from smallest to the biggest they all have purposes in their existence yet nobody taught them how it is and my simple answer is there is an Omnipotent Being who imposes his well on them unlike us mankind we are free so as even to destroy the natural beauty of earth. It is because we have to Learn about Life all by ourselves as simple as what you "reap is what you sow" it all goes back to you but I don't know for how many thousand of years will mankind realize that everything is mismanaged and I say even idiotic. As far as I am concerned the MEANING OF LIFE WILL JUST START DEEP WITHIN YOU only you PERSONALLY IS RESPONSIBLE for it it is just a matter of RETURNING to BEING YOURSELF NATURALLY it is when you were just like an INNOCENT CHILD no arrogance, open minded yet with humility so as you can easily see yourself.....I know this is confusing but unless AN EFFORT IS EXERTED you will be gifted with LIGHTNESS FEELINGS AND SEE THE BEAUTY OF NATURE GOING DOWN INSIDE OF YOU. If you dare my challenge you got nothing to lose.

Everything started from an Omnipotent Being who discovered THAT LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ONLY AS LONG AS YOU STAY GROUNDED BECAUSE ONCE YOU BECOME ARROGANT THEN YOU WILL BECOME EVIL! The Life we have right now comes from the breathe of the Omnipotent Being....breathe as far as I am concerned it is an ENERGY, waves of energy coming from source. Nobody can see it because we rejected and neglected the WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING being offered to us and instead made a hell out of our materialistic existence right now. So, if you have a friend or wife you loved stop looking at them physically because their beauty is deep inside them that LIFE which made them ALIVE AND EXIST so as when death comes that physical body will just go back to the soil and that is the best thing to do first learn to perceive or see deep inside you and your mother since mothers as far as I am concerned is the instrument of life and her love must be reciprocated as well.

In a sense Life is only made of simple matters but it greatly varies due to personal attitudes that is when you are not humble and there is no need for me to mention what attitudes are the exact opposite of being humble now,the results will be as if you will have no weaknesses or shall I say weak points since nobody can be perfect but there will be moments in one's life that everything's great and the feelings of being overwhelmed that is WHEN mainly you are in an abundance financially situations.However when those great days are over the most disastrous attitudes will be when one cannot look back and AT LEAST LEARNING from our mistakes ACTUALLY SLEEP SHOULD BE A PERSON'S GREAT MOMENT EVERY NIGHT and it will be a NIGHTMARE that will be a HORRIBLE LIFE FOR YOU. I WILL SEE AGAIN NOT UNLESS YOU BECOME HUMBLE THEN YOU WILL NEVER LEARN AND HAVE A NICE DAY IN HELL RIGHT HERE IN THIS LIFE!

What is your decision do nothing or do something if you do nothing then you will get what you don't expect because of your neglect to know and you become irresponsible certainly it is going to hurt you and everything else around you. Mainly almost all man are doing it that is why I CAN SAY CERTAINLY THAT HELL IS JUST RIGHT HERE AND IS MAN-MADE what else do you expect on the other hand it is absolutely impossible that a few are studying and had discovered a lot about the true meaning of life yet the materialistic society do not care about it because there is no money or something to get from it in return. Therefore it is just have something or have nothing with the perception of a materialistic person for him it is RIGHT AND CORRECT and it is the one being thought in our schools shall I say you will have NO TEACHER IN SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH but it will not be enough as the reason since that to be the meaning of life.

How are you doing now? Working hard for your family what about for your self only? Is there such a conflict because it is not possible doing it for one thing it has always something to do with yourself what matters is you just liked doing it.Be it for a profession or your ambitions but there are also people who just do nothing as long as they got some food and that would be satisfactory to them it seems therefore there will be no exact or absoluteness way of saying what Life will be all about. And I say all of these WERE JUST ALL MAN'S WHIMS AND CAPRICES IT IS YOUR OWN DESIRE AND YOU DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH. That there is an Omnipotent Being and to tell you the truth I have no religion but everything will be orderly because it is the designs of a CREATOR that means whether we liked it or not all of us are and will be connected with him and you expired or dies THIS LIFE ENERGY NOT YOUR PRETTY OR UGLY BODY GOES BACK TO HIM THAT ENERGY BELONGS TO HIM! Now would you care to communicate with him AND JUST DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF BECAUSE HE TOO HAS NO RELIGION he just there deep within you WAITING. I guarantee you right after reading this you will have the MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE TONIGHT AND WE CALL THE SLEEP...SLEEP AND SLEEP. Because not all of mankind will have that...I see only a few...very, very few.

A materialistic person will say that the meaning of life IS LIKE PUTTING THE OCEANS IN A GLASS OF WATER AND I WILL SAY BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT i AM TALKING....arrogance will certainly make you blind and deaf on the other hand there are people who don't know that they are blind and deaf. The Omnipotent Being wants us to be LEARNED OR TO ACQUIRE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING AS LONG AS WE LIVE hence a person who reached the age of 90 must be smiling at you and silently in his mind what a PITY.

If you won't THINK deep enough Life will be just any ordinary days doing what you used to do. Be you a child, teenager, youth, or adult. But with old age when you can already feel that you are somewhat unwanted by the materialistic society if not at a young age but becoming sickly and the bedroom or sickroom will be your palace or prison what ever you call it. Because Life is not only what you GATHER OR LOSE if you accumulated wealth or not those things will matter very much in this materialistic existence but I will say WHAT MATTERS WILL BE THE THINGS YOU LEARNED AND REALIZED SINCE THIS WILL GIVE YOU TRUE HAPPINESS AND THE FEELINGS OF BEING WORTHY IN THIS LIFE. It is like the difference of FEELING EMPTY and the FEELINGS OF YOU FACING THE HORIZON ITS BLUE SKIES AND THE WAVES OF THE SEE AND YOU THERE PROUD AND THE FEELINGS OF SATISFACTION WITH NOTHING WHICH ARE MATERIAL OR SOMETHING YOU OWNED OR POSSESSED....THINK ABOUT IT!

We call this Existence as LIFE, you see how long MANKIND been with Life and as far as I am concerned the BIG PURPOSE OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING IS TO TEACH US AGAIN TO TEACH US! And I believe this Body, the physical structure you got now is nothing since it will just decay when one dies but it is packed with an UNKNOWN ENERGY THAT MAKES IT ALIVE OR HAS LIFE. Now, now matter what we do like this man made materialistic society because for as long we won't recognized what is INSIDE OF IT that which comes from the Omnipotent Being THEN REALIZATION WILL NEVER TAKE PLACE AND I WILL LET YOU THINK WHAT IS IT AND FEEL SOMETHING......

Are you a genius, bright or intelligent guy but I will challenge you because you cannot answer WHAT IS LIFE? This kind of question of which even the most ignorant or unschooled person up to a person with a Ph.d degree will never have a sure answer because each of them will have their own answers or descriptions to that question. Those are all PERSONALIZED ANSWERS which is an answer what they want the society or world to be according to their wants and desires I SAY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN he allowed us to be in trouble and hardship ever since.....but with arrogance and unable to get rid of that attitudes instead of being forgiving and humble than mankind has not learned his lessons yet. though "what is life" is not an easy question but you must study and be learned about it whether you liked it or not for as long as you are unable to attain a certain level of wisdom and understanding you will never have happiness and satisfaction in life these are not found in schools you have to DISCOVER IT YOURSELF.

What is the difference between being poor or rich simple minded people will say naturally I prefer to be rich but what if I will say I am poor but perfectly happy and always sleeps soundly every night and on the hand the rich man will have various problems. Generally all wants o be rich and the rich wants to be richer all of us wants more therefore no satisfaction or never to be contented whatsoever ( I will quote I won't help the poor because it will not to do anything instead I will tell him honestly YOU CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTIONS ON LIFE). Now, I will say there is no difference at all whether you are poor or rich yet not truly happy and satisfied in life then HAVE A NICE DAY IN HELL. In this case I don't believe that there are a few people who have achieved a certain level of REALIZATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT that I can say they are now currently experiencing HEAVEN RIGHT HERE IN THIS MATERIALISTIC WORLD SOME OF THEM ARE POOR AND SOME RICH BUT ONE THING IS SURE THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL ALWAYS BE WITH THEM....HE WILL NOT LIVE THEM.

There is an Omnipotent Being the CREATOR and he has no religion and like any group of people it has both ways bad and good and cannot be PERFECT. If you think Religion can change you then go ahead WE ARE GIVEN THE FREE WELL AND WE MUST HAVE ALL THE FREEDOM AND NOBODY CAN TELL US WHAT TO DO. Because Life is an individual's responsibility and you cannot be dictated even by a SUPPOSED GOD BECAUSE THE TRUE AND REAL GOD IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE LIKE THAT. I will tell you what is my perception I have no religion not I'm not against my parents' religion but nobody can take away my freedom I want TO THINK AND STUDY AND LEARN AND DISCOVER FREELY BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT EXACTLY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS US TO DO. There will be PEACE IN THIS WORLD IF you are capable to CHANGE YOUR SELF and not even God can help you with that how must more that Religion you are talking about. The whole universe was ever since created WITH ORDERLINESS AND MAN IS THE DESTROYER OR THE ONE WHO IS DOING DISORDERLINESS NOW START WITH YOUR SELF AND HAVE A LIFE OF ORDERLINESS. If you cannot understand me SEEK WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING YOU MAY DO IT ALL BY YOUR SELF ONLY BECAUSE NOBODY CAN HELP YOU ONLY GOD AND NOT RELIGION AGAIN i WILL SAY!! NOT YOUR RELIGION.Now, If you still cannot understand me then continue destroying your self and the world.

