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My story of loss of energy and how i regained my strength.

Updated on July 29, 2012

My personal experience with food was quite extreme from childhood, i feel it was this addiction which caused my body to lose health at an early age.

Please forgive my poor grammar, i have only just started talking about these experiences and my mind is still weak.

I remember eating a lot of sugary/fatty products from a early age, i would always overeat, i could consume as much or more then my parents and massively over children of my age, my mum always joked that when i went to friends partys, there parents would ask if i had been fed properly, due to me eating all the leftovers.

My need for refined sugar, grew as i got older and i would sometimes steal money from my parents to buy sweets. Occasionally i would take sweets from shops and i remember sitting in the bathroom and eating them all.The strange thing was i didn't put on weight? I guess this was because i was always active, i never stopped, like a buzzing bee, high on sugar! causing havoc!

My parents were quite popular people and enjoyed driving around in there car, about the same time Mc donalds arrived on the scene, i indulged mainly on fast food, sugar,and highly cooked food for my whole life. I feel this is happening at an alarming rate these days and its just the norm to eat foods which are highly charged with sugar or fat, i guess this helped insulating the people from the cold but it can cause stress, fear, bad communication and the closing of our minds to our environment.

I feel that sugar and fat was needed for heat and warmth, due to change in civilisation. We have lost the knowledge to keep warm with herbs, insulated clothes, the food we eat and open fires.

The problem with refined sugary foods is they are of low energy, over cooked and highly heated to gain maximum impact as they enter the body. When we eat them they give us a boost of instant energy, problem is that when they have done there job the body then has to deal with the waste of the dead substance and as it passes through our system it slows our digestion and nutrient absorption causing stored fat and cell depletion. We also tend to eat a great deal of our healthy living food with sauces which as we know are mostly sugar, this causes the food to rot as it passes through our system.

My problems started when i became a teenager, i learnt at a early age how to make my own money, by selling items at bootfairs and markets, even auctions, i was making money at the age of ten upwards. Obviously its easy to make friends when you have access to money, it started quite normally with sweets, ice poles, crisps. Then around fifteen we found imported cheap crates of beer, and we all know the rest of the story. needless to say this started a need for a higher buzz , which is where i ran into my temperature problems, we would drink all day in the sun then stay out burning our core body heat at night. This caused me to lose valuable nutrients from my body and i started experiencing mild hypothermia, of course i was unaware of what was happening and put it down to the drink and mild drugs, as the problem grew i started having problems with my hands and feet plus my face would drain of colour. My memory started failing, i entered stages of moderate hypothermia, still no clue it was due to the way i was treating my body's system, i had some very bad experiences for the next years of my life, and was unable to communicate them to my peers due to feeling scared of the experiances i went through.

I guess my body must of entered moderate hypothermia around 40-60 times and severe hypothermia around 5. I remember sitting in front of people slowly going through the stages and ending up froze to the spot, strapped into the chair unable to lift an arm, pail, silent, brain dead, trapped in the biggest fear ive ever seen on this planet, not knowing all along it was because i had drunk alcohol had drugs and lost all my body's energy and health.

They were as near to death as the mind & body could get, obviously this caused me great problems with my young adult life, girlfriends were the last thing i could get near, i became stuck in my own mind, paranoid, most probably brain damaged, unable to string a sentence together, or make eye contact with friends and family. My sinuses became blocked and painful, the inherent pinched nose and breathing problems not helping, which i tried to fix with Chinese medicine and acupuncture due to my doctor telling me i had no problems.

By the age of 28 this problem had been a great weight on my shoulders, i still had managed to find work, and lead a semi unnoticed life. My friends and family had no real idea of what i had felt or experienced, i did try to speak about it, but i was to confused to make sense of something i didn't understand. Some how i had managed to just sit and play computer games and watch tv, slowly losing connection to myself . My parents were out a lot of evenings in my later teenage life and we would be given cash for a take away.

When i turned 28 i had seen some programmes about embarrassing illnesses and felt it would be a good idea to seek help from experts, i saved £1200 and booked myself on a weeks detox with extra's: massages, deep tissue, stomach, idirology, ear acupuncture, plus more, i went witout food for seven days doing self inserted colonic irrigation twice a day, we also had talks for two hours a day on nutrition and two hours on NVC, non violent communication.

By this time i had started reading any book on mind body & spirit i could find, i looked into all practices of herbal, spiritual, and natural healing, my old passion for sugar turned into a passion for knowledge, and i can tell you my appetite was great , i could find cheap knowledge on anything from bootfair/ market stalls 10p 20p 50p each, i collected books and then started sharing them, my mind growing by the day, my energy and focus of mind warming/loving life! The internet also became my new doorway to unprecedented information.

I was blessed to find relief from my despair, i started making new friends who shared my passion for heath and wisdom.

What i didn't expect was how it would change my personality or my friends view on the stephen they once knew, i had changed so much, my diet, i had quit my job, given up all my material wealth and looked at life from a spiritual point of view. problem was i left everyone behind, still in shock at my choices to eat raw, to stop drinking alcohol, bbqs, meat, biscuits, cakes anything which reduced my energy. I am left surrounded by people addicted to refined sugar and fear for energy. This is where i stand now a changed man, still suffering cold hands and body, but knowing the keys for change are in the door.

The body is an amazing machine able to rebuild itself given the right tools, my goal is to share what i have learnt and show people a different way to gain energy and warmth, that is why i bring you my hard earned knowledge on these hubs for you to share and help anyone you may suspect of having these sorts of symptoms.

This seems to be a growing trend to burn our energy and drink and use drugs for an instant boost, some can get excessive weight problems and it ruins there nervous system trying to shield the core body parts from the cold environment. Its the teenagers i worry about with these growing weather changes and spending longer outside, i fear they are at risk from feelings i felt as a youngster, its widespread and a great cause for concern as they don't realise until its to late as it slowly disables the body and mind, please share this.

For further reading, feel free to browse my energy topics in the top right corner of this page. Bubbleboy2233.


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