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Enigma of My Weird Coincidences and Experiences

Updated on November 2, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

What's in a 9, Papa Pythagoras?

It was some decades ago that, out of curiosity, I bought a little book on numerology, to see what explanations it had, if any, for certain peculiar coincidences involving a number and a letter that seemed to recur in my life.

The book found its way to the trash just as fast as did the one about astrology some time earlier. Apparently, it was not based on the "system" of the great Greek mathematician Pythagoras, but modernized and terribly generalizing.

Well, from time to time I still get somewhat puzzled over a coincidence in my family's birthdays. Namely, when I add up the digits of my wife's, mine, our son's and daughter's day of birth, and reduce the sum total to a single digit, it's a 9; and then it comes to a 9 again when I do the same with our months and years of birth.

I checked on Google the interpretation of number 9, and it said some flattering things, like: universal love, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, strength of character, and half dozen more of these flattering attributes. Thank you, Google, I love you too.

The Enigma of "K" and "C" when Pronounced as "K"

Then, there appears to be something weird about the letters "K", or "C" where it's pronounced as "K" in all of the cases, which keep reappearing in my life. My last name starts with a "K"; I was born in a country starting with a "C"; and lived there until my emigration in a street starting with a "K"; worked in about eight companies starting with either a" C" or a "K"; emigrated to Canada; my first car was a Chrysler's K-car; and lived for about a year in California, in Collett Avenue.

It could also be some kind of a coincidence that I lived for many years in Toronto in a street called Bergamot; if read in reverse it would be "tomagreb, and my native town in Croatia was its capital Zagreb, sharing five letters with that "toma-greb". Of all other possible streets in Toronto it had to be that one.

Also, during that relatively short-lasting emigration to the US, of all streets in Los Angeles, I had to find a job in Ontario Street---after having lived for 13 years in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Now, I have no theory about all this, however, some learned people are suggesting that there is no such a thing as "coincidence" but only a hidden relation between events for which we don't have an explanation as yet.

If there is one, it may not be logical at all, just like so much in quantum physics is not following any logical order, or we have to retrain our minds to understand something weird like---how one electron can be at two or more places at a time.

An Unfriendly Traffic Light

We buy our groceries week after week at the same grocery supermarket which was open about ten years ago not so far from our home. So we are talking about roughly five hundred trips there so far.

On our way to the store there is a set of traffic lights where we make a right turn into the street where the store is located. Nothing strange is happening as we approach that intersection, as the lights could be any color, just like at any other place.

However, on our way home from the store, out of those five hundred trips there, maybe at five or so we got a green light. It's not that we had to pass before through another set of lights, so that we would suspect lights to be synchronized that way---- but no matter when we left the store's parking lot, a red light would be awaiting us at that intersection.

It has become a regular feature to make us laugh in the car when we go shopping, and yet another of those coincidences that we'll never understand. If I really wanted to give you a wild speculation about it, I would talk about something like the Law of Attraction, and something in our repeated "mood" created by grocery shopping affecting the set of parallel realities in which there is one with a red light waiting for us. Now, here you got something to think or to smirk about.

In this adventurous mind of mine I often think of parallel realities and if it's possible that we are manifesting details of our circumstances on that quantum level by a different frame of mind and heart. Well, I have from ever been freakishly into the mystery of everything, so many of my pet theories have this taste of weird..

Extra Set of Eyes?

Then, there are some other little things, and I am calling them "little" even though they could possibly blow my mind if I knew their explanation. Like this "extra set of eyes" on me which keep spooking me up big time.

When I am walking outside, no matter if I am deeply in thoughts, or focusing on a conversation, or observing the scenery, my eyes instantly look down if I am about to step on something that I normally wouldn't want to step on--- like a chewing gum, a wild goose poop in the park, or even a tiny ant bravely crossing my path.

Cases like that would regularly put me into a state of confusion, just like another weird phenomenon of my waking up at exactly the time which I had chosen to wake up the night before.

Really, what is it alerting me to look down just before I am about to step on whatever unwanted it may be? And what in me has that much of an authority to interrupt my pleasant dreams and to wake me up at a time preset in my mind?

We can play with words like "instinct", or even speculate about my mind "having its own sense of time", but no, it couldn't be that precise to wake me up to the minute of my preset decision. And instincts are about dangers, generated by our urge to survive, not refined into selective choosing over what I consider undesirable to step on.

Well, another weird thing about human nature, that's all I can see; just like that unexplained thing about yawning being somehow contagious, which no one has explained so far.

Hey! I Am a Pranic Healer!

I would like to add a medical experience that turned out victorious while also leaving me in a state of awe and a pleasant shock. About nine years ago or so I got an ugly polyp growth on the sole of my foot. It was a size of a quarter, red, cushiony, and hanging on a short, thin stem which was bleeding profusely every time when the polyp even slightly moved.