Whether bad or good it will be up to your own makings and it has nothing to do WITH GOD YOUR RELIGION OR YOUR PARENTS YOU MUST NOT BLAME ANYONE OR ANYBODY. What happened to you since childhood in which you either liked or not worst or painful be it be then it is your decision if you STAND UP AND FACE THE SUN AGAIN THAT WILL BE YOUR DECISION. Since we have to evolve and WE HAVE THE FREEDOM TO THINK AND LEARN NO RELIGION SHALL DICTATE US AND TO TELL EVERYTHING WHAT WE WILL DO AND NOT if ever you get into it then a DOG IS A LOT BETTER THAN YOU. Life therefore is about CHANGE specially your attitudes and I will say again ARROGANCE WILL MAKE YOU BLIND then if you liked it go ahead it is your life. WHATEVER YOU ARE DISABLED OR COMPLETE, SICK OR DYING EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. THINK!!! THINK!!! Change and LEARNING goes together IT IS VERY EASY WHEN YOU HAVE CHANGED YOU WILL HAVE A LIGHTENED FEELINGS..IT WILL SURELY FEEL GOOD IF YOU CHANGED BAD THEN IT WILL FEEL HEAVY AND I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE YOUR SLEEP WILL BE A NIGHTMARE OR SLEEPLESS. Now if you want Peace YOU MUST START IT TO YOUR SELF.

As of this very moment LIFE must be considered as something which is complicated actually we are all running out of time. If you are rich then it must be wrong to consume all your time to much more than you got now and if you are poor you are using all your time for wealth and no more time to lament what else other than what we used to do since LIFE is not that simple because it is all BEYOND LOGIC there are so many things you don't know and YOU NEED TO DISCOVER THEM otherwise if you won't then consider your life as WASTED. You must be A THINKER, keep on STUDYING AND LEARNING and I will say what we learned from schools ARE ALL WORTH NOTHING BECAUSE THOSE CANNOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE. WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING is a kind of learning which will gave you the SELF RESPECT AND CONFIDENCE no matter what happens either in sickness, to calamities and death. A kind of self respect that you will have the understanding to face them but that should not be enough whatsoever, then have the learning to understand and discover more so that more questions will come out and needs answers every time..In this case you have to ask those questions and you are also the one to answer them so on and so forth. You take note this is only the starting and others will be a lot more complicated that will not only make you a better person but up to point which you are already sure that YOU HAVE ALREADY LEARNED ABOUT LIFE NOT ONLY ITS PURPOSES BUT THE EVENTS TAKING PLACE.

Life WHAT IS IT ABOUT IT! It is a GIFT but perhaps you don't like it or you don't care characteristically IGNORED AND NEGLECTED. In this materialistic society which is all about POVERTY and RICHES OR WEALTH which is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF SHARING AND GIVING. Actually poverty is only man's CREATIONS simply because the Omnipotent Being can give us all what we NEEDED BUT NOT WHAT WE WANT THEREFORE POVERTY ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE ARROGANT. Life can be so SIMPLE if only those POOR PEOPLE WILL THINK OF GIVING AND SHARING NEVER MIND THE RICH BECAUSE THEY ARE ARROGANT AND SELFISH. JUST GIVE AND SHARE WHAT IS NEEDED AND NEVER WHAT YOUR WANTS ARE.

Mankind has been experiencing all about LIFE I say it because it is still going on right now and he is still at a lose and there seems to be no end to what are now taking place and I repeat ONE MUST START DOING IT TO YOUR SELF. Being matured and having the knowledge about YOUR SELF. This case is unique because you cannot compare notes with the others and you have to do it ALONE. But some who have attained a higher level might be willing to talk about it because it will be like allowing OTHERS TO SEE YOUR CARDS AND THAT IS NOT GOOD IN A POKER GAME. It will be only possible WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER IN A MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY A WORLD WHICH WAS WHEN ADAM AND EVE ONCE LIVED.Therefore what I am talking about A PERSON CAN ONLY BE MATURED WHEN HE HAS OBTAINED A CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE ABOUT LIFE AND ONE INDICATIONS THAT HE HAS HE IS ALREADY ABLE TO OVERCOME THE ATTITUDES OF ARROGANCE AND IS ALREADY HUMBLE WHICH MEAN HE IS CAPABLE TO ACCEPT HIS MISTAKES THEN THE ABILITIES TO LEARN FROM THEM AND ABLE TO CHANGE HIS ATTITUDES INTO A BETTER ONE. Hope you are able to digest what I am talking about.

Life, everything about is has been PLANNED ALREADY BY OUR CREATOR therefore we just cannot do anything since we are only his creations. But what is taking place right now is an anomaly Man has it in its own way and REJECTED HIS TIES WITH HIS CREATOR and the Creator or the Omnipotent Being ALLOWED IT. That is what we call as we had been given the FREE WELL or to do as what we pleased and unfortunately we choose to go to HELL that is because of our IGNORANCE. And that HELL is RIGHT HERE THIS LIFE WE ARE HAVING NOW. And the best thing to do for those who are able to HAVE THE REALIZATIONS is to go back to our CREATOR. BUT SINCE THE TIES HAD BEEN SEVERED you must have the WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING TO GO BACK TO HIM. And it is your sole responsibility to learn how THAT IS BY STUDYING LIFE AND ONE WAY IS TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES SUCH AS FROM BEING ARROGANT TO BECOMING HUMBLE.

I am 55 years old maybe some will measure their success according to the achievements of their children and if not how many they owned and possessed or wealth accumulated after all the years. But I say the BEST IS HOW YOU LEARNED.about Life. In such a way the REALIZATION YOU GATHERED WILL MAKE YOU DIFFERENT PERSON SUCH AS FROM being hotheaded to calmer until becoming coolheaded you see it will make a lot of difference in your personality. Such as the changes on one's attitudes as to how you deal will different people since the effect will be you will learn more and more as you become older.WHAT I WANT TO EMPHASIZE IS THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING YOU ARE ABLE TO REALIZED SINCE WITH IT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING AND WHAT ARE GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD. And of course you can understand what I am talking about. So getting older means not becoming better than before but more on the BRAINS I see that is what the Omnipotent Being wants us to do. This Life is not about YOUR POVERTY OR DISSATISFACTION OR WEALTH BUT about the BEAUTY OF HIS CREATIONS AND I SAY THE MORE YOU APPRECIATE THEM THEN YOU ARE ALREADY IN HEAVEN.


Life does not end at old age, not even in your sickbed. I plan if ever when I got there either sick or healthy I will be the most cheerful old man and hope I will have listeners for my stories and ideas. Simply being good with everyone really matters though you are not rich but A GOOD ATTITUDE AND A GREAT PROMISE ABOUT LIFE REALLY MATTERS. But before reaching old age one of the greatest mistake anyone committed IS THE FAILURE TO HAVE TIME WITH THEMSELVES ALONE. IT IS A BROAD IDEA AND EXTREMELY DIFFICULT but not impossible to understand after all ONLY IF YOU WANT TO DO IT. I have to say this again THAT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS IN A CONTAINER OR AN ENCLOSURE OF COURSE IT IS TOO HUGE THAT ALL THE MILKY WAY SO AND SO FORTH ARE CONTAINED IN IT SO THAT THE "LIFE ENERGY" IS ALL OVER US IT HAS WAVES LIKE THE WATER AND THE PERSON WHO KNOWS THAT ENERGY WELL CAN PUSH THE WAVES OF THAT ENERGY TO PROTECT HIMSELF BECAUSE IT WILL HARM THE IGNORANT. This is out of topic but I just want to let you know that Life is not a simple Matter A ROBOT OR A CLONE IN SUCH A WAY THAT MAN WILL BE LIKE GOD TO CREATE HIS OWN IMAGE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE since you have been created already by an OMNIPOTENT BEING who are you anyway!

Life is good as long as you can see and touch it UNFORTUNATELY YOU CANNOT SEE THE ENERGY WHICH CAUSES EVERYTHING TO HAVE LIFE it is not like an electric current that sparks and works to fuel this technology. In this materialistic society it falls to be the most less appreciated even to being neglected and then rejected but it just RIGHT THERE INSIDE US????? YES, YOU CANNOT SEE AND TOUCH IT BUT IF YOU CARE IT IS THERE! If you are a person who takes this materialistic life as EVERYTHING then you change your attitudes because I see I am not alone on this and we are enjoying LIFE THOUGH DEPRIVED OF THOSE MATERIALISTIC LUXURIES a person who has the MEANING OF LIFE WILL BE LIBERATED FROM POVERTY though in the eyes of the materialistic people is in dire POVERTY BUT TAKE A ONE SHOT LOOK AT HIS EYES AND YOU CAN FEEL THE SELF RESPECT AND CONFIDENCE BECAUSE HE HAS THE BEAUTY OF LIFE WHILE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OF THOSE.

