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My struggles with arthritis

Updated on July 8, 2011

The year I reached forty I had my second encounter with athirst my first was in my twenty third year when I had in badly in my wrist. At the time someone told me about apple cider vinegar. I could not get it so I decided to used normal white vinegar and water. The problem went along with a good portion of my weight and my stomach‘s digestion.

When I reached my fortieth birthday it came back with so much force this time it affected my hip joints badly. I had so much pains sitting and standing and sat like a very old lady. I went to a medical doctor and got some of the usual medication for arthritis but they had no effect on the problem.

Some herbal doctor was visiting the island so I visited him and he told me to take very high concentrations of vitamin C, B complex and zinc. I did three courses and the pain went I was alright again.

In my fifty third year It resurfaced again and this time my hip joints,my knees ,both shoulders joints and my jaw bones were affected. You must have expected it, I went back to both the vitamin and zinc treatment when that did not work I tried the apple cider and lecithin which helped for a while but it seemed as if they dried out the joints I could actually hear my jaws and shoulder joint making sound when they moved.


I went to the medical doctor got the best medications but the pain got even worse I could not even put on my own clothes without crying out for pain If I put them on I needed help to remove them. I remember the particular day I was walking the school corridor when a student rushed by pass me ant this knapsack came in contact with my arm the pain was so bad that the cry I made brought half the staff running to my assistant tears came that day the pain was excruciating.

I actually gave up the idea of going on a trip I had won because I just could not pull a carry on baggage on the plain more so to bother with a suit case. At nights I had to sleep alone spread eagle in the Vitruvian man position and remain like that all through the night

I could tell when a bad weather was brewing in the Caribbean that would affect my country my athirst was like a barometer. I knew when there would be a cold front hurricane or some unnatural weather behaviors.

You can imagine that I tried all the home remedies, the one I got best results from was steeping all spice otherwise called pimento in Jamaica into rubbing alcohol. The over the counter rubbing that gave the best result wash Bengay It was noticeable that over exerting joints would act up more so I did not get better from exercise the pain got worst.

One day I got desperate and by passed the doctor and went straight to the pharmacist for help, She recommended Osteo BIi-flex tablets. She told me I would get help, I asked if it really could help for I was tired of wasting my money. She said yes but I would have to take at least 3-4 bottles. I followed her instructions and got some relief in my hip and left shoulder but it would not leave my right shoulders ii was as if all the pain collected there and would not move...
I then came to the conclusion that I have to seek divine intervention I have a card that I keep on my bedside table with prayer request and I added that to it. A few month ago August 2009 a health convention was held at my church in which presenters were promoting healthy life style and meatless diets

I made a personal inner commitment to stop eating meat and as little if any fish. As a nutritionist I take good nutrition seriously and enjoyed eating meat. I therefore went all out to create meals and products to substitute my protein loss from meat. I was determined not to use preservatives and commercial additives. So I did not consume tofu which I believe having too much and too often can be dangerous to health, neither did I use those dried denatured products offered in health food stores..

I made up recipe from various types of peas and beans, using nuts such as pistachio, peanuts, almond and cashew. I included all types of seeds; I use a good amount of Flax, sun flower, and pumpkin. I used a lot of fresh vegetable and fruits. Did not drink soda and got a good amount of oats and other cereals. I do pay attention to my caloric and salt intake since I am a diabetic and a hypertensive

I actually created substitutes that almost taste like fish, beef and chicken; prepare them to have the shapes too. I used a small amount of soy flour and brown flower use nut milk. The end result I had some nutritious nice tasting meals. I have kept my side of the bargain. This is not easy because my son and husband who I prepare meals for do not want to stop eating meat they say my products taste good but they still prefer eating meat.

I read up on homeopathy medicine that the body can use small amount of medication to heal a its self at times more effective than strong medication. so I also stopped taking the 3-4 Osteo Bi-Flex tablets per day and now take 1 every 2 days and do I feel much better.

Then something strange happened ,I heard someone complaining about arthritis pain and it was then I realized that I had not felt any pain for about a month. This was indeed strange for recently or should I say this very week right ,now as I am writing this article there is a very unusual bad weather for the Christmas season in Jamaica , Lots of rain. day and night for the last 5 days and it is cold too. I did not not even noticed when the weather changed until I woke up and looked outside..

There was no pain to give me a report so I turned to the weather channel and saw that we were going to be having a cold front which will go on for another day. It is strange to see Jamaica without sunshine for such extended periods. Maybe this is why we had that terrible American airline last night.

What has brought the pain relief ? Is it the change of diet , is it the reduced intake of the tablets that I have been taking for the last two years, or is it that God got tired of hearing me begging and decided it was time to answer release me of the terrible arthritic pain. All I can say is Thank you Jesus and please give me strength to stick to this change of diet for I dearly love meat.


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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 8 years ago from Central United States of America

      An amazingly detailed description of your arthritic travesty - and its healing. That journey is true for so many people who have arthritis. You are courageous to follow your head/heart in seeking 'different' treatments, and it is great that you succeeded so well! Thank you for sharing your story!