Needless to say, it was quite a nuisance, mostly because my shoe would get soaked with blood. The good doctor cut it out, only to make it come back with vengeance, even slightly bigger than before. At that point he suggested surgery in hospital, if nothing would change in a week time.

I came home from his office, now brainstorming through the files of my mind and looking for a possible alternative to a surgery. What popped up from a spooky place in my head was something crazy, but at that point I had nothing to lose by trying just about anything short of a snake oil.

I remembered in details what to do about applying so called "Pranic healing". Prana is Indian word for qi, or chee energy, allegedly having the power to heal, according to the ancient and still practiced form of medicine in the Far East countries.

So there I went, spending the next twenty minutes or so breathing deeply while I imagined my "healing hand" as getting saturated with that prana colored in purple, and made passes with that hand over my polyp - also exchanging that with "picking up" bad energy and "throwing it away". Did I feel silly doing that? No, I actually focused on it pretty well and added my well trained "alpha brain waves", that is, my blissful feelings.

But after some twenty minutes into it I did start feeling silly, as my polyp was still there, as if laughing at my naïve attempt to get rid of it. Then came the time for my evening bath, and as I was sitting in the bath tub, that usual "bee-sting" feeling on my sole was suddenly missing, which made me curious to check on my little friend.

Very carefully though, because even the ripples of water in the bathtub could start bleeding. As I looked at it, tears of excitement welled up in my eyes - it turned dark red, almost black, it got thin like a leaf, hanging on a hair-thin stem. I reluctantly poked it a little and it fell off.

Some time later when I visited my doctor about a minor thing, he asked what ever happened with that polyp of mine. I told him the story, but only after I made him promise not to laugh. Being a Chinese dude, probably familiar with unorthodox methods in his native country, he didn't laugh--- just looked at me, winked and said: "Well, whatever works".

Those Tantalizing Mysteries

There have been many times that I had a recurring dream about being revealed some colossal secrets about life and universe. Those dreams, actually more like a trancelike state in the middle of the night after I already had some hours of sound sleep, made me feel spiritually uplifted beyond description.

When I woke up in the morning, the feeling would still be there, although rapidly fading away - but when I tried to remember what were those "secrets" all about, absolutely nothing came to mind in form of a verbalized idea.

That certain feeling would return in some wakeful instances, like while I was taking an evening walk on an empty Hawaiian beach, facing the intimidating mass of the Pacific ocean and looking at the deep sky sprinkled with glittering diamonds. Again, I couldn't turn that feeling into words, like when you try to sneeze, and you are "almost there" with that silly grimace, but it doesn't happen.

Well, maybe some day I may "have my sneeze". And even if I don't, I'll be forever grateful for that "announcement" of it.

Your Thoughts about Coincidences

Do you think that:

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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Paula - Every story ending up with George Clooney as a dessert is a good story. So let us both show off with our flexible natures and just dismiss everything that preceded that ending. Deal? Well, Paula dear, never grow old, because you are going to end up with my poor ability to recognize humor every time there is one.

      I would add a couple of more compliments, but why bother - the image of George is enough of a lullaby for you ladies. - Good night now, and sweet dreams.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Oh dear....LOL. I must ask now, is it my mistake in thinking that you were contradicting yourself on the subject of coincidence or perhaps the way you verbalize your thoughts? For peace's sake, we'll say it's a bit of both. I re-read it and it came out the same to me. But I have no issues with realizing I misinterpreted.

      Val....Of course I UNDERSTOOD your metaphor with AM/FM radios! My comment at the end was simply joking about me trying to determine which I am....Oops looks like my sense of humor isn't working.

      Well....I do think your reference to your wife dreaming of George Clooney is very funny....I hope she doesn't mind sharing him with me and millions of other women!! LOL Way past my bedtime! Peace.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Paula - When I said that "we make those coincidences happen", I thought it was understood by then that I didn't believe in "coincidences" either, but I kept using the word just to give some name to what stands behind coincidences. If I had used quotations (""), maybe you would have remembered that my hub denied existence of coincidences, so those two parts of my sentence wouldn't have "cancelled each other out".

      There is much more to the "reality" than meets the eye, and like some physicist has said "reality is stranger than fiction". That would make a "realist" a really "strange" person, wouldn't it? Even slightly weird, right? Boy, am I ever realistic!!!

      I understand that you want to stay "realistic" about "frequencies", but the part of reality, as seen by quantum physics is that everything is interconnected, "entangled", to use the original term, and people of similar frequencies are bound to make a contact in life. I am not talking about "vibes" as they are used in popular slang, but about resonance between two objects of the same or similar frequency being separated by distance.