What is the difference between a poor and wealthy person though we can also consider those in between which is neither poor nor rich. Can you see the difference here because in a sense we are measuring just like in OLD TIMES/ANCIENT which is if you have a heavier gold in your pocket then that that is your wealth if you got a sackful wow that is must be something else. That is the reality of this materialistic society. a rich man usually are not humble and that means the tendencies to be arrogant over another such thing as DISRESPECT but as a whole what matters in LIFE IS ATTITUDES AGAIN I WILL SAY RELIGION CANNOT HELP YOU WITH IT BECAUSE A RELIGIOUS LEADER CAN ALSO BE ARROGANT.If I will say I AM POOR THEN SO WHAT!!! i RESPECT AND LOVE MYSELF AND I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE HE WILL BE WITH ME TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME AND MY FAMILY AND SOME FRIENDS WHO DESERVE IT AND THE MOST VITAL OF ALL HE WILL PROTECT ME!!!!! But that is in one condition KNOW THE MEANING OF YOUR EXISTENCE OR YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US BY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING AND EXIST ON THIS LIFE ACCORDING TO WHAT HE WANTS AND NEVER!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!! DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHY HE HAS ALL THE RIGHT BECAUSE HE CREATED YOU!!!!!! AND HIS CREATIONS IS NOT FOR ANYTHING CRAZY HE CREATED THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE OF LOVE THEREFORE DO WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO WITHOUT GETTING ANYTHING IN RETURN!!!!!!!!

My story about "peace of mind" everything you see around the world has been going on long before your birth or since you were born and what are those!!!! The typhoons, earthquakes, ect.,the killings, wars, hunger and anger what I have to say more. These things are all man-made such things which were allowed by the Creator or Omnipotent Being. Except the animals and the trees so on you can see and feel the Creator in them though disturbed due to the craziness of man. Now I doubt it YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING OR DISCUSSING ABOUT it is better you must say I come from another planet. I AM JUST DESCRIBING HELL WHICH WAS CREATED BY ,MAN. Though "peace of mind" should be something strange. Of all the diseases and anybody getting sick or has died, etc as others has been a victim over another or by natural destruction, etc WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO. KEEP YOUR SELF STRONG...LIFE MUST GO ON THOUGH YOU ARE NOW ALL ALONE WHICH IS NOT SO SIMPLY BECAUSE SOMEBODY CREATED YOU AND GIFTED YOU WITH LIFE FOR A PURPOSE. As far as I am concerned "peace of mind" is about STRENGTH AND ABOVE ALL THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING THAT LIFE IS NOT FOR SOMEONE OR SOMEBODY OR FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT. IT IS THEREFORE THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING TO KNOW WHAT THE CREATOR OR OMNIPOTENT BEING ;LIKE YOU TO DO SINCE IT WILL BE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CREATOR ONLY.

Perhaps you would ask me WHO AM I? Talking all about these things, I will tell you I am not WORTHY OF ANY OF YOUR APPRECIATIONS WHATSOEVER because I am just like anybody else FEELING ALL THE ANGST AND STUPIDITY OF THESE CRAZY MATERIALISTIC EXISTENCE but generally A MATERIALISTIC PERSON CANNOT SEE THE REAL ME INSIDE EVEN MY WIFE AND I DO NOT CARE ABOUT IT ALL I CARE IS I UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING AND ALSO I AM SURE HE IS TO ME AS WELL.If I will say I know what I am doing and the purpose of my existence you won't care simply because there is NO MONEY IN THIS. So, here I am just like anybody else no differences whatsoever just DEEP INSIDE BUT DON'T BOTHER YOU CANNOT SEE IT ANYWAY. This is my ADVOCACY THAT THERE IS LIFE OTHER THAN THE MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY WE ARE HAVING RIGHT NOW and it is up to you to take it or not THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Have you wondered why we cannot see God? That is if he allowed that then he ceases to be God on the other hand if you will be able to see God then you will die. That is because our physical body is not everything there is something deep within it that you have to discover because like God or the Omnipotent Being which you cannot see how much more because you are also UNABLE TO SEE OR PERCEIVE OR UNDERSTAND THE REAL YOU DEEP WITHIN YOU and you know what is it!!!! That is WHAT MADE YOU ALIVE OR HAS LIFE. You have to reach that level first or that kind of understanding and there and only there you will have a certain impression of God what I am talking about WHICH SUGGEST IM-MATERIALISM YOU HAVE TO CHANGE A LOT OF THINGS AND FORGET ABOUT POVERTY BECAUSE IF YOU ARE ABLE TO REACH A CERTAIN KIND OF UNDERSTANDING THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL FEED YOU he did not created you to be HUNGRY not unless you are able to FIND OR SEARCH THE PURPOSE OF YOUR EXISTENCE. Therefore you will be in the path which is not seeking riches or wealth but LIVING BY THE TRUTH and I have to remind you THAT THIS IS NOT A RELIGION hence just between you and the Omnipotent Being only personally and no need to talk about it to anybody just simply as you go you go older so as your UNDERSTANDING and that you are going TO SHARE TO THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO LISTEN ONLY AND DO NOT FORCE IT OR CONVINCE OTHERS BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A KNOWLEDGE YOU HAD OBTAINED. A kind of knowledge and understanding YOU YOUR SELF EXPERIENCED.

The Omnipotent Being is UNSEEN or INVISIBLE because he has no need for a PHYSICAL BODY and if you want to see him then KILL YOUR PHYSICAL BODY BY BECOMING IM MATERIALISTIC it is possible in this kind of existence we are having right now since the situations are almost are materialistic while a few is not materialistic BUT!!!! has to exist and live in this materialistic society BUT!!!! having the understanding as well as enjoying the beauty of the CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING they could see or perceived it since all of these creations are unseen if a person is materialistic because his ARROGANCE MADE HIM BLIND AND DEAF.


One day a very kindhearted man was told by his wife for more than 20 years, I was able to meet another man and decided to go with him.....The kindhearted man replied, "if you will be happier with him then from now on you are free and I relieved all my responsibilities and attention to you.....Good Luck then.

After several years the wife came back to the kindhearted man....I made a mistake...please forgive me...I'm begging for it Please....The kindhearted man replied, No problem I can forgive you but as I've said you are now free and you'd better FORGIVE YOUR SELF since I think there is nothing's wrong with me that is why you returned AND YOU CANNOT FORGIVE YOUR SELF IF YOU WILL BE BACK HERE WITH ME I SUGGEST DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE....GOOD LUCK THEN.


The one who has the UNDERSTANDING IS CALLED A COWARD in this materialistic world. Simply because you are going to avoid troubles or to fight it out with others or anything which goes in your life....just AVOID WORTHLESS ACTS. That sometimes it is a LOT BETTER TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH or ignore them altogether because there are a lot of better things to do. You must have the abilities to distinguish THE WORTHINESS OF EVERY DETAILS FOR EVERY SITUATIONS IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE. I suggest you avoid arrogant people never confront them since it will be an intelligent decision and if a coward rather than becoming like them since ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT EVENTS IN OUR LIFE IS TO STAY CALM AND IN TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR SELF SUCH AS THE BRAINS DOMINATES THE EMOTIONS BECAUSE THAT IS ONE WAY THAT YOU WILL BE IN YOUR STRONGEST. Gather wisdom and learn for your every encounters in life though if ever you commit mistakes and did something wrong always remember the COWARD NEEDS TO BE HUMBLE and you will LEARN BETTER AND SO MANY THINGS, SAY IN ONE MISTAKE YOU WILL HAVE LEARNT 5 TO 10 TIMES and as you go along with Life you must be getting WISER AS YOU GROW OLDER...IT MUST BE WHEN YOU WILL BE AN OLD MAN YOU WILL HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO TEACH THOSE WHO ARE WILL TO LISTEN. Life must not be spent on accumulation of wealth but UNDERSTANDING since you must not care if you are POOR because in life POVERTY DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL BUT UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUTH A BRAVE MAN WILL NEVER FEAR BEING POOR.

If you would consider life is like WHEN WE ARE IN A CAGE...A KIND OF BEING A PRISONER BUT ON OUR OWN MAKINGS. Simply because all of us are undergoing a process whether we liked it or not. That is from an innocent newborn up to when we were trying hard to utter our first words a kind of innocence we were trying very hard to explore the WORLD or the kind of environment we got at home be it good, bad, or fair so on and so forth; until we grew up when we were obsessed with toys...then the laughter of innocence, until the teen age days when we start socializing and having relationships from friendship to intimate so on and so forth, and then the moment of we having children. Now these situations were common to all of us more or less since they cannot be exactly the same regardless of tribes or race or countries. until the middle age and the last one the old age be it healthy or sickly. I MAY SAY AS TO WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE SINCE I AM POINTING OUT THE "THE CHANGES OF ATTITUDES" I REPEAT !!!!!!CHANGES IN YOUR PERSON!!!!! SINCE I WILL SAY GREAT MEN MUST BE ABLE TO CHANGE AS IT WILL BE A GRADE OF HOW FAR THEY HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE. Such as from being IMPATIENT TO BECOMING PATIENCE; FROM BEING EASY TO ANGER TO SLOW ONE SO ON AND SO FORTH. Now if what I am talking about is extremely difficult for you to understand then I am sorry to tell you....A BIG WARNING!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR LIFE. Only a humble person can change his ATTITUDES it is a kind of WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING but the RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN AND STUDY IS YOURS ALONE....NO BOOKS OR SCHOOL ARE AROUND TO TEACH YOU.

Life should have been so simple..a lot.of fresh air no need for an electric fan or typhoons or any calamities whatsoever instead the rain is at all times mild and gentle all the animals from the smallest to the biggest you will surely enjoy their sounds since they love to sing and feeding with the overabundance of fruits and food which Man has not SEEN will never go hungry all you have to do is to enjoy all THE CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WHO IS THERE TO LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU. I think Adam and Eve felt all of these. They have no need of a calendar since they are not pressured by anything....ALL IS THERE. But mankind choose to build buildings and structures and destroyed the trees in exchange for roads, etc. THE PROBLEM IS NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! How much more to UNDERSTAND YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS AND MOST OF ALL EVEN THE MOST RELIGIOUS OF THEM ALL SAYS I CANNOT UNDERSTAND GOD BECAUSE IN THIS MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY IF I WILL SAY I UNDERSTAND GOD THEN I AM CRAZY I AM VERY MUCH AWARE OF IT.....I WONDER WHO IS CRAZY...JUST LOOK AROUND!

