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My legs hurt so bad from exercising

Updated on March 27, 2016

My legs hurt so bad from exercising

Thursday night while my kids were sleeping and my man was out I was bored and grumpy. I had seen some exercises on pinterest that are supposed to give you a great buttocks. I do squats and other simple exercises often but never see any real results. I did this little workout for 10 minutes and my legs were shaky afterwards. Last night the tops of my thighs were getting sore. This morning it is so sore that I can barely walk lol. It is about 60 and gorgeous out but we will be home doing nothing because my legs hurt to much to walk around. My daughter is still at my sisters house and my son has been playing on the playstation 3 since he woke up. I did a small load of delicates and a large load of darks. I hung the pants and towels on the line outside to dry. I was excited to be able to do that in March. It is the first time this year I have gotten a load of laundry hung on the line. I have another large load of pants in the wash right now. I haven't gotten much housework done lately so its all backed up. I want to catch up on it today since I can't really get out and do anything with my legs sore. Maybe I will vacuum all the rooms. I am planning to make deviled eggs as well.


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