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My experience with long distance Acupuncture

Updated on May 31, 2017

Why use acupuncture?

The benefits of acupuncture are quite astounding. I have visited an acupuncturist to help heal myself a few times. Since I am not an acupuncturist and only a patient I can only give you my idea of what it truly is or perhaps I should say my understanding of it.

I understand it to be an ancient Chinese method of using needles to move energy to correct imbalances in the body or to maintain your healthough continously. Whether the imbalance is an old injury or pain or a new one, the point is to move the energy of pain out and rebalance your energy for healing. If you are maintaining your energy balance regular appointments will do just that.

I certainly hope that I have done justice to what acupuncture is but pretty sure this is just a simple explanation and not even close to what they are possibly able to do. I hope that my simple explantion gives no offense to any acupuncturists out there. From my experience they do much more.

Down for the count
Down for the count | Source

The injury

I was invited to a friends house for a BBQ. A slip and slide was set up for for us adults to use. Now it has been many years since I had slipped on slip and slide, but I just had to try it. For anyone out there who does not know what a slip and slide is. It is a long piece of plastic that you attach a hose to so that it is wet and slippery. Than you run at it throw yourself on to it and hope that you have an amazing slide to the bottom where the water make a pool, and you make a splash.

Well, the first time i attempted to slide down I really did not go anywhere and had to pull myself down the slide. So I was advised to get myself really wet roll around in the pool of water at the end and soak myself. So I did just that so that perhaps my next attempt would be better. While I was rolling back and forth in the pool of water at the end and trying to get my clothes very wet I noticed a friend waiting at the top for their turn to go.

I made a comment to encourage that person to go while I was still in the pool, and they took me up on it. Well this friend happened to be very good at slip and sliding as they were coming down the slide quite quickly I think both of us realized at the same moment that we were going to have a rough impact in the pool of the slip and slide.

So I braced myself for the impact that did indeed happen. We all laughed and it was great fun I was helped up and we all seemed to be fine. I of course tried the slip and slide a couple more times and only once with any success. Later that evening I noticed I had a rib area injury. It was getting harder to move, bend over and breath deep.

Contacting a Acupuncturist

By the next morning I was really hurting I felt I needed some heIp so I called Scott Paulding at Xindao Clinic whom I knew was practicing long distance Acupuncture treatments. Since I was not close to his location at the time. I hoped he could help me long distance.

The way of the heart  Where will it lead you?
The way of the heart Where will it lead you? | Source

General Body image


We spent time on the phone discussing the injury and how I felt. He asked me to bend and move in certain ways while taking notes and he asked questions on my general health as well. Honestly if he had not asked me all these questions I am not sure I would have gone through with the long distance treatment.

He then asked me to send him a picture of my face that he would then place on a basic picture of the body and do the treatments that way. Sound confusing? So I asked some questions myself.

"What do you mean by a general body muscle picture?" So he sent me a visual via email of what he would be using and placing the picture of my face on it to help him visualize me as the body that he was working on.

"What will you do with my picture afterwards?" He let me know that he would place it in a file with my name on it as he would any patient that walked into his clinic and had physical treatment, for now I would be considered a client.

We then set a time for the treatment and he let me know that he would send me a message on when to go lay down and to please lay quietly for at least a half an hour and focus on the healing process. After the half an hour he told me I could get up when I was ready.

He was very clear and precise on what I needed to do for this long distance healing of acupuncture and willing to answer any questions I had for him so that I could be completely in the healing process.

All better and full of mischief


So at the appointed time, I went to lay down and get comfortable like I would as if I was having a physical acupuncture treatment. Pretty sure I laid there for about 45 minutes while focusing on the healing of my pulled muscle and rib bruise and moving away of pain.

The next day I noticed that I could bend over better and that my breathing was easier. I was suprised and delighted for it seemed to be working. Now just for the folks out there who want say "ya sure, you would be better anyway". I say not really, I had a pulled a muscle and bruised the area around it. Having been kicked by a pony in the ribs when I was younger, I do know how long it takes to heal from this which is about two weeks to a month, and that there is not much a regular doc can do but tell you Yes indeed you do have this injury and give you some pain pills.

This was now day 3, no pills only the long distance treatment and I could move and breath better. By the next day which is day four I could completely bend over and lean to the injured side and by day 5, I had almost forgotten that I was injured at all.

I am grateful that Scott was willing to do this. I trust him and his abilities as an acupuncturist but I was many miles from his location for an actual physical treatment and thankfully I did not have to go to someone new.

Will I do this again if I need to in the future? I most certainly will.

For what's life without fun and play.

Will you try long distance acupuncture in the future?

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