Life is a Gift from our Creator but along the way the Bridges between Man and his Creator were destroyed so that Man was LOST he will NEVER KNOW WHERE HE COMES FROM and has no choice but to do everything ALL BY HIMSELF of which the RESULTS HAS BEEN AND UNTIL NOW MISERIES AND HIS ARROGANCE. So, If I will say You are Arrogant then you must answer me....ARE YOU CRAZY? What is HAPPENING IS his INABILITY TO SEE OR PERCEIVED HIMSELF since when he looks at the mirror the IMPRESSIONS WILL BE HIS PHYSICAL LOOKS, CLOTHING AND JEWELRIES AND WHAT ELSE...supposedly he must be able to SEE WHAT THE CREATOR IS ABLE TO SEE BUT AS I'VE SAID THE BRIDGES WERE DESTROYED. And the creator can repair or put it back if he wants to but he chooses TO IGNORE MANKIND.....who will RETURN to his Creator anyway and HOW I say, it will be an individual's RESPONSIBILITY why not TRY IT PERHAPS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO FIND AND DISCOVER THE is your DECISION.

Life is just like what anybody else are doing...if you have the money then enjoy it....if you have no money you either become desperate and or find ways you either sweat it out or hurt other people since money is the most important thing in this materialistic society as simple as that...some maybe able to say more about my description of it. Then you grow old, either a healthy or sickly grandpa and lucky if somebody will take GOOD CARE OF YOU if not "have a nice old age days". MAY I ASK YOU DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING IN THIS LIFE!!!!!! WE CAN SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THAT PROCESS and which we you go YOU ARE FREE. Take a look at the stars, their ORDERLINESS...the beauty those are FOR FREE you must be able to feel something and one is APPRECIATION. When you are in a beach, watch the waves and blue horizon...the clouds CAN YOU NOT FEEL ITS PEACE AND HARMONY? AGAIN THOSE ARE FOR FREE!!!! so on and so forth. WE WERE CREATED FOR A PURPOSE BUT TO KNOW, UNDERSTAND, AND THE WISDOM !!!!!why!!!! it is not for FREE. Our Creator knows a lot that is why YOU CANNOT TALK AND SEE HIM because if he will do it HE WILL CEASE or STOP TO BE AN OMNIPOTENT BEING. LIFE IS NOT THAT SIMPLE WE HAVE TO !!!!!!TEACH!!!!!OUR SELVES!!!! WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING IS NOT FOR !!!!!FREE!!!So the question of what is Life WORK HARD AND LEARN BECAUSE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Do you believe in REINCARNATION YES IT IS TRUE but not going back to life as an animal that is IDIOTIC you be either a man or a woman since it is only physical or flesh and bones only AND THE PURPOSE IS FOR EACH OF US TO DISCOVER AND HOPEFULLY HAVING THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING TO KNOW WHAT IS LIFE AND IN A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL HAVE AT LEAST YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND SOME OF THE PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE what is the point of the OMNIPOTENT BEING ANYWAY!!!! HE CREATED THE UNIVERSE FOR A PURPOSE AND RIGHT NOW MANKIND IS CREATING HIS OWN UNIVERSE!!!!!

What is Life? As far as the materialistic existence of mankind is concerned it will NEVER have a specific answer so as no accurate ideas we can use to describe it that is why I can say directly the question "what is life" will be all about our problems in which I am going to pinpoint something is WRONG our EXISTENCE IS IN TROUBLE ever since and there will be no solutions in sight to resolve it. Simply because this "materialistic society is wrong" and me talking about its wrongness MUST BE CRAZY you see a person who is searching and may have found some understanding of what is going on will be called craze. The only way one could understand the question "what is life" then you have to be like me AND BECOME CRAZY because you must STOP BEING MATERIALISTIC and say if I am POOR or have no money THE ANSWER MUST BE "SO WHAT!" Money is not everything INSTEAD UNDERSTANDING MATTERS. And you cannot do it this way "Hey money is not everything to a FRIEND OR YOUR WIFE, MOTHER, FATHER, ETC. you are not going to convince anybody or anyone but YOU START IT TO YOUR SELF !!!!!FIRST!!!! Simply because LIFE HAS BEEN CREATED BY AN OMNIPOTENT BEING WHO HAS NO RELIGION BUT WHO HAS THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. We got it too!!! THEN BE RESPONSIBLE AND USE YOUR !!!!BRAINS!!! With or without money, sickly or not, and any physical handicap you may have. All of it are just SKIN DEEP, PHYSICAL BUT YOUR MIND IS INTACT. Remember this the physical body was created but will soon die and decay so as the SOUL OR I CALL IT THE ENERGY IN WHICH IT WILL MAKE YOU HAVE LIFE THAT IS THE " GIFT"GIVEN TO US !!!BUT!!! I HAVE TO SAY !!!!YOU DO NOT OWN IT!!! IT COMES FROM THE OMNIPOTENT BEING ONLY IF YOU RECOGNIZE IT. Therefore the MIND is not all about LOGIC but it also acts like a TRANSMITTER in which you will be ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. That is WHAT IS LIFE? It will be crazy if you are unable to UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING SOME RELIGION SAYS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING and I say get rid of that religion because it cannot CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTIONS IN LIFE THAT IS BECAUSE ONLY YOU CAN DO IT SINCE IT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY SOLELY just between you and the OMNIPOTENT BEING WHO IS POWERLESS BECAUSE HE IS UNABLE TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES SINCE REALIZATION OF LIFE ONLY BELONGS TO YOU ONLY AND NOBODY CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT EVEN THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. My answer to "what is Life? Or what was the purpose of the Omnipotent Being of Creating us the answer is LOVE but one LIFETIME may not be enough to understand it.

Is HEAVEN or HELL a PLACE? My answer to both is NO. And where we are GOING WHEN WE EXPIRE OR DIE, I say the Omnipotent Being made us alive because we were gifted of AN ENERGY and that ENERGY BELONGS TO HIM!!!!! AND NOT FROM ANYBODY ELSE. That energy made us HAVE LIFE and he has all the rights to take that energy anytime he wants you maybe stabbed a thousand times or shot at but if the Omnipotent Being says it is NOT YET your time then you will live and continue to go on with Life. IT IS HEAVEN WHEN YOU FORGIVE OTHERS LIKEWISE IT WILL BE HELL IF YOU ALLOW ANGER TO DOMINATE YOUR LIFE. THEREFORE HEAVEN AND HELL ARE RIGHT HERE IN THIS LIFE...THE PLANET EARTH. I say due to ignorance and arrogance of Man what should be a very simple knowledge is his INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND. Adam and Eve where the first couple to who live in HEAVEN AT LEAST OUR CREATOR ALREADY GAVE US SOME IDEAS OF HOW HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE. It is a place prepared and made FOR US BY OUR CREATOR AND WHAT WE GOT RIGHT NOW ARE ALL MAN MADE WHICH IS HELL. It will be a crazy idea if our Creator will create another world which we CALL AS HELL FOR WHAT!!! Since what our Creator WANTS is FOR ALL OF US TO UNDERSTAND HIM AND NOT OUR CREATOR TO UNDERSTAND MAN!!!! You see how CRAZY THESE THINGS ARE.. But in this Life OUR CREATOR KNOWS VERY WELL THAT MAN WILL UNDERGO THIS PROCESS AND FOR HOW LONG EVEN HIM DO NOT KNOW IT. it is like WHEN A MORON WILL BE ABLE TO REALIZE and change the world. Again I say enough with religion and instead GO IN A CORNER BE THERE ALONE AND THINK! If nothing comes in you mind do it all throughout your LIFETIME AND DO THE SAME WHEN YOU WILL BE GIVEN ANOTHER LIFE MAYBE FOR A MILLION TIMES YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REALIZE. Yes there is A REBIRTH BECAUSE ONLY THE PHYSICAL BODY WILL DECAY AND THE ONLY PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE IS FOR MAN TO COME TO UNDERSTANDING. IT IS LIKE GOING TO A SCHOOL AND YOU FAILED SO GO BACK AGAIN TO THE SAME GRADE AGAIN AND AGAIN....When we die GOD WILL NOT TALK TO YOU BY THE "COLOR" OF THE ENERGY YOU ARE EMITTING IN LESS THAN A SECOND HE KNOWS WHAT KIND YOU ARE AND HOW FAR YOU HAVE LEARNED THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT WHATSOEVER because as I have said HELL is right here and that is you go back and be a human being again male or female God don't care about it, it is just the same. And I say A FEW HAVE ALREADY REACHED A CERTAIN UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE AND NOW ENJOYING THEM AND ABSOLUTELY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING ARE WITH THEM NEVER TO BE ALONE.

What is Life or its meaning actually nobody cares about it just do what others are doing and that's it. We are in a situation where studying the meaning or purpose of our Existence becomes insignificant because we are unable to GRASPS THEM those are we cannot see or touch though WE COULD FEEL SOMETHING IS MISSING IN OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE but the problem is WE DON'T BOTHER TO INVESTIGATE SINCE ALL THAT MATTERS IS MONEY in this materialistic world we have to work and go to school studying how to get that money. Our Life right now is WE ARE IN TROUBLE, PEOPLE ARE DYING AND HUNGER of which we seemed to care about those but WE ARE JUST UNABLE TO DO IT RIGHT AND IT HAS BEEN SO FOR CENTURIES, EVER SINCE THE EXISTENCE OF MANKIND. And I say IF WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD just START FROM YOUR SELF. Let those events take its course and do what others are doing EXCEPT YOU ARE NOW TRYING TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES AND TO START CHANGING YOUR SELF SILENTLY AND HUMBLY.