      If you believe that there is a "reason" behind everything and there are no coincidences, then you may want to ask yourself what was the "reason" of us being on HP? What in us prompted us to start writing? Why did we learn about HP? Who in us chooses the next thought we have? Where is that "source"?

      I spent half of a century meditating and sinking down into my essence, meeting a realm that I didn't recognize as any part a human-me, but something unfathomable and divine. And if that didn't make me "religious" but only spiritual, there must have been a good reason for it. I realized that the whole truth was in me, not out there in heavens, and down there in hell. There is a reason why I am talking about "frequencies" - OTHER THAN blindly believing some cheap book on Law of Attraction bought in a corner store.

      You surprised me a little, my friend, by not recognizing a simple metaphor with "AM" and "FM" radios. Let me surprise you the same way with a question: Have you ever heard of something like "intuition", and the information it computes outside of our field of consciousness? If you have, then you may also have heard about the ability of some people to intuit more than some others? So, would you agree that "AM" or "FM" radios could be used as a metaphor for one kind picking up only limited information from the world, and the other picking up more? I am sorry if I literally made you ask yourself whether you are an AM or FM, I am smart enough to know that you are a woman, not a radio. (Am I ever realistic!) And since you are also a very feminine woman, FM could also do for an abbreviation for which one you are.

      It's more than normal that we all have our own worldview and our own ways of processing the factual reality, so there is no fuss there. It just helps in communication when we see a person through the prism of HIS, not our point of view. LOL.

      Once I said that I would never stop complimenting you, because you are such a fine human being. So, allow me to notice that this new photo on your bio gives you some special charm. This is not just a diplomatic move to soften the tone of the above text, so don't think that. After all, you wished me "good night", so before sleep I always like to think of something nice - and that photo will do for tonight. My wife wouldn't mind, she is probably busy seeing George Clooney. How is that for being realistic? Or at least humorous.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Well, my goodness, I must say this is quite a personal disclosure on your "spirituality" and that which makes up the reasons for your individual system of explaining our connection with the Universe.

      I'm sure there are many people, including your friends here at HP who understand your definition (concept) or at least put forth the effort to understand. You explain it all quite clearly. I agree with a lot of your way of looking at the world and our spirituality. Some, I have very different thoughts on. Of course we are all individuals and will vary in a lot of ways. This is perfectly reasonable.

      You see, I find your statement "we make these coincidences happen" to literally cancel itself out. A coincidence is an occurrence "out of the blue" with absolutely NO help. no ulterior cause nor any person directing it in any way shape form or manner. This is precisely why I know there is no such thing as coincidence. It is the result of one occurrence after another which culminates in a natural manner meant to touch our lives.

      While I have met many people who I am quickly & easily able to bond & befriend, relate to & understand, I don't think our "frequencies" helped us LOCATE one another. The frequencies may show themselves once we have met. For instance....I did not find you or Missy or anyone here via our "frequencies." We all happen to be members of the same writing site. That's my Realism coming through.

      Unless someone here is as frustrating and ANNOYING as our former "preacher lady" with her repetitive QUOTING....UGH! I am not really bothered much by others who tout their beliefs, preach the pages of their ancient books, throw digs & insults at anyone who does not believe WHAT THEY ABSOLUTELY KNOW 100% WITHOUT DOUBT QUESTION OR HICCUP IS THE ONE & ONLY TRUTH ABOUT LIFE & DEATH, THE UNIVERSE, AFTER LIFE....BLAH BLAH BLAH and then to even have the audacity to DAMN OTHERS TO HELL?? Just my mere mentioning these people is creepy & crazy. Sometimes they merely disgust me, other times, they may even amuse me and cause me to laugh.

      What they do not do and cannot do is change me or my own belief system. So, I definitely can understand why you like to clarify where you're coming from. It's a smart thing to do, Val. Thanks for the back & forth. BTW...I would have no idea whether I'm an AM or FM radio!! LOL Have a good night & sleep tight!

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Paula - I wish some of my friends here on HP understood my definition of "spirituality", which has nothing to do with religiousness, but a lot to do with quantum mechanics - where it talks about strange things manifesting in our Newtonian, material world "out of thin air". That would certainly include all things that could be ascribed to so called Law of Attraction.

      I happen to have my own concept of what people call god, and I prefer being called an atheist for that matter, because my concept is not one bit "religious", does nor involve a celestial entity - but stems from my sense of spirituality. To me spirituality is my cultivated connection with the universal consciousness which is not a deity, but another player along with energy, speed, light, mass, and time.

