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My hub of calm and tranquillity

Updated on May 3, 2015

In the Merriam Webster Dictionary they mentioned that calm is an adjective meaning peaceful, quiet and it is particularly used when referring to the weather. They also mention that there are many things that are absent when the weather is calm, and they give the example of a sailboat. When there is no wind, waves, or current, the boat must be at rest on the ocean, as there is nothing to push it along, so in this sense, calm can be said to be negative.

The Free Online Dictionary however, defines tranquil as free from commotion or disturbance and synonyms are: free from anxiety, tension or restlessness. This meaning refers mainly to people and this album would be very useful for people who would like to be tranquil.

It Is the first definition that I had in mind when I thought of writing this hub and my idea is to provide thoughts and advice for you to stay calm and regain balance in your life. I will try to do this by referring to all our senses and I will also include poems and music for inspiration.

Get a bowl or basket and fill it with different fruits!

Observe how nice your fruit bowl looks and smells! Touch the fruit too, the apple, pear, mandarine, kiwi, mango, or banana! The more beautiful and complete your fruit bowl is, the less likely you are to search for snack food that will only enhance your stress. Try to eat more fruit and you will find that it makes you feel more relaxed!

Female brushing her hair.
Female brushing her hair. | Source
Woman smelling blooms.
Woman smelling blooms. | Source
Tropical fruit bowl.
Tropical fruit bowl. | Source


Brush your hair, or have somebody else do it for you! Let the brushing be slow and methodical, covering your whole head in an extensive sort of a way. The brushing will massage acupressure points and you will find that the repetitive action will calm you.

If you have a pet you should be generous with your affections to it and pat it often. The pet will appreciate your attention and the patting will work wonders in the efforts to keep you calm too.

Soak you feet in warm water and then massage them with cream or a relaxing combination of essential oils. You will find that you will be completely relaxed in no time at all!

Use the nervous energy concentrated in your fingers and hands by fingering beads and you will find that it relaxes you, as you calmly go from one bead to the next.

Place a damp, hot towel on your face and you will find that your facial stress and tension goes away in no time at all.

Make a light upwards stroke with your fingertips on the back of your hand and you will be tapping into calm, as you will be inducing a relaxed state with your caress.


Add a few drops of orange blossom oil to a cup of water and spray it all around you with an atomiser. You will find that it helps you to feel relaxed.

Certain scents, like lavender and chamomile , are good for stimulating the production of serotonin, a relaxing chemical in the brain. So do go out and smell the blooms!


Substitute stimulating drinks, like tea and coffee, with herbal teas , such as peppermint , and you will find that you have increased your ability to remain calm.

In addition to being an aphrodisiac, Ginseng is also known for relaxing the nervous system if you take it regularly., covering your whole head in an extensive sort of a way. The brushing will massage acupressure points and you will find that the repetitive action will calm you..


Keep plants at home, where you sleep and live and also where you work. Plants provide oxygen, while taking away carbon dioxide and pollutants. Decorate with green, as the more oxygen you can get, the calmer you will be.

Focus on distant scenes, especially natural ones, and you will find that your eyes are very relaxed. Once your eyes are relaxed, then your whole body starts to relax too.

Fish are very relaxing to watch, as they move slowly and they breath slowly too. Watch fish swimming and it will be like gazing at a seascape.


Listen to the sound of your breathing. As you hear it coming and going, coming and going, you will soon find that you feel at peace.

London and Prague Symphony Orchestras. Music by Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Rachmaninov
London and Prague Symphony Orchestras. Music by Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Rachmaninov | Source
Peaceful sunset
Peaceful sunset


Pretend that today is a holiday. Do something that stimulates the holiday mood and you will watch your worries just fading away.

Sunsets may be sad sometimes, but they are always peaceful and even beautiful. If there are some clouds around then they can even be orange or pink.

See yourself on an idyllic tropical island. See the white sand and notice what you are wearing and the relaxed way you are feeling. Feel the breeze blowing your hair and notice you have a smile on your face.

Imagine you are at the beach, breath the sea air, taste the sea water, listen to the sounds of the waves, watch the sea gulls flying about. All these thoughts contribute to a growing sense of calm.

Caribbean with perfect sunsets!

I am a bit biassed, as I used to live in the Caribbean! I can still see the turquoise blue water and feel the fine, white sand on the beach. The green palm trees are also around, as is a good rum drink, line pina colada, or rum & Coke, while hearing the sound of small waves breaking!
As far as sunsets, well those are my specialty and I can easily remember incredible sunsets over the Pacific in Lima, the city where I was born, as well as in Australia, where they seem to specialize in bright red ones! Other memorable sunsets were in places like the Azores and Madeira!

Amazon rainforest!

Although I have seen the Amazon from a plane flying above, I have never been in the jungle itself, but I can well imagine the rainforest relaxation!

Just the sound of rain!

And now for the sound of rain, where you can add the place where you would like to be yourself! I have experienced rain in so many places, like Australia and Santo Domingo, where I also had the chance to experience a hurricane, although that was not relaxing at all!


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    • itakins profile image

      itakins 8 years ago from Irl

      Such a pleasant hub-I love it.