Dec. 6, 2014 my father died at the age of 83, the same date and time my mother died at 78 andmoths this. Or almost 79. As far as I am concerned they were just any ordinary responsible parents and my sister and I grew up just like any ordinary responsible people and I say, not perfect and exceptional that means with good and bad sides in our day to day existence with life therefore I have nothing new to say whatsoever. But I think I could be different in a way because I refused tgetting learning, studying, and with all thepossibilities I could do so that is I will get wisdom and understanding to the last breathe of my life and must stay healthy physically and mentally and beyond those two because all human beings has been more than physical because as I have said we were created by the Omnipotent Beinig for a purpose and must be able to strive being Connected and having a Relationship with him to the last breathe of this physical life because absolutely there is Beyond that which is Wonderful and Worthwhile therenfore old age must not not be a handicap just keep on wondering anddiscovering.

What is Life??? It is anything both known and unknown that is you wil have no way of anticipating therefore it will have surprises that may occur suddenly.....You Must be Strong and Firm at all times. We will discuss about Superiority and Inferiority it is like your person is being measured you might as well say itcould be somewhat some kind of a discrimination...personal just a matter of attitudes. On the other hand how have you been so sure about Your Self because if you will have some doubts about your potentials and capabilities then that must be something you Have To Address in the first place recently I was challenged with such situations an extremely confident person will never be shaken, with head straight and from eyes .....That's it? In this Life we must have a certain should be something you must be absolutely sure of and only extremely few will reach that lethat you will realize that when you reached Old Age because a lot of insecurities will come in Being an Old and vulnerable Man instead become an old man who has mastered Him Self and full of wisdom and understanding that includes beyond logic, analytics, and is your Responsiility to Be able To Know the Real You Deep Inside and become the Truly You......

When can you say that your Life is a Success? In a materialistic world success means having all the luxuries and comfort in life and I may call it as logically, analytically, all the semantics you got that's it as simple as that. But the Truth is beyond logic and others BECAUSE you can never be able to Understand the Creator of the Universe with that of which Mankind had been arrogantly.....that they are the center of the Universe.....what a pity! Do I have to say more? I will say Success is to be able to live a Life with the Exact opposite of those and become Happy and Satisfied but the problem is mankind cannot Understand that thinking if you want that UNDERSTANDING you start by Changing your Attitudes and be Humble in that way you will be able to SEE another kind of Perceptions.......if you dare but I doubt it.

What is Life???? I have to remind you there is a Creator he has no Religion whatsoever but I am not against any religion because I want to CHANGE the world and that shall start by Changing Your self and no religion can help you on that all of us has been created for a Purpose however it all depends on you because you either accept or Reject it and if you do then Blame Your Self God will also reject you! Our Creator has the power to Create, Destroy, and Re Create you will be separated from Him in a way of Your Attitudes as far as I am concerned one best way to know a bad man is his Arrogance and the Good man is Humble in that way you will be able to Communicate with the Omnipotent Being BUT in his own way not your way and terms one thing I am Absolutely SURE of is He will never leave you no matter what! As long as you acknowledged at all times Your dependence on Him even if you are not religious. What is Life? You start it and He is just there watching and have to FIND the Purpose of your Existence and that must be the Meaning of Your Life.

The Omnipotent Being who is the creator of the universe and everything else EXCEPT for Man to DECIDE and that is to Accept or Reject but for Man to Accept WHAT when in a sense He do not know What To Do so we indeed Doing it on our Own way simply because of the Inability to Communicate and hence the DOUBT of His existence that is mankind existing without a purpose I say because of our materialistic Life right I have to say more? Though we have a religion but not good enough it did not CHANGE our attitudes. I say, our Creator wants us to SEARCH and be Humble it is one of the only way that we could be able communicate with our Creator and that must Come from us we have to start it and become Responsible it is an individual's activity each of us to search for the meaning and purpose of existence and I say it will take ??? more than a Lifetime??? Because HELL is right here in this materialistic existence.

I will say LIFE is not that hard and complicated because as long as man is arrogant and not sincere there will be other ways he could Understand it and it will Remain "Life is Life....we have to accept it whether we liked it or not." We were Created by a Creator for a Purpose BUT it is your, our responsibility to determine all about it and act which is for each individual must do or else You will have it Without Knowing the True Understanding. It means we were not Created on a packaged deal ....that is you were Created and Gifted with Life and then You Must do Your Part as well that is Search and Work for Wisdom and Understanding and then CHANGE your attitudes be Humble first, do not look at others LOOK at Your Self instead.

What is Life? My answer we were or we are Created by a Creator for a Purpose! If you ask me what is it all about, you FIND it because it is your Responsibility and as far as I am concerned I already found it so that it is the Reasons that I am Happy and Satisfied in Life BUT I am not Rich or Wealthy. If you are sickly or will soon die, or even dying do not be desperate and miserable as long as you still have time left in your Life Search for the Purpose of your Existence because it will make a difference since it is like you found the Omnipotent Being or OB and it will surely make him Happy be you are from the poorest of the poor, no more food to eat, a victim of any natural calamities, a disabled person, educated or not, dumb or brainy you have no EXCUSES all of us Have a Purpose for existence and only way is ATTITUDES be Humble to Change and if you cannot or just won't do it then it will be your problem because it will be "your own purpose" so Life for you is all your own and you do not care for others anymore.

What is the Purpose of Existence? As far as I am concerned Man Do Not Know it. It might be extremely difficult, you know WHY?? Because our Creator wants us to do it all by Our Selves which should come from our own Initiative because it cannot be taught, it must come from Within or it must be a Personal resolved. That means you have to CHANGE Attitudes such as from being arrogant to becoming HUMBLE that is something you have to do by Your Self I say do it first and try to ask Your Self again that Question.....He is Our Creator He will never Leave Us Alone....just Trust Him.

What is Life? It has to be answered and we have one whole Lifetime to do it which is supposedly not to be wasted as much as possible! And why we ended up wasting our Lives it is because of our INABILITY to Change our Attitudes, a kind of a personal matter not religion whatsoever or anything else. It is like Allowing Your Self to be Alone and not to be Affected by these things around us ...can you do it?? Can you reject and ignore Ownership and Possession. THINK!! You know why.....we must Live for Others. What is Life? To find the Purpose of our Existence can be manifested in many ways but generally it is to Live for others NOT TO LIVE OVER OTHERS.

In a materialistic society all of us used to think that Life is as simple as a series of ACtivities and being busy of it so do doing it all our Lifetime I say I consider My Self very lucky to Discover that Mistakes or a Wrong Perception. Since Life is all about REALIZATION this is then also a kind of How Good Are You because I was able to CHANGE and enjoyed Humility it will certainly give you the peace of mind and avoid arrogant people or ignore them so as you be Untouched by I have to say more? It is Inside or Deep Inside of US not doing things physically which matters......THINK!!

Life should not be taken for granted in whatsoever situations you are in whether with a full or empty stomach because you should give time for Your Self to WONDER such thing as IS THIS REALLY the kind of Life we were Created for? Are we really like this? And I say something is wrong! We do have a religion which says about God and is this really the World we were Created For?? So, allow your Self to wonder and I will add more to REALIZE because maturity is only physical and skin deep it did not hit within You WHERE the Creator is just right there and WHY not?? You did not create your self! In our whole Lifetime we will be reckoning it while it is not yet late the one you Ignored and Rejected might as well do the same Realizing not how much you owned nor possessed in Life but The Purpose of Existence......did you live for others or live for your self.....what may ask personally the Omnipotent Being for the Questions nobody could answer I say personally not through a religion. Because he is just there deep inside you WAITING. Only IF you really Care.

I say there are only two things in this materialistic life that is to live in luxury by wealth and riches and Poverty but these two classes of people wants happiness and satisfaction and I say neither of them could get it because it is NOT A "WANTS" but a level of Perception a certain wisdom and understanding you attained out of this Life. A man of Poverty yet existing with dignity, integrity, honesty, and humility will certainly win all the favors of the Omnipotent Being and I say that shall be the true wealth.

The Omnipotent Being created the universe and everything else therefore He has all the rights to destroy or kill all these He created, which He could re-create or replaced or even put back to Life those who died or prevent one to die as He does on purpose But He cannot Control the Minds of anyone or anybody that means we are all Free to do as he pleases but you may take its consequences. My fellow human beings this is LIFE.....While you have time to lament or meditate or you still have one whole life time to THINK.....we don't Own this Life! Live so others may live it will be a wonderful feeling to be able to give and share to others though getting nothing in return.I say, the Omnipotent Being has no Religion each of us have all the opportunities to establish a certain relationship with Him, you may do your own crusade on Life personally and I am sure that I will never be alone....

What is heaven? Hell? I say those are not places whatsoever because if you do it will be like you are Fantasizing or creating a certain situations out of your whims and desires therefore a matter coming out from your wild imaginations and WISHES! Right now we are in Hell are you Enjoying it?? The greatest pain is not physically but in the Inside. Sleep difficulties to inability to sleep soundly then all the stresses combined will be a lot of discomfort you will be sweating cold instead of hot; getting sick or ill it maybe mild but it has no cure hence you your self cannot understand it; the kind of boredome combined with unexpalinable loneliness such that if ever may become worst will end up to committing suicide or losing your mind you may result to using the comfort of drug addiction which is a slow maybe rich and wealthy yet but happiness and satisfaction is a great mystery to you it will be beyond the books you read hence you will never understand them but poverty and people who were victims of the materialisitc society are all enjoying the true happiness and satisfation of Life which is one of the Doors towards heaven. There is no need for me to discuss much about those situations since anyway those have been experienced and people have been suffering from those and much more, I described. Heaven and hell are well known in religions all over the world and their cultures Why not Search the Omnipotent God deep within you and CHANGE!

