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Muscle building workout to pack it on quick

Updated on March 16, 2014

Lose Weight Build Muscle

beach exercise
beach exercise

The perfect muscle building workout

This workout has been built over the past several months from trial and error, it is the best way to build muscle and burn fat while doing your workout that I have found. The concept comes from a book called muscle logic, some of the elements have been reworked and adjusted to make it perfect.

This is the best workout for everyone. The great things about this workout is that you will lose weight, and takes less time than traditional workouts. It is more efficient and allow you to use the weight training workout as a cardio workout with circuit training.

Main difference from standard workout

In a standard workout you do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps. You try to do as much weight as you can for those 3 sets and then you go up in weight next time. This workout you do 10 sets of 5-8 reps and move much more weight. An example, If you do bench press and you do 3 sets of 10 reps at 200 pounds. You will move 6000 pounds total. If you use this system and you do 10 sets of 6 reps at 180 pounds you will move 10,800 pounds. You will be able to do this because your muscles will have time to rest while you are doing the complimentary exercise, and they will not be so fatigued . This will allow you to do more reps, build more muscle and have lose more weight. Muscle burns more fat by just being there.

Low Fat with Muscle


The way to do it

The week starts on Sunday. On Sunday do Chest, back, Quads, and upper abs. Here is how it works. I do bench press for chest and pull ups for back. Do the chest reps, then do the pull up reps, that is one set. Then you go to the next set, chest reps, pull up reps, set 2. Continue until yo get to 10 sets. Rest as little as you can between sets and don't rest at all between exercises. The chest muscles are resting while you do the pull ups, and the back muscles are resting while you do the bench press.

Then you rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Go to the Quad, upper ab sets. Do squats and crunches, the same format as the chest and back. Quads then directly to the crunches. One set. Continue to 10 sets. Each group of sets will take you only about 15 minutes. The whole thing is done in 35 to 40 minutes.

Next step

Monday. Cardio of some form for 30 to 45 minutes. Pick one, walk, jog, run, bike, treadmill etc.

Tuesday. Tuesday is arms, shoulders,and calves.  Do biceps and triceps as one group.  Do curls and triceps push downs. 10 sets of 5-8 reps. Then do shoulders and calves as a group for 10 sets. Shoulders are overhead press, then calf raise.

Wednesday. Cardio again for 30 to 45 minutes.

Thursday  work an areas that needs more work, or a combo of Sunday and Tuesday. Normally I do chest, back. Then Quads, lower abs. But do different exercises.  Do Push ups with your feet raised for chest, and bent over rows for back. Then do Squats for quads and reverse crunch for lower abs. When I started this I had a hard time doing 10 push ups with my feet on the floor. Now I do 10 sets of ten with my feet on the bench. You want to work the big muscles the most so you burn more calories and more fat.

Friday. Cardio again.

Saturday. Do something fun that is not like exercise. Golf, play tennis, etc. Or you can just rest on Saturday, do something with your family. Then by Sunday your ready to go again.

A starting point

Find a weight for each exercise that uses weights, use enough weight that you can just finish the 10th rep. Start with that weight for 5 reps. When you can do the 10 sets of 5 reps each, move the reps up to 6 next time. When you can do 10 sets of 8, move the weight up 5 to 10 pounds. Get a workout journal so you can keep track of everything you do so you can see the progress.

The exercises you use only body weight, do things like putting your feet up on a bench for push ups, or do crunches on an incline bench. You want to be doing more reps or more weight every time you do the exercises, even if you only get 1 more rep in 1 set, it is still progress, that way you are always improving. And you really can do better every time. That is not the case with traditional workouts. you also will move huge amounts of extra weight.

Bottom line

This really does work. When you have done it for a month or so, you will start to see real results that will excite you. I look forward to working out now. It's not like exercise. If you do this workout in combination with my diet plan, See here, You will see real results. this is the best and healthiest way to lose weight and build muscle. I started at the end of February. Since then I have walked and jogged 181 miles, biked just over 450 miles, and lifted hundreds of thousands of pounds of weights. I have lost only 15 pounds but it's all fat and I have gained a many pounds of muscle, and can feel muscles I didn't even know I had. I also feel great, lots of energy. I can go out and ride 10 miles on the bike,no problem. I can go out and jog a couple of miles, no problem, I found that at 51 years old, your not too old to get in shape. You can really build muscle and burn fat, even when you get older. If you have any questions, just ask, I will help you with setting up the program. Just go do it.

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