      You may wonder why I am trying to clarify this here, but it has everything to do with out theme of coincidences, and being attracted to souls of the similar "frequency", as I like to call it. While you, or our friend Missy may have your own concepts and terminology for what's happening, we have been intuitively guided into an attunement with a spiritual realm where we make all these "coincidences" happen. Most of the folks in this world are "AM radios", picking up a limited number of frequencies, mostly having to do with survival strategies - and we (including so many others in the world) are "FM radios", attuned to higher workings of the reality. I don't think we can take any credit for it, we just unfolded into something the seed of which we had in our genes.

      It's our similar frequencies that make us find one another. You would not believe how, in those years of intensive reading I would get a sudden urge to visit library, and there I would walk straight to a book whose contents either provided an answer to something that I was preoccupied with, or an inspiration.

      That's why I love mystery, it tickles my intellectual adventurism no end. I believe that you, as well as Missy, and some others here (NOT including any of those "in business" of defending their religion) are sensing the same passion for the unknown, whose pristine enigma is not only "out there", but starts with that majestic flower blooming in our ever expanding souls.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Val, I do feel this connection you speak of. When you left that comment on my hub about time travel, in an instant, I knew I had found one of those connected souls that I could identify with on a much deeper level. See, I'm already calling you a short version of your name as if I've known you my whole life. :)

      Hubpages has blessed me with a few of these types of friends, and I am pleased to make another one in you. I'm very excited to come back here and read more of your thoughts on life. However, now, I must partake in my daily routines. But again, I promise I will be back when I have more than just a few minutes to collaborate. Many Blessings to you Val. I will talk to you soon. :)

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Fascinating happenings! You may count me in with the believers who hold steadfast certainty that "coincidence" does not exist. Everything has interpretation, meaning, eventual intent and is continually open to search for the evidence of such. I have proven this to myself innumerable times and with stunning certainty.

      In terms of your interesting question of Missy~~ Oh, absolutely! I repeatedly am in awe of the occurrence when meeting someone & coming to the realization that somehow, I have KNOWN this person forever. There's an obvious, almost audible "CLICK"...Peace, Paula

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Hello Missy, does it ever occur to you to spend a short time with a person, with a little exchange of words, but it feels like you have known each other from ever? It's happening to me after our almost symbolically short written contact. It's funny how it's not the quantity but the quality of that time filled with human closeness, relating to each others' experiences and views that matters - whereas we may spend years with some folks that we officially call "friends", and not get that same feeling after all that time.

      What makes it especially amazing is that closeness is not about ordinary "tastes" that people usually share but about those deeper areas of spirituality, when for a moment you feel like you have understood more about that person by reading between the lines than from words themselves.

      Unlike those "regular friends" we have, and friendships that we have to nurture by regular visits, greeting cards, phone calls, there are certain people that we are just happy they exist - telepathically wishing them happiness and health and lottery winnings, and everything they wish for themselves.

      Well, Missy, thank you for being who you are and appearing in the field of my mind and my heart. It's just great to know somewhere miles from here there is a close soul. And if you ever visit my pages - as I will visit yours - in that little exchange we can celebrate that which makes us alike.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Hello ValKaras, I made it here like I said I would, and I am not disappointed that I did. I absolutely became enthralled in your story of coincidence and mysteries. I believe I share with you the same feelings about those things. I believe we are called observers. However, I don't believe I have mastered that as well as you have; I must pay way more attention. :)

      Yes, Val, I believe you have every right to feel that feeling of "almost knowing it all" I believe you actually do. I, on the other hand, mostly get those great feelings when appreciating the fact that I have been through enough to know how to live and let live now. I forgive and let go of bad things. I appreciate and recognize the beauty of simple things; much like you at noticing the colors and even shapes of beautiful flowers, and those crickets you hear on the beach as you stare out into a dark ocean; it transcends thoughts. It stirs the soul. It's beauty. It's knowledge. It's mystery, and Life. It is indeed life in the way we should all grow to learn and appreciate it.

      At the beginning of this hub, when you talk about the number coincidences and things like that, also, the stop lights, etc. I have days like those, but not a continuing occurrence of them. It may be in a single day that I see the exact same number everywhere I go, but then the next day I don't, and I hit myself for not playing the lotto or something like that. LOL.

      I loved your hub and I look forward to finding some time to read more of them. Oh yes, I will be back!! ;)

    • zizogamal profile image

      zizo gamal 

      3 years ago from zizoooo

      I do not know, and thank you

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      3 years ago from Canada

      It was more like "knowing", Michael, like "being there already". Thank you for commenting.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      3 years ago

      Interesting hub, Vladimire.

      Seemingly in all those attempts for 'miraculous ' interventions you might have believed in a favorable outcome.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for nice comment Zizogamal,

    • zizogamal profile image

      zizo gamal 

      3 years ago from zizoooo


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