I'd rather be in a "poverty" situations but with a Rich mind if you say being both rich and brains must be better, I say, there must be a very big difference and that will be in terms of SITUATIONS which is a Life of luxury and discomfort because the problems mainly will be in your basic needs that means the rich eats more while the poor less in that case more does not mean the best of Life, you may eat less but good health can still be assured! You may have vitamin D for free with the sun at the top (noon) that is it takes knowledge and skills threfore more effort if you are poor besides having more money you will never have time to study the Purpose of Your Existence which is what Life is all about. The situations in poverty you will have the opportunity to perceive life in its true REALITY since being rich you have to maintain it exposing you to a lot of greediness and selfishness in poverty you may share your food to others and enjoying it while expecting nothing in return and knowing Sharing in its true sense, you will also feel the meaning of sacrifice and the wonderful feelings of giving food that is supposedly will go to your mouth yet you decided to give or share it to a child. Though becoming a philanthropist is a good one but you have to make certain measurements as to how much money you are going to share??? Or release! And have a tax break maybe.....I am not against the rich. I say, what is the purpose of our Existence understanding or be able to Realized it must be the MAIN or everything in our Lifetime be you rich or poor. If you are rich do not abuse it, if you are poor never use it as a reason to be desperate just THINK our Creator has a purpose.

What is Life? The answer must not be specific but generally I say so because in this materialistic society Life Losses it's true value. When you put a monetary consideration to the meaning of Life specifically you will lose its TRUE meaning since it will be between having a money's worth which is the false one as such in a materialistic society and the True one is Worth nothing or has no monetary values. Actually my discussions is extremely difficult to understand but I don't care I just hope you might come across these ideas and someday might be able to perceive these ideas. It is like a person who searches for Meaning but is looking Forward INSTEAD of Looking at the SELF! You got that life not because of your mother giving birth to you because there is a CREATOR of everything and your mother is only one of his instruments. Life and the Self is directly related and money has nothing to do with it but wisdom and understanding (not from our educational system) but All About Life Itself. What is Life, take a look at Your Self....Love and take good care of it then have a Relationship with our Creator in that way you must be able to find the Purpose of Your Existence. Trust him, He will never Leave You Alone. Stop thinking about money and then LIVE for OTHERS.

Is it not good to think of "changing the world"? Once I say, I want to Change the World but as of this very moment I REALIZED that I am WRONG and instead I'd rather Change Myself and do it for the rest of my Life and be HUMBLE so as at all times I shall think that I know nothing and must forever be SEARCHING such that wisdom and understanding is the only way to keep me nearest to our Creator REALIZING that humility will put me in the Best situations to at all times thirst for Knowledge I say, the Omniponttent Being wants us to be LEARNED and I shall do it in my OWN with His help and guidance and then do according to What He Wants and not WHAT I Want that must be the kind of Relationship I will have with our Creator or O. B.

Life will be wonderful if we live for others, that is to care and think ONLY anything which is good for others. Poverty should not be a reason that you will become desperate and miserable in Life, I say, Poverty is only one of the situations in Life or we may consider it as a case to case basis. If you have an opportunity to help the poor and money should be the easiest thing to assist them then it must be temporary whatsoever what is HELP is all about then? To Give applies to something which is material or money so that after that you do not care anymore what happens if not you give and dictate upon them what you want them to do kind of with strings attached therefore to Share must be different because Caring should come with it and it is the most to extremely difficult thing to do since your precious Time goes with it and I say, if you are poor that does not mean you cannot help your fellow poor as long as we live for others and in this way Life will Change. I say, never use religion just be natural since we were Created for that purpose it is just a matter of REALIZING them.

Life in this materialistic world which is a Man Made creations are nothing but a series of Situations and that includes Poverty, the rich helping the poor, the poor becomes rich and the rich becomes poor and vice versa. Therefore Poverty is not an issue whatsoever but instead ATTITUDES Liberating mankind or Himself from this materialistic society is the only way so, How to CHANGE is the Problem. It is like you are killing Your Self but unfortunately you do not know or care about.

You must Love Life, in situations of dire need the best thing to do......mind over matter. I say, Poverty is not a part of Life and it will never be, all of us was Created by a Creator on Purpose therefore Poverty is only a certain Situations never allow ANGER to dominate or let other people to use it to control you, it must be YOU alone to be in the Proper perceptions, Life is beautiful, we are to Live for others but you must be the one to ask and submit to Our Creator since that is the only way you could achieve Peace of Mind and all the Situations of Life will immediately becomes positive or good for everybody and everything around you. Be you poor or rich because one may say you are Poor which means somebody pushed or forced you there by all means why NOT FREE Your Self and Mind! That is I say, Live or die for others! As long as you are absolutely sure that the Omnipotent Being is with you. We must live for everybody's good and NEVER for somebody else who acts Like a God instead FEAR the True God.....He can Create, Kill or Destroy, and Put them Back Again. By all means He will never allow all His Creations to be destroyed by man because man is not God therefore man is not and will never ever be Capable to destroy what he did not Creare after all. Sorry to say, that a crazy man will never know that he is one unless he becomes come our Creator is Humble, that to the point Nobody Knows Him anymore but as a Creator and Omnipotent Being He has His ways of showing and using His might.

What is Life? It is to Exist unfortunately not as what you want I say so because this is our situations now. We must not forget that we were Created by a Creator and therefore rejecting and ignoring him is crazy is like killing your self or just like committing suicide. We must exist according to what He Wants! Live for others, die for others, do I have to say more? if ever it be so then there will never be poverty that is where all these problems occur. It seems we do not fear the Omniporent Being Who Created all of us and He is also capable to destroy or kill us, any way He is able to Re-Create I say, REALIZATION comes with Humility.

When one asks, what is Life? There will never be any definite answers for it whatsoever simply because it is not and will never be ever possible that We Will Have One Mind as long as We are in a Materialistic society or as I have said, we are in Hell right now! Therefore, if we will be ever to Create Heaven then Mankind will have ONE Mind! That is because we were Created by One Creator we all come from Him I think it must not be hard to Understand. The Omnipotent Being Created Life but We/mankind created our own instead.

Life is a Decision and all throughout one's existence there will be mistakes, misdeeds so on and so forth one after the other. And if ever what kind of person you will be because you either react or accept these circumstances that must be How you will be Measured as a person! You maybe a follower or a leader so that in this materialistic world no matter what generally the issues are all on survivial of the fittest! Therefore do what the Rest are doing! I say, this is what Hell is all about. And Getting Out will make you a Different person you may NOT DO what is /are expected of you but IF EVER you will be Able to Reach a Certain Level of Realizaion of which we are Supposedly to do in Our Lifetime then it must be something which we are SURE about and Worth Dying for! Dare to think and realize about it!

Life, what is it all about? So many questions which needs answers and almost you hate or dislike as compared to what you want to take place in your Life Personally. I say, stop doing what you want and instead be HUMBLE, if you cannot do that then you will spend your one whole Lifetime without knowing the answers to those Questions and being Deprived of the Understanding....that Life is so Wonderful and has a Purpose! Theredore Humility is only one of the Noble attitudes....I say, if you cannot CHANGE....Welcome to Hell.

What is LIfe? It is a Gift, Somebody gave it to You, but the situations, Your Creator has been Silent and he will never acknowledge that everything comes from Him. You know Why Man is not yet capable to Understand all these CREATIONS I say, that must be very unfortunate. And allow me to say more, The Creator can or will Destroy all His Creations any time He Wants it BUT don't worry He can Re Create again and again and again who is Man anyway to stop Him, destroy means through earthquakes, typhoons, so and so forth KILLING the young, the old or the Bad guys Nobody can HIDE from Him of course if one is killed that is the End! And why not He will just Kill all these bad guys so we can have PEACE but sorry to say, ALL of US are the Bad Guys therefore Never Pretend to be the Good Guy not unless you Become HUMBLE and SAY I AM BAD and a Sinner!....yes I Am!! How about you.

Life means to exist either for others or for Your Self only and one thing for sure we need each other the situations will be you satisfy what you Want or to Forget Your Self and do what is Good for Others these two opposing perceptions are between Not to give and share and the other one is to Offer Your Self of which will be Impossible in this materialistic society resulting to between the insane and sane perceptions of people or individual. Such thing as sacrificing your self for others will be either saintly or crazy acts. Losing the True Meaning of Life yet mankind are not Aware. So that, if WHEN will you be able to discover these faults Will Be Your Responsibility!

Life, we are ALL HERE to Study and Learn about LIFE. Please forgive me I am not a good teacher. That is if you will be able to ACCEPT these proposals or ideas. I have to say, majority of mankind is not Studying Life! Therefore, our history will just be a lists of similar situations all over again and again, just like a child who refused to grow up. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to your self, and say AM I ARROGANT? Of course nobody would do that because that is crazy....the very start of learning will even be extremely difficult you can never CHANGE without acknowledging your mistakes, faults, or everything negative about you.....HUMILITY matters. Life is just a cause and effect or you do that and this will be the results so on and so forth.

Are you really in CONTROL of your Life?? My answer is NO!! BUT you must be able to THINK and UNDERSTAND that you will make a DECISION one way or the other because you are going to GET UP or coming from maybe misfortunes to something minor of which you disliked or hated these general situations could be the common experiences of different people and I say you have to decide and Grab the Control of Your OWN Life. Now you must be able to answer these questions Can You Control you Vices? I, we, are and will never be Perfect in this Life, and I ACCEPT my faults, stupidity, idiosyncrasies, so on and so forth.....How about You? Life is an Up and Down Situations. We have to Learn and study our every mistakes but Humility is required, therefore Life is like a school, The University of Life and if you are really Good you must be able to Control Your self. And hopefully will Discover and Understand that we are just a part of the Universe because there is an Omnipotent Being Who Created you for a Purpose....KNOW Yourself. Life is so complex but with Humility it will be Different.

Life is a two way highway, you either do it Your Own way instead of DOING what Our Creator Wants therefore you will be the arrogant one if you dis obey Him and be Humble and do as He Wants, you know why!! He Has all the Rights to be Domineering Us because He is the One Who Created Us. But He allowed Us to Dis obey Him and these are the RESULTS.....enjoy HELL! It is like Accepting or Neglecting Him. Therefore we have to Write Our Own books about Life NEVER about what is your religion, money or anything else but wisdom and understanding as how far you have attained.....think will you, I know I am discussing something which is complicated to you but it has to be of similar frequency to be able to Understand Each Other.

You may say Life is too broad to be exactly defined and I say, that is so in a materialistic society and for a very materialistic person so that, once you confined Your Mind, Perceptions or Understanding then that will be your Greatest mistake and if not a Crazy Decision you made in your Life Time!! For you must never emphasize a kind of Limitations to Determine matters about Life. Have you not Wondered the boundless and limitless reaches of our MIND. Our Mind is the Transmitter to be able to Understand our Purpose of Existence but to Know and determine OF WHERE GOD COMES FROM.....IS HE REALLY ALONE?? I say know FIRST the Purpose of Your Existence and Write a Book About Your Life because God has proven enough that He is really the Omniporent Being while Man has yet to Accept that he created this materialistic society and made himself a Slave of Ownership and Possession or generally the massive poverty.

What is Life? What is it all about anyway.....who cares about it. The Truth about Life VANISHED with this materialistic society it is the Greatest Ignorance of mankind because it is like he is killing himself unknowingly, his arrogance so that he will never know that he is ignorant. He has a religion yet the shallow mind made his world so limited so that religion will never be a good thing in his Life whatsoever. Actually Life, it's meaning must be extremely personal therefore a nobody's business putting it in your pocket no matter how big it is it doesn't matter AS LONG as it SERVES your Purpose. Don't you know the Omnipptent Being Created the Whole Universe just for His Love of Mankind, he instead searching for another planet and civilization I say, what a crazy mind. Because the beauty of the whole Universe is only for One and Only OURS! You will never know Life and Love without becoming Humble first. Stop making wars and looking at Poverty you simply Write your Own books about Life start it by Changing Your Attitides! Don't bother at those around you instead take a Serious Look at Your Self because All the Problems is YOU.

Life is about you and I have been discussing its exact meaning here. It should have been not so complicated if you are Humble in that way you could see Your Self but not all the good things about you and anything else which you Want. It must be who you are not and cannot be! Because arrogance will make you blind and unwise about Life. Being Humble means to avoid talking about it instead get Undersdanding silently and the most difficult thing to do is you could not talk nor discuss it with others openly and freely since theTrue meaning of life in this materialistic society is a big IMPOSSIBILITY.....our arrogance deceived our selves, we are actually destroying it. Knowing and discovering Humility must change our attitudes....why not try it!

The question of What is Life up to this point remains unanswered and MAN's inability to Know and Understand it.....we are paying it right now, the wars and need for me to elaborate. Perhaps I may say mankind has just altered the Natural characteristics of the Human Being and even accuses the Omnipotent Being to playing games on us so as enjoying watching mankind killing and destroying each other. I say, He will not bother to Create the Whole Universe just for mankind ALONE! Because extre terrestrial beings are foolishness. Life is a Very,Very Big Responsibility we may have less than a thousand years more to go before the second coming of Jesus instead I may say, before mankind will come to his SENSES and CHANGE his Attitudes therefore, What is Life? I am trying to Change my Attitudes right now....I am looking at my self....DO IT to Your Self? It is a personal Question which is addressed for EACH of us.

Actually it will be almost impossible to perceive or be able to understand a Situations of Life or Existence which is NOT Materialistic and only Live Exactly to what our NEEDS Are. But I should say if you want to KNOW or to TALK to God then be like Him otherwise you will have NO rights to question Him in how He manages this existence since it will be like talking or communicating to a dog. Therefore it must be Man should be humble first and KNOW his inadequacies and to reach a certain level of be able to address his own problems first but man says he has no problem and he don't like what God is doing to him, I say get rid of that arrogance.....CHANGE!!!

There are only two things in Life, that is to Exist According to what you WANT and DESIRE, which are the Situations right now and to Exist According to what Our Creator Wants. Therefore, that will be to OBEY or NOT! As far as my concepts are concerned "nothing is complicated" here. Now, man at this point has a religion and God is recognized but I'm sorry to say it seems man MANIPULATED or DECEIVED Him Self!!!! Again, therefore religion is absolutely Useless and perhaps a big Nonsense because it Failed to Change mankind who is still Arrogant or not I have to say more? Instead I say, disregard religion because it might be used also as a tool to Manipulate or Deceive people who lacks Wisdom and Understanding ( I say, not coming from our materialistic educational system). Now what! We all want a better world and I say, START from Your Self. " Knowledge will set you Free" Love it, Respect it, take good care of I have to say more? To choose between two things if OTHERS wants something but is bad to Your Self, that is not selfishness no matter if she is your mother or father doing good things shall never be compromised and it must be generally, "wisdom and understanding will make you from a worst to a much better person" because Life is a Learning Process. It is your, our responsibility to become a better person that is even to the point you have to Sacrifice for the GOOD of others therefore GOODNESS shall be worth dying for. Can You Change Your Self?

In this materialistic society only one out of ten is interested to Study the meaning of Life, it has to do with the Purpose of Our Existence and should be about our Personal Relationship with the Omnipotent Being NEVER about Religion!!! It is like You, questioning God.....why you allowed all these things to happen? I will say, your question will surely be snubbed by God and my discussions will be to point out You FIRST Search the Purpose of Your Existence. God has no responsibility or shall I say directly....He has no direct concerns for You simply because You will Never UNDERSTAND! Or you have no Rights whatsoever to Question God because you don't have the Wisdom and Understanding, though you maybe a Phd, we are discussing here about Life! I say, Know Your Self First! And you have to search for Understanding as you are looking at what are going on around us! Why are we killing each other?? My answer is you are also similarly killing Your Self yet you don't even care or dare to find out or UNDERSTAND yet we all believe in God but I say you have to Understand!! BUT start from Your Self. Aren't you amazed with all His Creations? The ants knows their purpose so as all the rest generally they are not killing each other however some are, so those are no longer normal. How come humans cannot do that?? I say, we are not able to Understand the Omnipotent Being and He allowed that because He wants Us to Learn to ADMIT/ACCEPT that we DO NOT Understand! How! Start by being Humble...CHANGE...stop being Arrogant. I say, it will be extremely difficult but not impossible. Religion cannot help you I say, to believe in God is not enough obtain Wisdom and Understanding about Life instead without it you will never KNOW Your Self. If so, you will never have the rights to Question God

What are you going to do with your Life? It is not a simple Routine or do what others are doing get a drink after a hard days work or drink and drink and say I am enjoying my Life. You may have a family with your wife who is the center of your Life and When losing that marriage or family then your Life is Broken/end up ruining your Life. We are in a situations as if everything's are alright but "if you will go deep enough" it must be the exact opposite. That is the so called "I don't care attitudes" since around us/all over the world...wars, rapes, murders/homocide, hunger, DECEPTIONS, liars and lies....any one or anybody of us could FALL or Become any or similar of those whatsoever. You know why, I, or you, or anybody else may have those TENDENCIES.....when I was young then older and now I am in my more than 55 years of existence I say, the same thing to others we are not in no difference of Mindedness regardless of race or culture and I say, educational attainment is nothing but about money's sake. We Must learn them all by Our Selves! Wisdom and understanding are all about Life, our existence if not our personal situations right now! Majority of the people in the whole world are in poverty which means hunger and confusions since nobody wants to be in that particular situations, I say where are you? Then get the hell out of there if it is are a Victim. If you are not capable to feed your self well....then you have no rights to bear children if you do then you must be IRREsponsible. One thing for Sure? Never use Poverty as reasons/alibi/motives to HARM others. I'd rather die in Hunger with honor and dignity than be killed.......helping those in dire needs with money is not good!!! I say, the Greatest Help one could give is to Lead them to CHANGE their thinking to be able to have the best Perceptions about Life. The Omnipotent Being provided us with all the abundance...just search for them never use Poverty to Lose your Brains. Whether poor or rich, educated or not, Desperations is a is like desperate people donating cash for food to poverty situations and desperate people. We have wars because of Anger and Hatred then find ways to CHANGE their minds, mentality/thinking, perpceptions to get them away from those situations. Only stupid people lives with anger and hatred therefore that is abnormal as far as human nature is, teach them not to be stupid or be deceived and used by smarter stupid people. Lead them to find their Brains...we all have it!

When Life becomes Meaningful? As I've discussed there are only 2things, either you do it your own way and Our Creator will no longer Care for you whatsoever and You do it According to What Our Creator Wants, BUT How!!! I say, it is possible if you CARE enough since it must not be the reasons WHY you will say that God has forsaken as these sufferings, diseases, wars, calamities so on so forth. The First step must be you must ADMIT that you don't Know How TO DO as to What Our Creator Admit or to Accept is one of the wisdom and understanding He wants us to Learn because in that way you could start Opening one of the doors to determine the True Human is Humility. So that, if you won't do that that means Arrogance! And you will never discover the truth about your/our NATURE of which a dog....they are sure that they are dogs and in that case you are not a Human being but a Beast or monster.....if you will search about it in the net on human nature then it is about a beast! Our Creator did not Create a beast because He is not one. Life is Knowing the Real you but You must do it All By Your Self....who you really are, certainly you must be able to determine that you are not a beast! How to love and become a family so as producing or pro creating children and not monsters....I'd say never do that....address your own problems first! Is there any ways to Stop will be extremely difficult since neither will Accept that they are Wrong, I say, Start it to Your Self and at least make some differences.....these are the things I call the certain level of may not be the Exact word (no english word available) and at least something you could Teach to your children as one of the ways to contribute for world is very much disappointing, people kills for their own reasons....they are willing to die die for it...a dog will surely bite you if you hurt them self preservation will be the only option but those monsters will say, you killed my families. Wars will never end....How to wake them up is IMPOSSIBLE, only you could CHANGE Your Self....yes Human Nature is only possible with Change, it is like you cannot say you are Matured When you Cannot CONTROL your self. You are a grown up monster but mentally and emotionally immature....the greatest warrior! His story....mankind has recorded the exploits of the beasts but those Who are Real Human Beings avoided wars....when confronted they fought Flawlessly killing attackers pointing their fingers efficiently and run to AvOID! There might be some records of them but un appreciated by historians who are also.....conquerors conquer and created beasts in Humanity....until now Maturity is lost except for the rarely few.....

In this materialistic society I will say, nobody will be happy and satisfied in this Life Because no matter what you do, you will never get it since it is what you WANTs which matters but it will never be Possible all of us and everything else was Created for a Purpose....therefore the Creator will Prevail and mankind.....who are you!! The conflicts are mankind don't understand....or never cares about it. It will be illustrated by this story.....I have to work hard for money and God will surely be behind me....just call God and He will never fail you. I say, if this comes from a religion or where else. Those Perceptions are absolutely Wrong!! Because it must be "Do What God Wants" and not what you Want! Who are you? The problem is...what God Wants? What is it really all about? I say, CHANGE your attitudes be humble and never arrogant in that way your perceptions on Life must Change...if not you are at fault. The situations must be generally "Look at Your Self" and not to others or outside simply because You Will Never Understand other people IF you are having difficulties Understanding Your Self! Now, these are not famous ideas....theres no money on this....I know that so I could say....only few people wants this kind of discussion. HumanHistory are the deeds of mankind though How God was involved and to what extent mankind acknowledged them are all just superficial or not Deep enough for Mankind to Truly Change! No matter what the Omnipotent Being will be at theTOTAL Control of all His Creations....including the typhoon, calamities, etc. even if you will shoot a person a hundred times yet our Creator Has the Final Say if he is going to die or not because Life Comes From Him...the Creator of everything. A man of Destiny will not Die or be killed easily as long as God is the one behind his Life and Existence and he acknowledge it absolutely.....the person/people who will plan to kill him will either commit suicide, be killed by the same people who belonged to his group, get sick, die in an accident and other will be against God Himself. If ever it be possible....when Time comes that mankind will Live and Exist according to what God Wants then the "notion" that every person is UNIQUE in his own ways is WRONG!" how come when each of us was Created by the Same Creator....I say, it is instead Unique in getting what you want...even killing each other will be just fine!

The question, What is Life is something which mankind will never care about because the Omnipotent Being is our Creator and such mankind has no capability whatsoever to duplicate. My point is mankind is creating his own life, Neglected and Ignored the Creator of everything that is, he is now directly IN Charge of this Life! Our Creator is the Designer of everything and I say, mankind is the REBEL, he went too far, perhaps this is only a matter of MIS understanding because the Omnipotent Being is SILENT......since mankind should be OBEDIENT but he decided not to. Therefore religion is worthless and useless! It maybe for enlightening purposes but we ended must Kill to survive, prepare for war if you want peace notion. I must be a god/godess to control the world and my WIlL be done and to hell with the Creator. Then you will say the bad guys will go to hell these are all crazy have just created hell out of your self. You want to control the world yet you cannot do that to Your Self. Religion created the ideas of is like I have secret...I am actually the devil. Wisdom and Understanding will open all the eyes the Omniporent Being gifted us...the Human Brain is like a Transmitter He could hear you and protect at all times. The barrier actually is man's arrogance, these attitudes must CHANGE, what is Life, the purpose of existence...what else, nobody cares about them..there's no money in it....what for!Religious people, I say, is also Creating their own world though they are not after of money, they want "change" but they ended up fanatics and used violence....fanatics, just kill anybody to effect fear in the world and announce what Change they want while the vigilante never kill the weak and innocent instead swore to DIE and Protect them and obtain Honor and dignity out of it (no money is involved whatsoever). The fanatics may die for their cause but somebody may still earn money out of that activities. I say, never CHANGE the World instead Start it to Your Self First.

To know the meaning of Life is vitally important but mankind never cares about it simply because you will never earn money out of it Therefore in this materialistic society money is the "main matter" what happens then you will have no more reasons "to know the meaning of Life" Not Unless if you seek for it! If what age or level of awareness, consciousness, perceptions, or even maturity that When REALIZATIONS "comes" since for some people it may come Late when death is near. There will be only Two ways "you do Life according to What You Want" and dominate the world......universe. And I say, Who are You? You/we don't Own it! We are not the Creator or God, that is a clear Arrogance. Because the Truth is You Do Life according to What Our Creator Wants. If not indeed we end up killing each other....what else will I say. As far as I am concerned Life means when one has/is able to REALIZE the Wrongness. Unfortunately for a materialistic person that must be crazy if not stupid. It is like you are looking at the devil when the truth is nobody is there! Because it is YOU! And the greatest mistakes, loopholes or whatever it don't really know your self. Now, if you would ask me HOW to determine those....BRAINS all of us got it and the best, is to make use of it. Actually if you cannot understand or don't like what I am talking about that means or I may say, you missed the perceptions. If you really want the true meaning of Life take it as Personal Quest and I would like to remind you religion cannot do anything about it. Brains matters it is like a direct transmitter to God, He will never talk to you because the kind of communications is between You Deep/Within and God only (not from the mouth). Doing so, you will become a much better person (of course not a rich man) in terms of perceptions and consciousness so that Life will become generally a Good Experience and you will appreciate the beauty of Creations. Nobody can go to it directly, man must undergo so many things, Learn and Realize so that when CHANGE comes you will have obtained a certain degree of wisdom and understanding that is, IF you will wholeheartedly volunteer or submit to the Omnipotent Being....we have one whole Lifetime to do it.

The story of Life, everything started from an Omnipotent Being, He created all of these for a Purpose and that is so simple for mankind to is Love, that simple word is the Source of His Power. Unfortunately until now mankind is unable to Understand (power?? No money in it!). Man dies, but it is only the body and the source of Life or Power RETURNS to the Creator...thinking of Heaven or Hell??? Man invented the Religion...and it gives us Hope but not wisdom and understanding and I will say for sure the Omnipotent Being Has and will never have a religion though, I am not against it but I suggest Use Your BRAINS with it you will be able to Understand Our Creator. So, what happens to your soul (religion) or the energy of Life Our Creator manages it this way....all earthly thoughts, knowledge or generally materialistic existence dies or simply these are all Nonsense to Our may be an unknown or beggar, a scientist or politician, or a billionaire......I will say, is there anything else than earthly?? Yes, and this is what I have been discussing about and as long as you will "not" be able to REALIZE and CHANGE the "Color of your soul which will be darker" and that will be the basis or indicator of our Creator as simple as that! And when we die don't look for your mother or wife, etc since it is not a kind of a tour or vacation as I've said no more earthly or physical entity, no more male or female.....and you will just go back to Hell which is this Life we have right now....for wHat!!! To suffer? I say, No! The wars, hunger, and sickness Our Creator cannot stop them because those are the makings of mankind and he has to ADMIT and REALIZE his stupidity....Wisdom and Understanding that has nothing to do with money!

Every thing started with a Decision, a Creator decided to give you life but whether you accepted it or not it would be up to you to decide, that is the Creator is silent as to what you will do with that life. Our Creator will never try to explain why He gave us life because it would be like He is going to talk and discuss to a person who is dumb and ignorant that means it will be up to you if you want to go to heaven or hell not as a particular or specific place but a perception or level how much brains you got! Therefore the creation of the whole universe is well planmed our Creator's design it will never be such an accident since that would be impossible. Now, it is just easy just think, have you been a much better person than before? Or getting worst and making a hell out of other people around you. Making a decision but unable to prove it is crazy but being crazy until you grew old and dying is a dumb person so that a decision to change and learning from your mistakes and it would be great to learn from others as well then I would say for certain that you will at least realize how great is life and His Creations. (to be continued)


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    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I was trying to add more on this hub but I was not able to save it and until this very moment I am trying to figure it out why....

    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 

      8 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      Life ... Is, The God Granted, Human Awareness, of Being.

    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 

      8 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      thishumility ... I am your # 1 fan... keep working ... keep writing, you are on the right course ... don't worry, if you do not have a large fan following.

      Remember, a diamond is a diamond ... while there are trillions of Zircons.


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